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  1. Hi all Anyone got a de cat pipe for an S4s for sale ? Cheers Nick S4s
  2. Is it pulling to one side?have you jacked car and spun each wheel?it sounds as Jonathon has said your pads are sticking or maybe the caliper isnt floating as it should ,dead easy to do,just get armed with a tub of copper grease or the like,worth checking that there is no corrosion on the pistons this too would stop pistons retracting and cause them to bind and generate a bit of smoke if not a fire so be carefull.may as well overhaul the calipers new o rings boots etc clean everything up and and your in with a fighting chance of fixing it for good. Nick S4s
  3. Totally with you on that palava Paul, i do exactly the same hence my garage is nearly as tidy as yours,drive in keeping right wing as close to garage door frame as poss,that way i know i have at least 10 inches the other side ,then simply (ahem) slide over to passenger side and open door and extracate ones self with all the aplom of a hippo on steroides wearing a tutu... Ah i hear you shout why dont you reversve it in? if i reverse the car into the garage my utility room sits next to it and when we use the microwave the bloody car alarm goes off...... sometimes just push it in and out saving starting the engine for 10 minutes. Nick S4s
  4. Well mate havnt a clue who you are but good luck all the same ...and its good to know you will be safely over the channel
  5. Hi The cause of your leak could be down to corrosion on your wheels bead area any tyre fitting place worth their salt could fix this in 5 minutes flat,all it involves is removing tyre cleaning rim then they paint a sort of rubber paint on bead area and hey presto no more leaks..................dont let them sell you a tyre before trying this,of course it may be in their best interests to sell you a tyre. Nick S4s
  6. I won I won I won ! ............................ok it was only
  7. Yippe Yippee ! It works it works ! I knew it wasnt me !
  8. Hi Rob Give Geoff a call at Esprit Engineering,it may be worth your while. Nick s4s
  9. You worry me sometimes Dom ...........................
  10. Ah well at least its not just me
  11. Hi Bibs The garage section is not working fine for me ! I still cant get in not even to delete or add mods to the car .I have tried everything i know ,is there any way you can check to see if my garage is still there and not disapeared into cyber space?I just dont understand one day it was all working fine the next nada ! Its not a cookies issue ,if i click on Garage it just says i am not logged in/ or i am not authuorised tofor the section,so any help please? Nick s4s
  12. Yeah me too ! Front and rear and side ones ,surely a red hot deal for the whole set?? Nick S4s
  13. Both these aircraft carry Tcas 1 or Tcas 11 (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) which would independently tell each flight crew on each aircraft to either turn left / tun right / go up /or go down. When we fly over the pond we use a system called Rvsm (Required Vertical Seperation Minimum) which means in short that we fly only seperated (vertically) by 1000ft which at the moment they (Jaa/Faa) are talking about reducing the seperation even further.Quite often you end up following another aircraft over the pond,like a big motorway (luckily no Little Chef,but no hard shoulder either). Dhl had a problem the other year when one of their aircraft (B757) was involved with a Russian airliner in an mid air collision no one survived,it was down to the Russian aircraft and a mix up with one of the Swiss Atc guys,I think now all aircraft wishing to enter European or Usa airspace are now required to have Tcas systems installed and working! the old Eastern block is playing a game of catch up ,and unfourtunately i dont think we have seen the end of this type of thing happening,its only a matter of time ,our industry is desperately trying to dumb down to save money etc but as we all know if you pay peanuts you get monkeys ,alot of maintenance companies (in the UK) employ eastern block labour because of course they are cheaper and hence of course standards are not what they used to be . Enjoy your holidays ! Nick s4s
  14. Help ! Cant get into the garage section ,it keeps telling me i am not logged in when i am .............bloody computers Nick S4s
  15. Hi Matt I was caught doing 146mph on the M42(at 4:30 am!) and was clocked by said police car at 43mph in the roadworks section (this bought me brownie points),i had no points but i did have a disqualification some 10 years earlier,anyway upshot was after 3 court appearences,21 day ban and
  16. Hi All Will try and make it on the day ,will also try to drag an S4 along as well............can i access the maps etc now please ? Nick S4s
  17. Thats nothing ......................................
  18. Unfourtunately i find miyself agreeing with Teigan on this point ,she lives just down the road from me here and is indeed the 'Lady Of The Manor' ,peasant shoots (paparatzi usually),she even has a fake English accent,just like Catherine bloody Zeta Jones has a fake everything including her husbands Bus Pass,at least Madonna only has a fleet of Range Rovers..... Nick S4s
  19. Hi All If your main ram seal goes then the jack will descend a little more rapidly than just a hose blowing ,i should start wrapping them magazines back up again ,gravity takes no prisioners
  20. Although probaly not from everyone eh Robin some of us had to play outside in the pissing rain ........only when a tsuami was forecast (by Mr Fish) did my mother relent and let us kids back in for a jumper.............them were the days Nick S4s
  21. Wasn't Dom hes away at the moment. Nick s4s
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