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  1. Re Interior Lights. Check the door switches have not come apart. They can be reassembled through grommet at bottom of door , a bit fiddly but possible. Nick s4s
  2. Ok stupid question time (forgive me) , I take it come MOT time you put your CAT back on ? So then I'm assuming disassembly required and old exhaust with CAT put back on ? And visa versa . Happy to be told idiot read the entire thread . Nick S4s
  3. Firstly you'll need to pluck it ,are you a qualified pheasant plucker?
  4. i ordered a set from Germany on Ebay ,they came with all attaching screws and fitted perfectly,also they are made out of carbon fibre .
  5. I always thought that the 1995 S4s in black ,with full suspension refresh and wheel refurb,red on black leather etc the only way to go ..... Nick S4s
  6. Hmm you may have a relay thats getting tired ?
  7. I always blip the throttle when changing down from 3rd to 2nd makes for a much smoother crunch free down change .
  8. Did you find the cause of the problem?? I found when mine decided to start playing up ,turning over not starting etc it was down to the relays in the rear relay tray becoming loose ,had to dismantle the entire tray and re-crimp all the spade grips which the relays fitted into ,never had another problem with it ,just a thought.
  9. I have exactly the same response from Elise owners,maybe they think the esprit is going to eat them,i find i always get let out of junctions and can honestly say have never had a negative thing said to me about the car. Whilst travelling around Northern and Southern Ireland in July i had so many people asking to take pictures and generally pouring over it,not looking her best after a mammoth 1700 mile trip through rain and general road grime but non the less still stunning thing to look at.
  10. fflyingdog

    Esprit S4S

    I think it could well be the pulse from the abs system,on occasion when I've braked sharpish you do feel the pedal pulsing under your foot ,if you had a bad disc/pad etc you'd find the car would pull to one side as you would with unbalanced tyre pressures mine tramlines terribly if the pressures are out.
  11. fflyingdog

    Esprit S4S

    Check your tyre pressures are correct first of all should be 2 Bar . When you say juddering do you mean it feels like the brake pedal is pulsing? or the steering wheel is feeding back the feeling? Front or back brakes ? Mine is very sensitive to tyre pressures being correct. Discs could be worn or pads could be contaminated or both,wheel bearings could be worth a look at as could wheel balance. Agree abs is not starship quality but in 17 years of ownership has always managed to stop mine with no drama and indeed saved my ass a couple times. Nick S4s
  12. Mark if you get any problems in the near future such as car stuttering under load et,c go to the fuel pump i found out the hard way the pumps don't like being run without cooling from the fuel ! (as i was a tight arse and ran the car pretty low on fuel) Nick S4s
  13. Behind Black Esprit then in front of black Esprit (just)
  14. I had replaced all the rubber elbows as well as the boost control solenoid,then we looked at the pump (which handily i had a brand spanking new Lotus one).Changed pump and filter and as you say hair on fire. I had run out of fuel a couple weeks previous due to a bad alternator and all my gauges and idiot lights not working so the pump was running extremely low and had no cooling fuel so this may have not helped .Expensive couple of months ! Nick S4s
  15. Don't forget to seal the roll pins (not meaning to teach you to suck eggs etc etc )
  16. Misfire raised its ugly head under harsh acceleration,almost like a cylinder was down,steady throttle movement was fine ,i changed the pump as well as filter which wasn't great to be honest. Nick S4s
  17. Ok just for a quick 'see if it fixes reply', check the switch on your brake pedal hasn't moved , or a wheel speed sensor plug,as i said you never know . Nick S4s
  18. My relays in the rear tray were loose(difficult to see or feel unless the spades are exposed) and would cause the car to be intermittent when starting ,i removed all relays took the tray apart and tightened each spade grip and cured the problem.Worth a try
  19. Had a right saga fixing a misfire on the car , eventually troubleshoot to bad pump and manky fuel filter .Didnt always happen so was a right pain to pin down ,it seems my fuel pump was sometimes faltering causing a lack of fuel (obviously) and a spluttering fuel filter was not a pretty sight either .
  20. Maybe the guy did frequent our forums incognito, and made his decision based on real time usage of our machines or in the big scale of things its a drop in the ocean when you're making a few bob working on the telly to get a good one really up together. Nick s4s
  21. I was hoping it was a simple fix myself but as per usual ...........
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