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  1. Spotted - today, Thurday afternoon - A413/Winslow - very smart and lovely colour
  2. I understand the modern "Business/Expansion/Electric/ blah blah blah" proposition, however, my point was probably more based on an immature, naive and hopeful perspective, and thought there would be more respect of the whole provenance ....... Where was the Lotus road car beginning? which cars "launched" (pun intended) Lotus into what is now known as the "Public domain" and not only helped, but pulled the company out of going broke. All I'm really asking is this .. Why is it OK to reset company history from 2000 ? As a newbie owner and keen up-keeper of my '85 TE - I love m
  3. So anything prior to 2000 doesn't exist ? What about a "Historic/Classic/Heritage" approved dealer/factory scheme? - maybe I missed that one ?
  4. Maybe because it's all about "Knobs" ??
  5. Update .... Capacitors in place, AND double-wound ferrite chokes on power (+12V) line,appear to have eliminated the problem. I suspect, though, that somewhere there must be a poor earth - but for now, it's not broke so I'm not fixing it 😉 Thanks again to everyone for help/guidance etc. 👏
  6. Does this help?
  7. Why doesn't everyone who wants either A) A 1st Jab or B) Wants a second jab just go to any "local" area where the indiginous community don't want a jab ? Maybe "Sir Keir" could walk in front of the line of potential recipients with a Red Flag ???
  8. I could not solder capacitor legs directly onto spade terminals - wrong materials, so I hatched a plan Created a newly cimped "extension' cable with extra run-through of copper cable, which allowed me to solder the capacitor in-circuit, but near the locating pins on the lamp socket. Not terribly elegant in the grand scheme of things - but it works and interference is massively reduced to an almost inaudible level. I'll also add in RF chokes for good measure (now that I have them), and move any remaining RF noise. Then just onto repeating the process with any remaining offensive
  9. Capacitors ordered - arriving next in 5-7 days. So, only daylight driving with std bulbs. No probs. I've never had an electric shock before - what's it like ? 🤔. 😂
  10. I very much appreciate the soldering tips etc. - every single element of looking after this car is brand new to me, so all advice is welcome. I think I'll order the bits and commence the capacitor trial. I did do a small trial today with the reverse lights - and when only one was changed to LED no interference, but when both were changed, then interference was very evident (via FM radio). Thanks for the tips/info/support - I'll post when results are in 🙂
  11. so would 100nF ceramic capacitor be an acceptable choice? At least I don't have polarisation to worry about 🙂
  12. My skills with a soldering iron amount to re-soldering the wire behind the door card to gte the cigarette lighter illumination working - so yes, fun to be had. Here's a picture of the lamp holder. So I would solder a capacitor across the ground/power terminal at the rear? (yellow boxes)?
  13. Yes, but the effect has not been the same all the time, and just to validate, I swapped the reversing lights and brake lights back to standard bulbs - and guess what 🤔. yep, interference went away. Now all I need to do is to determine the final solution. Time to learn how to put capacitance in the right place(s) and how to install the correct number of ferrite beads and their location. Much appreciate the guidance and knowledge here ...
  14. Thanks @Clive59 most helpful. Looks like a few kilos of RF chokes along with lots of measurements and trial and error 🙂
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