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  1. Hi, Does anyone know which Key Blanks for the '85 MYTurbo Esprit? (All four keys - Ignition, Boot, Filler Caps, Doors) I have read Vauxhall and Toyota being mentioned - (I presume they are different from each other) Would a key cutter be able to tell which one? Thanks
  2. They would need to be quite soft - almost flexible, as they wrap around the switch. Also, ensure they are the correct way up so that the light illuminates the panel on the switch. (on my '85 Turbo, the light source illuminates the bottom of the switch)
  3. Aarrrgggghhhhhh !!!!!! This was my recent experience on a glass-roof G-TE 1. Remove external screws from the CANT rails - on mine there were two on the outside of the rails just below the roof/door seal outside of car. 2. Remove internal screw (on each CANT rail) at front end near the windscreen glass and try and slide/coerse the rail out ofthe car, as these then allow access to HEAD rail. These may be difficult to find/extract 3. There were (on mine) two screws: one at each end of HEAD rail which need to be removed. (Hidden by CANT rail) 4. Beware of any electrics/clo
  4. Was it called Lisa or Mac ?
  5. IIRC, car manufacturers used to be be able to send parts/partly completed sub-assemblies/completed assemblies back and forth across La Manche without any VAT restrictions (just transport costs). Maybe, just maybe, the UK will now re-learn how to make components, and build full cars, in-shore and show the world that we have moved on from BL etc. and know how to do this stuff without anyone else's nose stuck in our business ..... and the redundant cost of freight could be passed on to the consumer (wishful thinking)
  6. Oops - is anyone being cynical ?? (Surely not,Ed)
  7. Lovely to hear - Haven't travelled for some time now - and can't remember last time prior to EU being in place
  8. Don't know if this helps (as I have a glass roof) but in re-trimming the cant rails and head rail, I bought some material (fake leather aka Vinyl) which already had a "Scrim" foam backing. Scrim was approx 2mm thick, and vinyl was 1mm. If required, this could be removed very easily from the material for finishing purposes .. Glue used was modern/standard spray adhesive ....
  9. I quite agree - rules is rules, tough - read the new rules and deal with it . Eat before you go, or buy something at the Port or on the ferry - unless eating a beef stew would be considered either importing POAO or smuggling contraband ? At least the Dutch customs bloke thought it was funny (ludicrous) but he was doing his job according to the new rules WITH a sense of humour. Wonder how many at Dover/ Harwich etc. would treat incoming visitors ? PS - Don't forget - only 200 Cigs for personal consumtion allowed when coming back from a holiday
  10. This might be funny if it wasn't so damn stupid ..... Dutch officials seize ham sandwiches from British drivers
  11. Ho Hum, I'd just like to do some work, earn a few pennies, else I'll be continually fixing the car !!
  12. I'd like a job please - I'll get a vaccine, get my papers in order ... what's the rate ?
  13. A little levity, anyone? It's from a while ago, but humour does work ... IMHO
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