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  1. Dont know where you would wash the plates ..............however i know where the plates could be placed to drain or maybe they are blown dry
  2. Excellent news mate Geoff can fix my gearbox Nick S4s
  3. Yeah and only one cool flash from one side when changing up/down off etc
  4. Hi Jon I have a Larini single exit Sports exhaust and a decat pipe,and it does sound great and very very very easy to fit half hour tops (although my old system had been off the car earlier this year ) but a good hacksaw and grinder should do the trick ! Btw have heard that the twin exit system in the winter you only tend to get vapour out of the r/h side ,i think the twin exit system may be a bit of a looks excercise against any real performance increase, hobsons choice i guess ! Nick S4s
  5. Hi Paul I dont know where you are located but the last 2 (yes 2 ) pressure switches i have fitted to my S4s were only
  6. Hi All Well i watched the programme last night but with no sound ! So have no idea what actually happened so my question is ,has anyone got a copy on video tape that i can beg steal borrow buy? Obviously i'll pay postage and even return tape .Thanks alot guys Nick S4s
  7. I wouldnt go feeling too sorry for him Live by the sword etc etc
  8. Yes Dbred S4 you can be a dick sometimes (although you have a point ! )
  9. Yeah some of those euro people is me I work nights ....gets a bit quiet sometimes
  10. Brilliant observation Jon,i have just replaced mine and they both fell off the back of the reflector ,bloody hilarious getting the little barstewards back on
  11. Change the pressure switch first..............old one is black new one grey (changed pressure parameters). Nick S4s
  12. Hi Paul Will try and make it up may also twist Doms arm as well............
  13. Well i would check to see what type of fluid it is this would narrow it down to around 5 fluid types namely (apart from your neighbours dog who may dislike your esprit ) 1 Brake Fluid Calipers pipes accumulator assembly/master cylinder,clutch pipe master etc. 2 Power steering fluid Steering rack and pipes. 3 Oil used in the a/c system pipes heat exchanger etc 4 Water 5 Engine oil heat exchangers and pipes cant think of any more ................... Nick S4s
  14. fflyingdog


    Apart from the little 'issue' of the steering wheel being in the wrong place for our left hand drive buddies unless you like that kind of thing
  15. Hi Ian Can your same ac people recondition the compressor? unless anyone has one for sell? Nick S4s 1995 Ps. Have some pics for the ac recharge if you are interested ,i took a load when i did mine (sent them to Kato but he needed more pics and now my cars away now getting gearbox sorted)
  16. No No No you are all wrong get the best an S4s......... black of course
  17. I have an S4s and mine is the boot.located r/h side looking forward ,pull back carpet and unscrew rectangular panel,encased in polystyrene,and should buzz when you operate heater controls and stop when its motored your various flaps to their desired positions. Nick S4s
  18. Hi Jens I have an S4s with the abs system and have lots and lots of snags with it most times mine has been troubleshot down to a bad pressure switch ,the new modded one is grey and the old one black,located on the abs pump/accumulator assembly. As to your 'hiss' I have never ever heard mine 'hiss' even when braking like a man posessed,are you sure you dont have a leak?maybe your seals are going bad in your master cylinder?(although i cant see it). Dont what ever you do change the accumulator without first changing the pressure switch(
  19. If its gearbox oil leaking, you can almost bet your bottom dollar its coming from the drive shafts bloody notorious for it .........i speak from experience,roll pins and seals.Infact its away at the moment for that very same reason (and the ahem 2nd gear crunchy noise,which is probaly the synchro) If its from underneath your tray then good luck theres loads of pipes up there,but it should be a relatively simple process of elimination and a big can of de-greaser. Nick S4s
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