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    Brake upgrades to vented disks/4-pot calipers (PNM circa 2005)
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  1. Happy Birthday TLF As a newbie to both Lotus ownership and TLF, what a fabulous hub and friendly help and guidance from those who have trodden the paths long ago as well as being welcomed to breakfast meets - awesome
  2. Thanks @CarBuff, I am expecting my delivery of Seafoam's Deep Creep this afternoon, and so will start the process of soaking for many days/weeks as I'm sure it can only help. Re: Rubber vs. Poly, I'd not come across the heat issue in posts (maybe just searchng for unknown keywords) - nice one - so a naive question ... are there different types of poly used in bushes (I'm also not a materials scientist) ? Re: Lower/wider wheels - not interested - that can wait until I'm 6' under and someone else has the car .... How long might I expect a set of rubber bushes to last (time
  3. Looking at the state of the rear suspension (see piccies) , although driveable and passing MoT etc. I'm thinking of replacing all the rear bushes along with springs and dampers. I'm looking at standard replacement kit, and was looking at either Protech dampers from SJ or AVO from PNM. Is there anything actually wrong with either? Springs (std from SJ) Also, I saw a set of rubber bushes from Lotusbits - does anybody see any issues with using rubber bushes, as opposed to Polybushes? I have read about care required for the hub carriers, and the bush insertion tool, but are th
  4. Welcome, I think "Rodney the Rollerskate" has a better ring
  5. I recently replaced the breather hoses on my '85 TE. Assuming it is the same WSM, the plastic breather hose connects to a spigot joining a rubber? hose which then connects to the tank(s). the small locking jubilee style clip was situated behind the metal bracing - and took some fettling to allow enough space the undo the jubilee clip. As for the flow lock valves(non-return valves), these are supposedly to stop any liquid from forcing its way up the tubing. I did not fit these for two reasons ... 1) Couldn't source them 2) I dont believe petrol can force its way around 2 meters of 6mm diameter
  6. Hi @CarBuff, The brake lights are not dual brightness. they are just BA15S, 5W, 12V, 6000K temp, and are quite bright. I have these bulbs replacing all 8 of rear cluster bulbs. Now that the reversing lamps are tested (need a replacement switch - see another thread) I don't think this should be the source of inteference, as the wiring loom should have no "electrical connection" in any of the relevant harnesses to cause same. As we know, I'm not an electrician, or an auto-electrician, but surely even Lucas wiring looms can't teleport inteference across harnesses ?? please tell me I'm right
  7. Cheers, presumably from one of the relays/ other stuff attached to the glovebox?
  8. Just cleaning out after the weekend's trip and discovered this in the footwell on the passenger side. I know it is an elecronic component - but what is it, and where might it come from and what does it do ? It is approx. 10mm long, and 5mm diameter. Incidentally, now whenever I press the brake pedal, I get interference on the radio. Are these two things connected, or is the ever-growing list of things-do-do taking on a life of its own ? As always, TIA thebartman
  9. HOORAY !! Finally some beginner's success .... joined the G & GN wires together (from the reversing switch) - and hey presto! reversing lights (LEDs) are in full glow. Now just to replace the switch - how hard/tricky can that be Thanks to @CarBuff , @Sparky, @Choppa , @snowrx and @drdoom for helping out
  10. What a fab first ever Lotus meet !! - thanks to all for their welcome, and to Dave and Megan for their hospitality. Great weather and location - lovely drive.
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