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  1. Completely agree. I am a firm believer in cutting pollution (of all sorts) and switching to electric powered vehicles is a good way to help with that (whatever some may say), but Climate Change? Nah.
  2. Well I don't know about the basic Thruxton, but the Thruxton R (as pictured above) is incredibly light handling and certainly does not require "a bit of effort to get it round the corners". It is admittedly not a lightweight bike, but that is completely at odds with how light it feels to actually ride. What! Only 2 bikes? 😀
  3. Good choice. Had mine for over 4 years now. Reminds me of when I first got into bikes and built a couple of Tritons. Only this is MUCH better.
  4. I always like the Arthur C. Clarke quote:- "Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
  5. I actually think the best potential new tech. is from QuantumScape, a Bill Gates-backed startup developing next-generation batteries for EVs. They've found a way to use no actual anode but Lithium is deposited there during charging and completely removed when discharging, so each cycle puts the battery back to its initial state with no possibility of build up of contamination and/or dendrite growth that over time kills a traditional Li-ion battery. Effectively the anode is created afresh during each charge. Obviously a way to go before we see it outside the lab, but it certainly looks pro
  6. That's just the stock market isn't it. I agree, utter madness.
  7. Yes agreed. There is a tendency to gloss over potential future problems, just because it suits the zeitgeist. Completely agree. It's a difficult matter to address as most people seem unable to think objectively about a problem. I may think that electric vehicles are our best route forward, but as you so succinctly put it, what we need is less humans. No argument there.
  8. Whoah there Andy, it's a bit of a stretch to compare old batteries with nuclear waste. There's no reason why batteries cannot be completely re-cycled, whereas nuclear reactive waste is what it is and will only change according to the half-life of the isotopes involved and again, laws of physics come into play and there's nothing we can do about that. So not really comparable at all. C'mon. I realise we're not there yet, but ultimately we need to re-cycle everything. Just using up anything that cannot be replaced is a short term solution and by short term I don't mean a few years. I mean i
  9. Yes Andy, you're right on all that. Don't get me started on smart meters. Ours is so smart it cannot even connect to any network here so totally fails to communicate any information. So we have to do the meter reading and that's an appallingly badly designed process. They really thought that through didn't they. Damn, I said don't get me started… As for all these claims about showing how much you've saved. As you say, BS. Our Smart heating system constantly tells us how wonderful it is and how much it's saved us, but since they have NO idea how much we would be using had we not installed
  10. Yes, I used to claim I would never get an automatic. But I never thought I would get old either. Turns out I was wrong on both counts. Driving a car in the UK now is not as much fun as when I was growing up and first getting into cars and motorcycles. Way fewer cars and automatics were for dummies who couldn't drive. But as time passed with more and more draconian speed limits and the roads became more crowded, I found the best way to enjoy a blast was on a motorcycle, on which other road users simply become a moving chicane to make the ride more interesting. Riding my FireBlade down the
  11. That is however 2 years ago and I think you'll find Japan has now moved away from Hydrogen use in personal transportation. I cannot overstate the problems of using Hydrogen due to the storage and transportation requirements. You must not glibly assume you can simply turn over the fuel oil infrastructure to the delivery and storage of hydrogen instead. Not only physical requirements, but the energy requirements to cool and pressurise are huge, making it impractical on the small scale. Also another point I feel has been forgotten, hydrogen fuel cells are quite good at dribbling out ele
  12. Lithium Ion batteries don't simply deteriorate to that extent in that period of time. Down to 80% in twice that time is more realistic and maybe not even that far. Degradation also tails off rather than a linear line down to useless. Old batteries can then be used for household storage which has no need for the extreme energy density as originally in the vehicle. Hugely extends the usable lifetime of the battery. Then when no good for anything, recycle all the materials for new batteries. Anything you burn in an ICE is 100% NON recyclable. Sceptics always like to make claims based on
  13. Yes, degradation of lithium-ion batteries is well known and documented. That's why there's a huge amount of research into alternative chemistries that avoid this particular problem. Even the recently announced new Tesla cell is a significant improvement and there's way more to come with alternative chemistries yet to make it out of the lab. There are already battery technologies that do NOT degrade - ever. But difficult to scale and package into a vehicle. It's just a question of research into better ways to achieve what we need, store as much as possible, for as long as possible in as little
  14. Agreed. It has been many years since the speed at which I ride or drive has been determined by the performance of the vehicle as they have all been capable of far in excess of what is actually possible on a public road. I've had FireBlades and similar that so easily nip up to 120 without you even noticing and that can get you sent to jail these days, where I really, really do NOT want to be going. My current FireBlade is naked (I took off all the plastics) to increase comfort and the feeling of speed. That way it's more fun at lower speed. I want to keep riding and driving which means I want t
  15. By which do you mean a Taycan? I think Lotus have the ability to do it (e.g. the Evija), but I'm not sure the £1-2m car market is the one they should be aiming for. Certainly doesn't suit me. 😂
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