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  1. Hello my friend

    I hope you are in complete health

    I'd like to buy the Panasonic RM-310
    How can I communicate with you

  2. Hi, I have one of these Panasonic RM-310s. Here's the story. I was hired as a broker for a client that has tasked me with attempting to sell some of the stuff jammed into his building. As I was going rifling through some shelves, in a pile of parts for a 72' Camaro, was this Panasonic Cockpit interior roof panel. I noticed that there's a lot of posts on this Lotus forum about this exact piece. I'm 90% sure this was just installed in the Camaro as an aftermarket part. I don't even know if it works, but it's in great condition, it just needs a wash. Can anyone shed some light on this thing? Was it always just an aftermarket piece (I found pictures of a new one in a box) or did it come standard in anything? Why do so many early 80s Lotus owners seem to be interested in them? Any information would be greatly appreciated. And if someone is interested, yes it's available for purchase, but that's not the intention of this thread. I'm just really curious because it's not often I find something so infuriatingly hard to find any information on. Especially having a model name/number and a manufacturer like I do. [Edit] Sorry I just realized I put this in the wrong subforum. I accidentally clicked "new thread" in the wrong tab with a post in this subforum open on it. Can an admin move this to the general Lotus/Motoring/Car chat if that's appropriate?
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