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  1. On 03/10/2020 at 08:40, Seriouslylotus said:

    Its has been requested many times, so is on the list.

    However as its not a 'fault' or 'glitch' its on a very low priority, Aim used the standard lotus dash as the basis, that has a 9000rpm scale.

    If they ever change it there would then be complaints from people who are upgrading there engines to rev higher.

    The dash was designed to please most of the people most of the time.

    If someone wants very specific function one of the other AIM product that is fully configurable are available, but with the data logging etc etc are significantly more expensive than the MX2E, and working out all the signals, alarms and messages would take an age (I know as I had one about 5 years ago)

    Having tried both I will stick with the MX2E as it does far more than I was capable of getting working on the other models available

    I think this would be a significant enhancement to the product.  Lets face it, only a very few of us benefit from the revs going up to 9k. The majority of us have standard cars which run at lower maximum revs.

    IMHO its not a question of one or the other  (7.5k or 9k), its both. 9k is already programmed and what I am asking for is the option for users to choose a 7.5k maximum if they wish.  All that would change is the numbers in the rev display and the formula as to when the bars are lit. Surely that's not beyond the wit of man.

    I have been impressed with AIM chasing down all the identified faults and we have seen virtually all of them addressed and rectified over the last 10 months.  Surely we are now getting to the end of that and it is time to look at some enhancements and this would be one which would benefit the majority of users. TBH I cant think of any further enhancements above and upon a rev option that I would need.......or indeed see people asking for. Oh after saying ...and the indicator lights to a lower position for us tall lads!

  2. Dave

    That is positive news... thanks for the update. I know some would argue that it is specifically designed for track use, I believe the Lotus AIM OEM one comes with this caveat, but indicators are vital both on the road and the track.

    Although I moan about the expense of having the shift light module, I actually now prefer it on the dash board rather than on the  MX2E...The module is absolutely in my periphery vision more so than the shiftlights on the MX2E.

    As you are a man in the know with all things MX2E, I have heard a rumor that Lotus have insisted that the OEM device is locked down and that this may effect those of us who have bought the device direct from AIM from a perspective of RS3 and the available configuration options open to us. An example which was used is that the Icon Manager is no longer available in RS3 although I don't think I have ever seen such an option in there any truth to this......

  3. Really wanted to see my shift lights. As I am staggeringly tall at 5'11" I had to go to the expense of buying the shift light module, a data hub, a five pin cable at £42 each and the hassle of removing the dashboard to get what i wanted and I still can't see my indicators. Why Aim don't move then down to the middle is beyond me as it would work for all...midgets and bean poles alike...



    Being 6 foot, or near as damn it, I have the issue that I cant see the Indicator Telltails or the Shift Lights in the digital dash as they are obscured by the OEM steering wheel. Both of which are a pain TBH one from a safety standpoint and the other losing a significant driving aid when on the track. This Shift light module solves the shift light issue but not the indicator issue.

    Two potential options.

    1. Move the indicator telltails to the bottom row of telltails on the dash and move two from the bottom to the top of the screen that are not require whilst driving, perhaps the seat belt warning light and the air bag light. See below


    2. See if AiM can configure the left and right most Shift Module LEDs as Indicator Telltails whilst having the remaining 8 LEDS for the shift lights.

    As an obvious point of note, the binnacle in the picture posted by seriouslylotus is not the AIM binnacle which has a flat top surface which will make the sitting of the Shift Light module on the binnacle a much more palatable affair. My only wish was that the cable for the Module was a permanent fixture exiting the unit at the bottom and not a 712 connector on the back of the unit.  This would enable you to permanently attach the module to the binnacle without any unsightly cables hanging out the back and seeing the routing of the cable under the lip of the  binnacle hood.  Yes it would involve drilling some holes in the binnacle but they would be underneath the module and out of sight. The Module connects into the dash either through the GPS 712 port on the back of the dash or a data hub if you want to keep the functionality of the GPS which I am sure most of us would, so it isn't easy to have it as a temporary fixture as taking off the binnacle would be pain if one was doing it regularly. (Here speaks a man who has spent hours searching for the Binnacle retaining springs under the cars dashboard which have pinged off when the binnacle was removed).  I am sure that most would have the Module as a permanent fixture unless you are happy having everything hanging out in the open.

    Whilst I am on my Soap Box my only other gripe is the graduations on the rev counter and that they go up to 9K RPM and its fixed. I know that this has probably been designed this way to accommodate all Lotus types but my 380 Sport tops out at 6.8k so I am only utilising just over half of the visible scale as it is linear. Now difficult would it be to make the scale customisable through RS3 so its not the image that changes but just the rev numbers and the bars showing the revs are the adjusted programmatically to accommodate. Perhaps a couple of options for different car  types which have different rev limits to accommodate all. See below


    My 2Ps worth....

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  5. Andy I had absolutely the same misgivings. I decided that I couldn't live with it as std and opted to go down a modified will cost me more but the end result will address my aesthetic concerns.

    Firstly I have moved the buttons to the lower steering wheel shroud forward of the two oem button switches for the exhaust flap and trip.  Opted for rocker switches so I only needed to fit two switches as space is limited. Wiring is well explained on the AiM support website and easy if you are into that sort of thing  

    The AiM binnacle comes with two types of plastic..the binnacle hood is a rough black shinny plastic and the dash surround which is a smooth black shinny plastic. Both are bonded together along with the four switches in the binnacle hood..

    I wanted to keep any work I did on the AiM binnacle as close to OEM as possible..My OEM binnacle is plastic but an option from Lotus was to have it in Carbon. I cant easily create the plastic look so I oted for carbon 

    So I looked at Carbon fibre dipping, wrapping and trimming with alcantara trim, all of which I discounted as it wasn't close enough to what is available from Lotus as OEM. Although dipping came close I wasnt able to match the Carbon fibre that Lotus supplied on the car and I have quite a bit of it. Wrapping can bubble in high temps and the binnacle has lots of awkward surfaces to contend with. Dipping on curves such as the hood tends to stretch the weave which doesn't happen with real carbon fibre as much. In addition all my Lotus created carbon fibre has a seam in the center of the item with the weave placed at an angle to each other and you can't do this to my knowledge with dipping. A further consideration was I wanted to remove the AiM switches completely from hood so I would be left with holes which would need to be filled.

    So I have opted to have the hood carbon fibre skinned to match the pattern used by Lotus on other components on the car. The holes where the AiM buttons where will be filled and made good. I am going to keep the black shinny plastic suround of the dash...that's just about tolerable.. To do the skinning effectively the hood will have to be seperated from the surround, skinned and then rebonded. In addition i am having the two with 'wings' of the binnacle covered in dark grey synthetic  perforated  lether as per the OEM. All this work on the binnacle is well beyond my capabilities but I have found a local company who have the skills to do the work. It not cheep but it is less than a Carbon fibre binnacle from Lotus which wouldn't fit anyway but it will address my anal aesthetic concerns  

    The AiM dash is a piece of art in my view and their binnacles lets it down big time. So the extra expense to perhaps finish it off as it should have been is justified IMHO.

    I'll post a picture of the swiches but I won't have the binnacle back for about 4 weeks due to staff availability due to the Virus.

    Perhaps OTT but it works for me.....

  6. Just transmitted it through and I now have two customised fields and gears are there......small things :)

    With the help of aim my mistake was to try and update the standard config.  Their suggestion which worked was as follows.

    1. Check that I was on latest Software and Firmware.(mine where)

    2. Create a new configuration and not update the exsisting one.

    3. Update the dashboards with the customised fields and update the Shift Light Mattrix

    4. Save and then Transmit.

  7. RS3 has under ECU the Gearbox Temp. I transmitted this to the dash and got the text to display but the value was showing as "-"...which I belive is the same stage that Mark got to. Both Mark and I are driving 380 Sports and unless he has had a gearbox cooler fitted after delivery or had a Track Pack spec'd at order I think his too will always remain blank as mine as the temp sensor comes with the gearbox cooler. I tend to use the Road Digital Dash which gives you the option for two customised readings which I have set to Air Intake Temp and Hand Brake ON or OFF. Interestingly when I transmitted these changes to the dash I lost the Gear Number and although set it to re learn them, its still not working.  The gear learning has worked perfectly with un customised Dash before but not when I have added to two additional readings.  Will continue to fiddle today.

    As for you advice re the Shift Lights is this more in line with your thinking...

    Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 07.37.45.png

  8. @Mark.....did you get the the gearbox temp to show on the dash.  I have got to the same stage as you but I haven't been able to drive it.  Wondering if popped up then as I am only seeing a "-" at the moment with the car in garage.

    To the wider audience...

    I have had a play at setting the threshold for the Shift lights for each gear. Bearing in mind I am driving a 380 sports which revs out at 6.8k regardless of mode (I believe). I am not a track expert and probably better at Excel which to be honest this was created in.  The idea is the lights come on quicker in low gears and the colours change at lower rpms depending which gear you are in to reflect the speed at which you can go through the rev range.  (Low gears ...very quickly and high gears..... slower.) For those of you are track experts does this look right or would you suggest something different.....


    Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 11.30.25.png

  9. Dave thanks for the very positive update. New software always comes with bugs and AIM are clearly working hard to correct them and working on Lotus's, and I have had three, is nothing but straight forward. Patience and dog mindedness are two prerequisites!

    I am really looking forward to a return to normality so we can all get on with the things we enjoy in life...and for me procuring and installing a AIM dashboard will be very much part of that.

  10. Mark, thanks for your feedback.

    I think I will look at having the AIM binnacle wrapped in a matt black (as near to OEM) along with the upper and lower steering wheel shrouds.. More expenses but at least everything will match.  Not keen on CF or Alcantara, IMHO it will stick out like a sore thumb or it will do in my 380.

    I might also look at removing the AIM switches from the Binnacle and the holes filled before wrapping and fit 'four-push-to-switch'' switches in the lower steering wheel shroud.  My guess is once you have set all the parameters up the only reason you need access to the switches is to perhaps switch between track and road layouts....

    I hear you and sympathise re the niggles but I belive that new layouts and additional telltails will be disriptued via future firmware eventually AIM will get things sorted across all models in the future. I dont think AIM realised that each model of Exige and Elise have their own unique qualities :) and doubt they did testing prior to release across all variants.  So long as future updates are not hardware based we will be fine....fingers crossed as it is a sizable investment...

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