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  1. I have to be honest, I am loving the Macca! the drive is superb, the fit finish and quality of the interior is amazing, I have driven a Lotus of one type or another for the past 10 years but the Macca is a real step up, I am genuinely impressed. As long as the Emira looks as good as what I have been told it does, I will switch back to Lotus. Roll on the launch at Goodwood later this year.,
  2. Hiya, I have an Emira on order for next year and always fancied a McLaren, so got myself a 540c which I will run until the new one arrives.
  3. Glad to see folks are out there and 430’s are going to good homes. I’ve just sold my 430sport which wasn’t easy, I couldnt get an offer better than £60k and non of the Lotus dealers would touch it!
  4. I was told a few GT430's went to Germany, a similar amount to what we have in the UK, as regards Sport 430's, I have only heard of 3, the one I have in the UK and 2 that also went to Germany.
  5. Yep! It’s the only registered one in the U.K. I think there are 2 in Germany so yes pretty unique. It gets plenty of attention in a positive way which is nice. I’ve already left my deposit for the upcoming new Type 131 (project gama) and that will deffo be liquid yellow!
  6. Congrats. Car looks absolutely beautiful! I was stood in the showroom looking at it but simply couldn’t afford it, so I went for the anniversary blue GT430 sport. Loving it!
  7. Looks really nice, take the exhaust valve pipe if and it sounds great all the time!! 😜
  8. Hi all, does anyone else have a subwoofer dial/switch on their car? I found this rattling about inside of the right hand side of the dash, its got a sticky pad on it and presume its meant to be stuck out of sight somewhere! Still haven't found the original rattle that I have got thou!!!
  9. It certainly looks like a harness bar to me! I removed the panel from what i call the bulk head behind the seats, and there is a fixed bar across the car. the black panel also has cut outs pre done for where a race harness would come through, these align exactly with the "harness" bar. check it out on yours, its just a case of removing half a dozen screws.
  10. Hiya, mine wasn't spec'd as 2+2 but I have added a set of back seats from an old Evora and fastened a dog lead to the harness bar, yes the dog comes in the car, it's the only way her in doors would let me buy it!
  11. Painting any Olive green car to any other colour is an act of mercy - A GT430 in Olive green is pure sacrilege and should never have been allowed! In my opinion!
  12. I had a 220 sport Elise that was paid for so there was the deposit, I got her indoors to sign it off as I have put some standard Evora back seats in and a dog harness!!!! At the end of the day there are only 60 world wild, its a halo car and I certainly wont see another GT430sport! The replacement car next year wont be anything as focused and from what I understand there will only be a short run with the 3.5lt supercharged unit for the purest folk, then it will revert to a 2.0lt turbo unit that may come from Mercedes - lots not forget Geely have bought a stake in Daimler for a reason! Yep, you will lose the VAT as soon as you drive it away - I got mine for £80K, list price new was £115k so B&C probably took it back in at £75kish
  13. I will get some pics this week I promise. Glad you like it, car is amazing but I’m not sold on the colour!! It’s growing on me. Think it’s the only 430sport registered in the U.K.
  14. Hi all. I looked at this one too but just out of my price range, it is the most beautiful thing in real life, yes it’s currently at £110K with 50/50. I went for the anniversary blue GT430 sport, I couldnt bring myself to buy the Olive Green 430!
  15. Hi there, sounds like a good starting point, I'll have a play later!
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