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  1. So just over 2,000 kg towing capacity. Certainly decent if not stunning. I also would like to know more about the 134. I guess that'll be a long wait.
  2. No I have not, but I do believe that a website should provide all the details and eliminate the need to contact the company to extract such fundamental information. With production due to start this month for the Fisker Ocean, they are still being remarkably secretive about technical info for the car. But they have stated the towing capacity. 😀 If you don't want to tow anything, then this lack of info is of no importance. However, Lotus clearly believe some will want to do that, or else they wouldn't make a tow-hitch available. Unfortunately, how useful that will be totally depends on its homologated towing capacity, so it's information that should be readily available and included in the published specs. for the car.
  3. Since it is now being showcased around dealers, surely full specs must be available. So what's the towing capacity?
  4. Damn auto correct. But mea culpa for not noticing. However, Autocar have no such excuse.
  5. Lotus seem to be following the trend to make a website that's all flashy, but hard to actually extract any real information - and contains at least one error. Does the base Eletre have 'Hands Free tailgate'? It is stated in one location that it does, but elsewhere lists that only on the S and R. So which is it? Disappointing that the base model cannot be upgraded with some of the options to bring it closer to the S. I for example would like a better choice of colours for the base model, both inside and out. But certainly not worth the extra for an S just for that. The big question in my mind though is still about towing. Yes, they list the towbar as an option, but no mention that I could find about the towing capacity, which being legally regulated is kinda important to know. Oh and what about V2X, i.e. Vehicle to Home/Grid etc. Does it have any such facility. Another important factor for me, but again, I could find no mention of this whatsoever on the website.
  6. How hard would it have been to actually get the module numbers correct.
  7. Seems to have been fixed a couple of days ago. Took them a while though. 🤨
  8. This is particularly relevant for anyone interested in perhaps converting a Lotus to EV, or indeed any other vehicle in the specified age range or even just because you believe DVLA should be doing the right (and legal) thing. Whether you believe the future is Battery Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen or synthetic fuels based or even if you don't really care, I'm sure you do care about DVLA acting in accordance with the law and not making their own interpretation to suit whatever nonsensical agenda they insist on following. So please take a look at this, follow the link below and sign the petition and hopefully we can make a difference. The issue is that DVLA are refusing to re-classify as ELECTRIC Taxation Class, cars aged 2001 to 2017 and now converted to electric. Insisting instead on continuing to charge VED (Road Tax) based on CO2 emissions the car no longer produces. This may not be huge for a small car, but as it becomes desirable for larger and more expensive cars to be converted, this is a BIG issue. However, this is not about escaping VED. It's about an EV being charged appropriately, i.e. as an EV, whatever that rate is. I have even chased this up, via my local MP, with the Office of the Chancellor of the Exchequer who rather dodged the question and claimed they were concerned about the safety of converted cars. A position somewhat in contradiction to pre 2001 cars being happily re-classified by DVLA to ELECTRIC after conversion. The problem is that DVLA are misinterpreting the current regulations that govern this, whether deliberately or simply due to stupidity is open to question. The net result however is that DVLA are not following the regulations and hence are actually breaking the law. For those who don't want to delve into the wording of the actual regulations in question. Here is a précis of them as they specify VED. Let's define 'X' as the overly complex rules determining applicable rate of VED, based on age, capacity, emissions and cost of the car. The regulation logic can then be distilled down to this:- • All cars shall be taxed at a rate determined by X • EXCEPT electrically propelled vehicles (pre 2017) which are EXEMPT. DVLA are interpreting that as meaning those cars first regd. between 2001 and 2017, normally VED rated according to X, but now converted to electric, must continue to be taxed according to X, ignoring the fact that the exemption is absolute and in the case of EVs, clearly X must be disregarded. I hope that clarifies what DVLA are doing and I implore you to sign this petition and help make DVLA abide by the law and stop making up their own:- Please make the effort and sign this and also encourage others you know to sign. Please. The more names on the petition, the more chance we have of correcting DVLA.
  9. Just looking again at Lotus' website and the configuration options they currently show. There is a yellow body colour, but it's more of a primrose than the deep yellow of the launch vehicle. Is it in fact supposed to be the same colour, or are they actually only offering something way less attractive? Anyone know?
  10. Do we yet have ANY idea about price and/or towing capacity?
  11. Can I hold you to that Bibs? 😄
  12. Lotus still seem to be the only company that is this far down the line with a new car and yet has said NOTHING about price. Obviously deliberate, but serves no useful function whatsoever and in my opinion is totally counter productive. One can hazard a guess at most new cars, just based on a company's previous offerings. But Lotus are in the £50K - £2m range which makes it impossible to guess. Is it simply arrogance and they are only aiming at customers for whom price is no object?
  13. Personally, I don't see inability to swap batteries as being any problem. It is a simplistic solution (conceptually, but almost impossible to implement) to a temporary problem. With Tesla claiming their batteries are already capable of over half a million miles of use and soon to be 1 million, why the obsession with swapping. Tesla are nothing special in this regard and battery degradation will be much reduced or possibly eliminated with new battery tech. There's no fundamental law of this Universe that means batteries have to degrade. It's just inefficiencies of the technology that causes this and there's no reason to suppose that it cannot be virtually eliminated in the future. CATL are already claiming their new tech (soon to be in production) has the potential to offer I think at least 600 km range and only about 10 mins to recharge to 80%. Not today, for sure, but we are only a few years away from such advances, so realistically, battery swapping is something of a dead end.
  14. I know the Series 2 was first announced in Oct 2000 and sold from 2001, but can anyone tell me exactly when (i.e. Month) the first S2s were registered?
  15. I'm not aware of anyone actually having announced the use of structural cells yet. That will possibly change, but currently it's always cells in a pack, whether the latter is structural or not. Even Tesla's latest 4860 cell (that is so new it's not even being used in production yet) is just another individual cell that requires something to hold them together in a pack - which may or may not be structural. Regarding Lotus and CATL, is it not possible that CATL would manufacture structural cells to suit their customer's requirements? So CATL manufacture the structural cells/pack to whatever Geely specify. Rather than simply churning out cells and leave it up to their customer (i.e. the car manufacturer) to fit them all together, why not operate like most third party suppliers to auto manufacturers and make the parts specifically to suit that customer (and only that customer as others will have different requirements/designs). I don't really see a situation where Lotus have to design their car to suit some inappropriate generic structural pack design from CATL. Ultimately it's probably pointless to speculate and as technology progresses, things could change anyway.
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