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  1. I had the car out in this lovely weather. went to leave the car and lock it. It bleeped twice but did nothing. Is this a quick fix or does it need a new part.
  2. I own LF1 Exige it is stored in my garage over the winter, by the looks of things probably for 4 months. When i do have the opportunity to get it out i would like to turn the engine over but not start it. I just want the oil to circulate the engine first. Without getting to involved what can i disconnect from the engine that will stop it from starting.
  3. How do i go about registering my Lf1, can any one help. Terry.
  4. I called in to the lotus dealer and the machanic said you are local I do like the Austin seven and the LF1 of course
  5. I have finally picked up my LF1, what a great job Robert and his team at Lotus Silverstone have done. Wow driving home what a car loving it. every body who saw the car over the weekend said it looked stunning. 🤩
  6. Lotus Silverstone are open again, at last. I am having my LF1 prepared , weather permitting I will pick it up end of next week, happy days.
  7. Hi Mike thank you, I think when it comes time to sell I will be in my box. I don’t have the car yet😪, I would like the magazine if that is possible. I have just brought a car cover but it would be nice to have the right one. do you have a photo of the cover, I can always sell the one I have. I would just like to thank the guys on here for their support, I think the LF1 is worth every penny that I have paid for it. I am on my way to Scotland today so I called in to Silverstone just to have a look at the car, of course their is nobody their but I could see the car 🤩. Terry.
  8. Hi Mike I have just part exchanged my Holden for your LF1. I have owned it from new 2008 and love the exclusivtivety of the car. I have been looking for a couple of years as to what to buy, I do like the unusual. As I am a avide formula one fan the Lotus LF1 just ticks all the right box’s. The Holden was used as a deposit and the rest of the money is coming from a house sale. This bloody coved-19 has put the house sale on hold so I am without a car at the moment. I have brought it with the F1 EXG that was a absolutely a must. I would be very interested in the memorabilia you have. Terry.
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