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  1. if driven by same driver and in same tire 430 cup laptime is about the same as 991.1 GT3 but faster than GT4 for sure gt3rs is way faster , higher corner speed and faster acceleration
  2. parts list +1 could u kindly share it ? that would help a lot
  3. the gear ratio in the chart is not the one lotus put it in exige i guess is different verison of EA6X lotus 3th gear is 1.41 and 4th 1.090
  4. do u have refrence for that ? i only know that it was only rated for 400NM
  5. have anyone tried to strengthen the MT 6speed transmission? just getting my tvs1900 chargecool and komotec gearbox cooler installed and will dyno tune next week, i understand with forged internal the engine is good up to 550-600 at crank, and the charger have ability to do that, the week point of the car will be transmission, BOE claim the gearbox is good up to 435whp wich is about 480hp~500hp at crank(about 500NM gearbox torque specs is 400NM) , guess that why Harrop only tune the car 480 as standard, ( they do offer more but the risk is on your own ) i been searching everywhere couldn`t find a single case , i don`t want to give up 6speed for sequential or pricey DCT, a manual 600hp lotus will be a dream to own
  6. try Hankook TD (Z221) medium compound is enough best tire i ever used good performance(same as Trofeo R) + stable at high temp + last 200laps (2.54km/lap)
  7. nicely done man ! Congs! would u kindly share the part number u order? my exige is same as ur the pre lci model even the color is the same , i`m located in Beijing i was thinking about doing these but i didn`t really figureout what to order
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