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  1. Thanks guys. Have decided to stop using the rear mirror. May actually remove it 🙂
  2. Does anyone know whether there is a window film that can be applied to the rear window, to reduce the reflection at night? Asked 3M and they said they do not know of any product that would help.
  3. Well, I'll respond to myself. Took the belt and manual tensioner off. Noticed the bolt that holds the manual tensioner in place does NOT fit through the hole of the auto tensioner. So conclusion is - if you have a manual tensioner you can only fit a manual tensioner and a belt with 143 teeth.
  4. Decided to finally do my cam belt. Bought all the parts online based on specifying my engine number being 18K4FJ31 673717 - received the auto tensioner and belt. Pulled off cam cover...and of course it has a manual tensioner. As long as my auto tensioner came with the longer cam belt (145 teeth), I assume I can simply fit these (as in they are interchangeable)? Are there pros/cons on a auto vs manual tensioner?
  5. Have 2x 4-point harnesses (and support bar behind the seats) surplus. Anyone interested, let me know please. Ta
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