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  1. Hi All, Info on K nuts These high quality high carbon steel Metric Hi Temp Aerospace Locknuts are small, lightweight, self locking, extremely strong and can withstand 425 Deg C . Regards Nick
  2. I always give my headlights a 'flash' pretty much every time i get in car or after a few weeks stood up, to try and stop them seizing up ,mine too thud when they retract.
  3. After reading through this thread id go for the O2 sensor before changing anything or fiddling with anything else .Just my two pennies worth.
  4. And certainly alot cheaper than £4k
  5. fflyingdog


  6. Hi All I'm abroad at the moment and left my box of tricks at home ,i need the wiring diagram for the interior light circuit has anyone got one i can have a look at ?
  7. Just some before and after pics after car was deliberately scratched whilst minding her own business .
  8. I think when its on recirc it also has something to do with the a/c,when its on fresh air its just open to allow fresh air in and flap is open, i dont think it has a variable setting but happy to be corrected.When i get home i can have a look in my owners manual and see what the wonder brains at Lotus say.
  9. Hi Ian No unfortunately ,but as i've said once you get it all apart it really is a piece of doddle,the drawing is rubbish and doesn't really give you a sense of scale,believe me once its apart all will become clear plus you won't have that annoying buzzing noise from the vac pump or misted screen .
  10. I found with mine (for ease of troubleshooting) that if you select the fresh air on or off (forget which way exactly) BUT if in one of the positions mentioned the vac motor stops then its definitely your actuator diaphragm (or elbow/pipe) on actuator that is leaking and the only way of getting to it is to take the blower motor off from bonnet area it really inst that difficult to do (honest).
  11. Hi Richard To be honest it was a while ago that i replaced mine ,but i do seem to remember removing the fan motor to gain access to actuator.I think that once you start removing bits and pieces it will be pretty self explanatory,i used the IPC breakdown in the Lotus manual for guidance but don't have access to one to refresh my memory .All i will say is that going through the front is most definitely best course of action. Regards Nick S4s ETA. Ok just found a copy of the IPC and you do remove the fan motor ,three small nuts and bolts secure the actuator in place.IPC Ref sheet 261 item 55
  12. To get to the fresh air actuator ,you remove the fan motor cowl in the bonnet area it is a very easy job just be careful whilst peeling the cowl away as its sealed and can crack.I replaced mine a couple years ago i sourced the part from SJs.
  13. I have to admit to a slight pang of guilt reading this thread as i have a brand spanking new(grey) pressure switch languishing in my tool box if and when i should need one,i bought it years ago in Ostende from the Lotus dealer there, actually i bought 2 at the time and sold one.Slowly the switch will be worth more than the car.
  14. I would say not Ian,if its a vacuum switch then i would say its not a suitable replacement and for a braking circuit slightly dangeroosey.
  15. Also check your waste gate is returning ,mine had semi seized in the pivot bearing causing to spike just as you have described.....just before the turbo oversped and failed spectacularly (as was the accompanying bill)
  16. I agree 2 threads sounds very unsatisfactory ,what about an adapter to extend the threaded portion into the assembly and in to the accumulator a female to male type thing?
  17. I have a Larini as well, and mine to split at the exact same bracket.I got to be honest i don't really think they are of the best quality,but they do sound great .I also had the decat pipe and all the hasstle that went with MOTs etc so i cut the decat pipe in half and fitted a high flow cat, and can honestly say that i noticed no difference in performance .
  18. In that case i'd be hot footing down there its very well priced ,i wonder if someone on here knows this car ?? Have you done a HPI check on it ? Garage sale means(happy to be corrected though) garage warranty, but sounds as though the brunt of the things that do go wrong on the S4s has been addressed ....but it does seem a tadge on the cheap side ,but hey who am i ? SJ and South West are in the area(relatively) so maybe they could throw some light on it they may even know the car? Let us know how you get on they are great machines, very very good when behaving but very very bad when their not. ETA. Mines a similar age and the tanks are still sound,manifolds been changed as has clutch ,steering rack,gearbox rebuild(twice),numerous turbos,relays,fuel pump,engine mount,oil cooler rad,starter,alternator etc etc
  19. Seems on the face of it a bit of a steal. MOT history is intresting ,only 200 odd miles between MOT's for one year.
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