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  1. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and currently in the hunt for a 2-11 (after COVID-19 passes through). Interesting this car is still for sale at JCT600. Is this common being a niche car or does this car have a history?
  2. Hi all, I hope everyone and their families are keeping well in this testing time. Hopefully things will return to normal soon. In terms of introductions I'm looking to go professional in the spending obscene amounts of money, and pissing off the better half whilst I'm doing it (), in the one thing I'm passionate about. I'm currently driving a MK7 Ford Fiesta ST (MP215), however I'm looking to get into track days (2nd car) and would like to do it in something far more suited to the job. In terms of cars, I'm looking for a Lotus 2-11. Mostly because I was infatuated all the wa
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