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  1. Hi Gang, Won't be coming to this one - the car's now scheduled to be ready for next year 😞 🙂 Have a great meet - love to you all ; Happy Christmas and New Year from myself and Caroline - and (fingers crossed) we'll be back in the Lotus January - whoop whoop!! Julian & Caroline
  2. Centimetric GPS - Nice one ..... for the future of ADAS
  3. Wow !! 😉 Cars-as-a-service "CAAS" - how Millenial/Gen Z can we get ? Just suppose - It's a lovely sunny afternoon - "I fancy a drive in a Lotus (which I don't own)" or "I need some logs taken from the field to the store in winter (and my Electre can't manage)" how many "rental/loan" cars would need to be produced ? In actual fact, CAAS already exists in the UK in the form of PLPs or PCPs - so why not extend within-group Geely and start to ensure that the competition for car ownership is mitigated ? Thanks @TdM for the initial idea - but actually - it is a whole-life car rental scheme: just whose mast are one's colours to be nailed; and it's not about the cost - it's about the value ... I'm sure, also, that @Bibs will be working on a dark-web comms platform .. 😉
  4. Sorry chaps, car is currently SORN'd - so a no show from myself and Caroline ... Enjoy the meet 🙂.
  5. Had an attempt to get to grips with this - after reading/studying various threads on the matter. Wow !! I can't believe how little access there is - but at least I have confirmed that the leak is from the weep hole on the water pump (and leaks whilst just stood there) I can't see any way this can be removed w/o engine out (due to my skill level/knowledge/facilities) as there is so much other stuff in the way which I would prefer not to disturb - so the next step is to find a cost effective way of getting the car to someone who can 😞 I guess sometimes there are jobs that are beyond individual capabilities ...
  6. Thanks to all, As always, from many special "Forum-contributors", I am now beleagured/inundated with useful information and associated tips-'n-trix, for which I can only thank you, as I continue my apprenticeship 😉 🙂 Now the car is SORN'd - I can get to this issue - and move on with the A/C project and heater matrix revival. All I need is some dry weather, a following wind, some bolt-loosening-shrinking sparkles, a version of the infinite-improbability-ancilliary-remover, good luck, replacement knuckles etc. etc. Oh!, and suitable working replacement part(s). (I already have way more expletives than is good for one person ... ) On a slightly more practical note - where is the best place to get the pump refurbished, or are there any newer/aftermarket replacements ? and what about gaskets? As always - TIA
  7. In the image - the pin-hole has clearly been weeping at some point (red circle) but the coolant seems to be coming from the water pump/gasket (yellow circle) - I can't pinpoint the location exactly as everything is (obviously) in the way. What does the pinhole do/show ? I'll order a gasket - presumably a tricky job 🤔 If all else fails - I'll just have to have a go at the glovebox
  8. I bought this car on a Wednesday. They never told me it was made on a Friday 🤣🤣 So now I've got a new, properly affixed front bumper; re-vamped alternator that stays in place, all cooling/temp stuff sorted, fans working, etc. so I thought I'd take her or a short but spirited journey on a sunny day. Upon return, a trail of liquid on the tarmac appeared. After the engine cooled, leaking stopped. Smell/touch/taste (not XTC) eliminated oil. So now I have to discover where coolant may leak from (doesn't leak when static). Could I get some advice/tips on how to diagnose in order I can, once again, adopt the Lotus position and fix.? For reference, the puddling upon my return seemed to follow the floor pan/under tray, but have not yet sourced the leak, which clearly has to have started from above 😞 TIA,
  9. One "For the Drivers" Car Test
  10. thebartman

    Type 132

    Did I miss something - who is the competitor? Was Eletre the fist E-SUV to market? I thought Eletre was part of Lotus' future and generating (excuse the e-pun) profits for a very much more certain future than it's ever had. Unfortunately, I may actually be wrong.
  11. Just a side note - there are some Alfa sites that may have more info - as they also used Dellorto carbs (lots of people in EU/USA race these vehicles) I'm sure Google can assist here .... with my '85TE - getting the two carbs balanced first before anything else was attempted was a revelation. It took me about 4 attempts, as engine overheating became a concern whilst work was in progress. All this was done with a Morgan Carbtune - indispensible - as I got all 4 carbs balanced to within 1mm of each other. I had tried to skip this on prior attempts, and fixing popping/sluggish acceleration etc. all went away. Good luck with yours - it's a great feeling when it all works. 👍. 😃
  12. Thanks @snowrx - where your Otter switch is located seems to be the place where my (DOM) temp sender unit lives. Absolutely - I measured this at 85deg C whilst the cabin guage was working its way the past "90" line toward the next line on the guage - so I bottled out- rans the fans thro' the AC switch then shutdown for the day. I have a 12VDC power source, clips/cables etc. and this was my original intention - how to test if it actually works. Thanks for your input - when the rain showers stop and I get a mo - I shall try your suggestions - with increasing amounts of current until it trips (or not!). Having replace the Otter switch (82-92 deg C) I might just invest in a 72-82? (Hot Climate version) so that the fans start cooling at a lower temp at the rads, but the proper temp for water arriving back at the block.
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