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  1. 20. Me and Caroline - + overnight too - Thanks @Dave Freeman and Megan
  2. Great to meet you all - rest of the trip was fab - especially under a glass roof 😉
  3. Self isolation = early out-of-peak-season early school hols. IMHO. What a sham!! A friend of mine who does physical therapy for kids did a session for one of her clients yesterday. After the session, she got a call saying the child had Covid. She now has to have a test AND self-isolate for 7 days, and lose all her income for her therapy work (as a self-employed person). I wonder if she had covid - how long before she was in court ??? She has now lost nearly £1000 for the sessions already booked for the next 8 days. Some people, eh?
  4. Doesn't Asbestos dust soak it all up rather nicely? 🤔
  5. I nearly got "reversed over" by a pickup in a little raural English village - "Sorry mate, never saw you in my mirrors" Yikes !! 0-40 mph in reverse gear = super quick 😉😇
  6. two things ..... 1. Fabricated and installed replacement (missing) heatshield for LHS tyre (first attempt at any of this) 2. Decided a name for the "Old Girl" - now to be known as Silver Greyhound
  7. Assuming it's the same as S3/Turbo - then it's simple .. 1. Remove engine side covering 2. You will see sender unit on top of tank. 3. Remove wiring (noting what goes where) 3. Undo 6 bolts and remove (will need some twisting) You will need a new cork gasket (from usual sources)prior to refitting - else it will leak
  8. Old girl passed her MoT today - albeit with running carb tuning to reduce HC from ~2800 ppm to below 1200 ppm. Great service from the MoT garage 👏 Such fab cars 😁. 🏎️
  9. Sooo funny - me too !! So I've just ordered a set of aviation snips to "apparently" create a heatshield for the LH wheel arch to protect the tyre, and I've also ordered some aluminium sheet for said purpose. Am I really making bird-drone-proof headwear, or just a heatshield to protect my beloved G-Car? Q: Are we not men? A: We are DEVO
  10. Aha !! Bingo !! Mea Culpa ! Cheers muchy @drdoom Images look fab- but what is this piece in the orginal parts line-up? I only see a rectangular piece which has 3-4 bolts to chassis, but this looks much more like what I need. May I have some pages missing from the parts manual?
  11. Wow - they're sooooo £££££ Perhaps I have some latent Yorkshire in me 😱
  12. Did try and look throughout TLF - obviously using wrong search words - 'cos missed anything/everything 😞 Will now promptly disappear down the TLF/YouTube-style rabbit hole a little further towards Earth's core
  13. I'm looking to put a (replacement) heatshield (mine's missing) on LH side to protect the tyre from exhaust pipe heat. I think the part is the Radius Arm heatshield C082E4091F on page 45.05A of the parts manual - is this correct? If it is, I can't see how this should mount to the chassis - so I was hoping someone could share an image of how this thing should? I have this image showing what appears to be fixing holes - but nothing matches the parts as listed Any help greatly appreciated
  14. I am looking to replace HT leads - any advice on where to get some from - usual places seem a little expensive (£40 + del + vat) - or am I just being mean?
  15. Ask Matt Hancock - he's also unhappy today 😍 - but not as unhappy as his Missus. 😡
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