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  1. Agreed. It has been many years since the speed at which I ride or drive has been determined by the performance of the vehicle as they have all been capable of far in excess of what is actually possible on a public road. I've had FireBlades and similar that so easily nip up to 120 without you even noticing and that can get you sent to jail these days, where I really, really do NOT want to be going. My current FireBlade is naked (I took off all the plastics) to increase comfort and the feeling of speed. That way it's more fun at lower speed. I want to keep riding and driving which means I want t
  2. By which do you mean a Taycan? I think Lotus have the ability to do it (e.g. the Evija), but I'm not sure the £1-2m car market is the one they should be aiming for. Certainly doesn't suit me.
  3. Yes, certainly interesting. I think over the next few years we will see some real improvements in battery tech. Quantum leaps rather than incremental. It makes no sense to me that Lotus are still planning new ICE cars. At least that was the last announcement I saw. Just produce an EVora. Fabulous looking car already, with terrific real world performance. Just make an electric version. That's what I want anyway.
  4. I wouldn't give two hoots about the lack of service history. A modern car could simply shrug that off even if nothing had been done at all, whereas in all likelihood it has been serviced, just not by a Lotus dealer. Who cares. Oil is oil whoever puts it in the car. Bear in mind that manufacturers have for years been designing cars and oils that can survive huge mileages, yet all the while pretending to their customers this all needs to be checked and/or changed every year, even if the car's not been used. This is quite frankly balderdash. Borders on fraud really and unnecessarily creates huge
  5. My SP-2 is not entirely standard. First off, the exhaust is actually a Harris and not Akrapovic (who never made a high level system like that). I obtained it used with those stickers on and just thought they looked good, so left them on there. I knew Steve Harris a bit and he made some interesting observations about exhausts on that V twin. It was really hard to get more power than standard with just slip-ons. They found the complex conical link pipes were the only way, but a PIA to manufacture. Sadly the jigs to make those were stolen some years later so no chance of any more. The forks ar
  6. Aha, another SP-2 owner:- Although I don't ride it much now as it's too uncomfortable. I use my FireFighter instead:- or maybe my nod to nostalgia (and great bike in fact) :- The answer is "N + 1" Now what's the question?
  7. Passed a very dark, probably black Evora Series 1 which was leaving Old Woking (Surrey) this morning. Unfortunately I didn't catch the regn. mark as I was so surprised to see an Evora on the road. Just thought I'd mention it in case it was anyone on here?
  8. It seems to me this is symptomatic of the prevalent mindset, i.e. EVs as uninspiring utility vehicles. Whilst I am well aware of their benefits in that realm, my interest is firmly in the concept of stunning cars even more thrilling to drive than an ICE equivalent. The above just reminds me that so many are still missing the point of what an EV can be. Let me be frank. I want an electric Evora. That to me would typify what EVs are all about.
  9. Does anyone know the whereabouts of the car pictured here:- It seems to have been owned by Lotus and loaned by them to Ross (Frimley111R) while his car was being being worked on. It is likely it now has a private plate on it so hard to track down, unless anyone happens to know of it? It is of interest to me as I'm trying to find a N/A IPS in black with tan interior that would hopefully be available for sale. Anyone?
  10. I think the provision of charging points will be more of an issue than KAS obviously thinks, but it is not insurmountable and I do agree with his points above. I don't think HS2 is a good comparison, but the installation of Cable TV is a much better analogy. Let's consider that. Cable TV is an entirely Inessential service. No-one needs more TV. But much of Britain has been dug up, just to lay cables to provide such a trivial benefit. However, the upgrade of our national grid to supply sufficient charging points IS essential. Not only that, it's just an upgrade to what is already there. Pr
  11. Well I didn't actually specify a time-frame during which oil will run out. What I did say is that oil is a finite resource and so if we continue to use it up, then there is NO question that at some time it WILL run out. But I also said that if we simply dismiss this and keep using it up on the basis that it's "not our problem" and we'll leave it up to future generations to sort out, that would be an extremely selfish attitude would it not? I understand the reluctance to lose the ICE that we have loved all our lives, but why is it so hard for so many to face the facts. If we keep using it,
  12. Entirely well balanced Andy (see, we're on first name terms ) Damage to the environment by the production of batteries is not insignificant, but not as detrimental as many claim. Yes it takes a lot of resources, but have you any idea what it takes to produce aluminium, yet no-one is moaning about that. The problem is that this ICE/EV thing is highly emotive and there are many who simply get hung up on misunderstood details. Let's face facts. Oil WILL run out so we have to develop a replacement for motive power. Some may argue that it will last longer than others state, but that's an
  13. Andy (if I can call you that, rather than C8RKH) I am very much aware of the softening of your attitude towards BEVs and I applaud you for that as it shows you are thinking about it rather than simply repeating the same thing over and over again. If nothing else, I hope this thread has served to educate others who might otherwise have remained more ignorant of the subject. I agree with almost everything you said, but have to respond to your point that people use the facts and arguments that support their case as everyone does that, but there needs to be a better understanding of the compo
  14. I have to say, I do have a slight problem with comments along the lines of "this thread is boring" or "is pointless". It is tantamount to stating that your interests are so much more important than what is being discussed, which is a somewhat arrogant point of view. Let those who wish to discuss the topic continue to do so and if it really does not interest you, don't read it. The fact it may be at the top of a 'new topics' list doesn't mean you have to view it. I would find discussion about the Elise and/or Exige, or quite frankly any Lotus other than the Evora, to be of no interest whatsoeve
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