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  1. Hi there forum! Purchased the car. Appreciate your thoughts and help, it certainly provided me some comfort hearing what to keep an eye on and ask about. So far so good, no issues so far. On the next drive I'm going to take a snapshot of the where the dash readings and post to see if anything jumps out Cheers! Andy
  2. Thanks for response. I’ll ask re the CAT but assume all is good there as car just passed smog and emissions test
  3. Thanks again Stephen, really appreciate your continued feedback and thoughts. Will be picking the car up on Friday, a nice 80 mile trip to the cars new home if all goes well 👍
  4. Thanks Colin, well spotted! I'll ask the seller there whereabouts of the metal straps. Much appreciated!
  5. Hi there - Here are images of the underside. Looks good but again would encourage any thoughts or feedback
  6. I’ll let someone that knows their stuff answer that one.
  7. Anyone know where I may be able to buy a set for my Red ‘86 Turbo HCi? Thx!
  8. Wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that sell Turbo HCi details? Cheers!
  9. Okay great thanks, super helpful. It sounds like the one I’m having inspected has the right bits in the right places. 👍
  10. Perfect! Thanks so much, I’ve sent to the seller as I seem to recall seeing fiber glass panels bolted in place to cover much of the underside, which I felt was super odd. Naturally will need to have any panels removed for inspection. much appreciated
  11. Hi esteemed forum! I’m expecting images of a car I’m looking to buy that show the underneath of the car but cannot find any images of what the car should look like under there! Wondering if anyone could direct me somewhere that has good references? thanks so much!
  12. Hi again! One thing that occurred to me. I asked owner to take some pics of the underside of the car but realized that I would not know what the underside is supposed to look like. Can’t see any images online and so wondering if any of you had any? thanks andy
  13. Lovely car! I really hope you find it, even if it’s too pass on regards to the current owner. Thanks for posting the pics. @stephen I’ll be sure to post news on the car after I pick up. Thanks!
  14. Snap! Seems Identical! Thanks for sending Stephen! Deposit is down!
  15. I asked the owner and she did not ask for Black bumpers so assume she had no choice, also the round lotus badge on front of car is original. Maybe another US variation? Anyway, thanks again for all your responses, I hope all are well and safe.
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