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  1. It was it was mine 😁
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know of a replacement interior door pull handle , I was thinking of a a aluminum type thing or is there a part I can't find that will fit ? The OE ones are shocking ,crack easily and covers don't fit very well. Any helpf appreciated . Nick 2010 NA
  3. Hi all, Anyone have an idea for sourcing plastic assembly ,mines 2010 NA,the bolts securing handle to door have been over tightened and cracked the assembly . Cheers Nick
  4. Hi , I traded my S4s which I'd owned for over 17 years for a 2010 Evora NA , and I'm still smiling like a Cheshire cat . Don't get me wrong I loved cherished adored my Esprit but the Evora makes the Esprit look like a kit car (no offence to any current Esprit owners) . As people have said the engine is Toyota and in 40 years of riding (thrashing jap bikes) I've never had one blow up .The Evora in my opinion is a real plug and play, I factored in a clutch if and when and its still cheaper than the Esprit , which I spent a small fortune just to keep on the road and up together . For me I haven't looked back, well only back to look at the car. Nick
  5. What ?? You mean like a .....bus. ?? How do they work exactly ? Are they free ? 😁😁😁
  6. No it wasn't standard fit , I fitted it !
  7. This S4s already has Larini exhaust and a hi flow cat . Mot man didn't like the emissions with de-cat pipe fitted , so fitted an after market cat , no discernable difference in performance, still pops and crackles with best of them. Nick
  8. Its been used ,and looked after much to the detriment of my wallet, last year full suspension replacement not a refresh but replaced ! Everything has always been addressed when its needed,i had her for 17 and a half years and i know every single nut and bolt , so if anyone wants to ask any questions fire away . Mileage is not that high, as we all know these engines are bullet proof obviously with the appropriate service and care. this car has never in over 17 years left me stranded on the side of the road. Shes a 25 year old lady but still very bright and sharp , everything works everything no ifs not buts. Nick ex S4s
  9. Just ordered an outside cover ,the Esprit cover fitted perfectly that i had from them.
  10. On saturday just gone .fancied a change and the timing was right, and the deal
  11. Good news , sussed it..........well ok i didn't but my Mrs did whilst we were out for drive , its not user friendly for sure , apparently navigation menu isn't sat nav menu but the actual units navigation menu ...who knew ? well not me .
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