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  1. Sorry chaps, car is currently SORN'd - so a no show from myself and Caroline ... Enjoy the meet 🙂.
  2. Had an attempt to get to grips with this - after reading/studying various threads on the matter. Wow !! I can't believe how little access there is - but at least I have confirmed that the leak is from the weep hole on the water pump (and leaks whilst just stood there) I can't see any way this can be removed w/o engine out (due to my skill level/knowledge/facilities) as there is so much other stuff in the way which I would prefer not to disturb - so the next step is to find a cost effective way of getting the car to someone who can 😞 I guess sometimes there are jobs that are beyond individual capabilities ...
  3. Thanks to all, As always, from many special "Forum-contributors", I am now beleagured/inundated with useful information and associated tips-'n-trix, for which I can only thank you, as I continue my apprenticeship 😉 🙂 Now the car is SORN'd - I can get to this issue - and move on with the A/C project and heater matrix revival. All I need is some dry weather, a following wind, some bolt-loosening-shrinking sparkles, a version of the infinite-improbability-ancilliary-remover, good luck, replacement knuckles etc. etc. Oh!, and suitable working replacement part(s). (I already have way more expletives than is good for one person ... ) On a slightly more practical note - where is the best place to get the pump refurbished, or are there any newer/aftermarket replacements ? and what about gaskets? As always - TIA
  4. In the image - the pin-hole has clearly been weeping at some point (red circle) but the coolant seems to be coming from the water pump/gasket (yellow circle) - I can't pinpoint the location exactly as everything is (obviously) in the way. What does the pinhole do/show ? I'll order a gasket - presumably a tricky job 🤔 If all else fails - I'll just have to have a go at the glovebox
  5. I bought this car on a Wednesday. They never told me it was made on a Friday 🤣🤣 So now I've got a new, properly affixed front bumper; re-vamped alternator that stays in place, all cooling/temp stuff sorted, fans working, etc. so I thought I'd take her or a short but spirited journey on a sunny day. Upon return, a trail of liquid on the tarmac appeared. After the engine cooled, leaking stopped. Smell/touch/taste (not XTC) eliminated oil. So now I have to discover where coolant may leak from (doesn't leak when static). Could I get some advice/tips on how to diagnose in order I can, once again, adopt the Lotus position and fix.? For reference, the puddling upon my return seemed to follow the floor pan/under tray, but have not yet sourced the leak, which clearly has to have started from above 😞 TIA,
  6. One "For the Drivers" Car Test
  7. Did I miss something - who is the competitor? Was Eletre the fist E-SUV to market? I thought Eletre was part of Lotus' future and generating (excuse the e-pun) profits for a very much more certain future than it's ever had. Unfortunately, I may actually be wrong.
  8. Just a side note - there are some Alfa sites that may have more info - as they also used Dellorto carbs (lots of people in EU/USA race these vehicles) I'm sure Google can assist here .... with my '85TE - getting the two carbs balanced first before anything else was attempted was a revelation. It took me about 4 attempts, as engine overheating became a concern whilst work was in progress. All this was done with a Morgan Carbtune - indispensible - as I got all 4 carbs balanced to within 1mm of each other. I had tried to skip this on prior attempts, and fixing popping/sluggish acceleration etc. all went away. Good luck with yours - it's a great feeling when it all works. 👍. 😃
  9. Thanks @snowrx - where your Otter switch is located seems to be the place where my (DOM) temp sender unit lives. Absolutely - I measured this at 85deg C whilst the cabin guage was working its way the past "90" line toward the next line on the guage - so I bottled out- rans the fans thro' the AC switch then shutdown for the day. I have a 12VDC power source, clips/cables etc. and this was my original intention - how to test if it actually works. Thanks for your input - when the rain showers stop and I get a mo - I shall try your suggestions - with increasing amounts of current until it trips (or not!). Having replace the Otter switch (82-92 deg C) I might just invest in a 72-82? (Hot Climate version) so that the fans start cooling at a lower temp at the rads, but the proper temp for water arriving back at the block.
  10. Excellent - thx. Which was why I was asking about thermal co-efficients ... It' a 1985 Lotus Turbo Esprit !!!! But I have a brand new, tested , temp sender. It's always down - down down, deeper and down ..... ( and what is UP! ?) 🤣
  11. Just for completetion ..... I have replaced the Otter Switch - underneath the RHS (Drivers side) front wheel ( and wire-tied) . Connectors disintegrated but also replaced by newly crimped terminals. When the engine gets "up to temp" the fans don't seem to come on. I am using an IR thermometer - but measuring the alloy pipe next to the new Otter switch it only reads 75 deg C, whilst temp sender in cabin reads 90+ deg C. Is this OK/normal ? Is there a thermal co-effieciant (water vs. pipe) going on? Fans don't start when apparently reaching temp - however, when I switch the "Aircon switch" to ON, all 3 fans burst into life and cooling happens just like it says in the fairy stories !! So I now have cooling via another switch - but why do I have to force the issue by switching the aircon switch on - why doesn't the Otter switch just kick in and start the fans? Apologies to those who know about this stuff - but I would like to know how this all hangs together ...
  12. Thanks chaps - (It's not yet disintegrated !!) So the plunger is "up". and it does not seem to reset. Does it need power to do this, and if so where is it supplied from? I'm not good enough yet ( 😞 ) to fully comprehend the wiring diagram ...
  13. Myself and Caroline too (Yeah,Yeah - car is ACTUALLY on the road again)
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