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  1. All you need now is a CAI and decat pipe and sports exhaust unleashes alot of smiles.
  2. ETA.This badge came from Hethel Motorsport stateside, you can look on their website for details.
  3. Brand new enamel nose badge, I bought the wrong one , see pics. Open to offers and I'll post it can't say fairer than that 😬
  4. If you think the Evora clutch is heavy you should try an Esprit S4s . Mines light as a feather in comparison !
  5. I normally leave Aldi with a Tig welder 😬
  6. I live in a small fishing town on the south coast of Dorset and I've nothing negative at all , it's British, people like that ,it's cool and unusual and quite understated. Kids point and adults try to work out what it is you don't see many (if any) Evoras down my way. I drive courteously ,let people out of junctions etc ,I'll engage with people who ask questions, kids are a great leveller at this .Even the local kids in exhaust noisey cars are interested and will ask questions , I generally don't get buzzed and never respond to kids getting to close to the rear ,overtake I don't care ,I have nothing to prove . It's such a small town and everyone does know everyone. I'm also a biker and ex instructor and have similar conversations with kids on smaller bikes, and again they are generally courteous ,I'll help them answer questions,and ask about taking their test and further training, although I have to admit I do have a prod about wearing the correct kit , track suit bottoms and trainers not being that good when using your body as a brake . I think as you get older of you can advise without being an absolute prick it's a good thing .We've all been there and by the grace of God etc , I absolutely loved doing CBT and advanced riding teaching , if I saved one life I'd be happy. Driving and riding is a state of mind , a skill that you learn , having a nice car is a privilege.
  7. Only what the MOT info gives as having sat for pretty much 4 years , 170 miles between tests . What's the asking price ? Take some one with you who knows these cars , where is it situated ? There are lots of very knowledgeable guys on here all willing to help. Nick
  8. It was it was mine 😁
  9. Hi All, Does anyone know of a replacement interior door pull handle , I was thinking of a a aluminum type thing or is there a part I can't find that will fit ? The OE ones are shocking ,crack easily and covers don't fit very well. Any helpf appreciated . Nick 2010 NA
  10. Hi all, Anyone have an idea for sourcing plastic assembly ,mines 2010 NA,the bolts securing handle to door have been over tightened and cracked the assembly . Cheers Nick
  11. Hi , I traded my S4s which I'd owned for over 17 years for a 2010 Evora NA , and I'm still smiling like a Cheshire cat . Don't get me wrong I loved cherished adored my Esprit but the Evora makes the Esprit look like a kit car (no offence to any current Esprit owners) . As people have said the engine is Toyota and in 40 years of riding (thrashing jap bikes) I've never had one blow up .The Evora in my opinion is a real plug and play, I factored in a clutch if and when and its still cheaper than the Esprit , which I spent a small fortune just to keep on the road and up together . For me I haven't looked back, well only back to look at the car. Nick
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