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  1. '' You cheat at golf......'' A good walk ruined............
  2. Hi I'm in Breedon on the hill during the week so you may one day see a black S4s if the weathers good etc etc ! If you are out and about and fancy a natter give me a shout ,always bored during week i work nights ! Nick S4s
  3. Car now at Geoffs..........trying to work out how my hydraulic levels are going to help me get the car into gear? Anyway managed not to use 2nd at all on my trip down,made for some interesting driving . Nick S4s
  4. Oh well had to happen last Sunday my gearbox took a dive and refused to allow second gear at anything above 5 mph,i think the synchro has died So off to Geoffs on saturday so that he can perform surgery,going to get the engine mounts changed at the same time and an 'A' service . So on saturday if you see an Esprit being manicaly driven behind a Blue Mondeo that will be me trying to keep up with Missus for my return home lift. Keep you posted. Nick S4s
  5. Maybe a slight flaw in your otherwise cunning plan,by checking with the dip stick (supplied) you can actually see your oil level and you can also see if there is lots of shiney metal bits stuck to the end.If this was an automatic process you would miss out on all the fun!
  6. Teigan I am curious what is it you do for a living, that you get access to such handy little toys such as composit equipment. Apart form bring a dodgy artist?
  7. Y....................e...............a................h v..........e..........r.......y. sl.............................................oooooooooooo..................... ...w
  8. Hi Paul Good pics ,good company and good coffee, what else would one need ? Oh yes forgot to mention my second gear went adrift after some rather spirited driving after we left you ...............i blame Dom Nick S4s (second gearless,of to Geoffs on Monday)
  9. Dont be so grumpy and come along or just turn up at the carpark !
  10. Hi All I had an accumulator sent over form the states for me ,it was very cheap (and guess what .yes it is made in germany) but you will find Gm Parts Direct will not ship abroad.In my experience of the ABS system on the Lotus its very rarely the accumulator that plays up but more than likely to be the pressure switch the old switch is black and the new modded one is grey(they changed the operating parameters of the switch).so before you get a bill for an accumulator change the switch about
  11. Because some insurers have it in their terms and conditions ,and you could find them trying wriggle out of a claim ,if they can in any way shape or form attribute the 'mod' to the accident etc ,but of course in the real world i wonder how many of us actually do inform our insurance company if we have say just replaced our exhaust as the old one has rotted out,i am sure Joe Blow in his Mondeo wouldnt inform his insurance company if he had just replaced his old factory fitted system with a Kwik Fit special,because it could also be argued that it was a 'mod 'as it is not a 'standard' factory fit Nick S4s (Larini Sports system owner)
  12. And Welcome To The Dave Appreciation Society ! But seriously he has helped me a few times as well good bloke,its really good when people help each other and help save everyone money,.........even if he has 'dissed' the S4s in favour of a V8 Cheers Nick
  13. Not working/flying on those pieces of pooh mate
  14. Marigold washing up gloves are ideal.......................
  15. Hi Guys Here is one for you, did you know that airlines pay no vat on Avtur if the flight terminates outside of the Uk (which of course most of them do) Avtur costs around 37p a litre,an aircraft flying from Uk to Newyork will require about 140,000 lbs of fuel (about 17500 gallons),each engine burns around 4000lbs of fuel an hour at 8 lbs a gallon..........that is a alot of 37p's but not as much as driving there But if people want to fly for 50p then what are we to do? Nick s4s (just got in off nights and a couple of rums may need to edit this later )
  16. Hi On my S4s the button is the overide for opening the windows in case they are frosted iced up etc ,and the rocker switch is for the fuel fill caps But of course i dont know about the V8 ,but a button wont be able to open the flaps individualy...........? Nick S4s
  17. Heres mine be honest he went last December aged 18 years he was going for the world record.......hes the black and white one
  18. fflyingdog

    Oxford Meet

    I shall try to attend just the meet........depends on weekend allotted tasks Nick S4s
  19. I would thoroughly recommend Geoff at Esprit Engineering,he knows what he is doing and is in my experience a very fair bloke. Horses for courses i guess. Nick S4s
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