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  1. Hi All Well have recieved my Larini exhaust and installed it. i went for the R/H exit sports system . The system is very well made and looks lovely (although you would have to crawl under the car to truly appreciate this ! ) it has a tail pipe exit finisher which looks good ,the only little gripe was that i needed to get an exhaust clamp (available from a Kwik Fit for the princely sum of a
  2. Hi Scott I believe they at SJ are away for the rest of this week, PS.Your girlfriends talking to the passenger???? Cheers Nick S4s (proper side of sitting in the car)
  3. Hi All I had to replace mine a year or so ago,i think (although i am open to duff gen abuse) that the tank was from a Proton?? Nick S4s
  4. Red N/A i think at Tescos in Ashby......J Reg and came from Paul Mattys ! Looked nice but needs a clean ! Nick S4s Currently in company Mondeo with silly orange light on top.
  5. fflyingdog

    Hi Everyone

    Was that a Citroen BX 16v by any chance ? i had one of those and have to say apart from being totally unreliable ,went like bullet up a weasel ,it could upset alot of cars from the lights and handling wasnt too bad either.........and not too good either, suspension was hydraulic nuff said ! It had the same engine as the old Pegeout M16 (405 ) them were the days ! Nick s4s
  6. Hi All Well have taken the plunge and just ordered an Sports r/h exit exhaust for my S4s ,the chap i spoke to was very helpfull and should be with me by next week ! So will wait with bated breath Nick S4s
  7. Hi Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of the Larini system? I was thinking about a dual exit Sports 'de-cated' system for my 1995 S4s? Are they really noisey or ok to live with (dont want to p*** the neighbours off too much) Cheers Nick S4s
  8. Errr at the risk of sounding stupid i take it .its no good for an S4s? Nick B)
  9. Hiya Heres my contribution ..........i too need to take some more pics ! Nick s4s
  10. HI Dave I think your wastegate diaphramm is sh*gged ! Probably has a tear or hole in it ,pipe pliers just slighty increased the pressure in pipe and and overcame the hole/tear ! Cheers Nick s4s
  11. fflyingdog


    Hi All I have Moby,ELO,Scissor Sisters,The Cult,Abba( yes yes i know, but they placate my Missus),Alabama 3,and some dance mix......Hmm i see Abba is a 'popular' choice amongst us Nick s4s
  12. Hi According to my manual and my car(1995 S4s) the heaters are controlled by vacum which is a complete pain in the arse to get at but to simply check that the valves are working check that the vacum pipes are connected to the valves ,when i had my alarm installed ,the fitter(use the term "fitter" very loosely) he had disconnected two of the pipes to the valves(pulling cable bundles through) thus no flaps had any command to open/close.i gained access to mine through the drivers footwell with a good inspection light and a fine pair of pin nose pliers (i have lost my radio removal tools other wise removing radio to gain access may help a tadge)if you turn your ingnition "on" you will hear your vacum pump running after a few seconds it should stop.........if it doesn"t stick your head under the dash and listen for a hissing noise ........simple have plentifull supply of food and water and should only take all day !or get your Missus to try to do it small hands get in all the awkward places. Nick S4s
  13. Yeah thats what i meant Keep an eye out on the M4 for the mobile vans people !.......Not being paranoid or anything
  14. Hi All I will be there all the way from sunny Calne (about 8 miles away). So will my mate Red S4 Nick Black S4s
  15. Hi Keith When are you getting the Abs light? after how long driving? is it flashing or steady?does it come on just after a brake application?did you loose fluid when changing your pads? are you loosing your brakes completely? can you hear your pump running after 5 pumps? i'm near Deby if you want a second opinion. Cheers Nick
  16. Geoff at Espritengineering is a top bloke ,i have been using him for the last 2 and half years..........and its only a 40 min ride for me to get to Downton. Cheers Nick S4s
  17. I'll be there on saturday in the esprit so long as it doesn't p*** down ,was good fun last year ,be even better if it was dry !
  18. ok heres my effort.............sort of imaginative...... Nick S4s
  19. I use Autoglym polish and have just bought one of the new Flash Car Cleaner guns they been advertising on tv recently, and i have got to say it works really bloody well i live in a very hard water area and the dry mode works a treat no water stains and still leaves the Autoglm polish on ,just removes the dirt ! Makes a change to find something that has been advertised on tv and ACTUALLY works as 'advertised' ! ! :-) Halfrauds
  20. Well after many hours of trying finally managed to upload pics of car on to garage site. Thanks to all for help. The low loader one always bring a smile ...............we have all been there. Cheers Nick S4s
  21. Hi All Errr really stupid question.but how do yopu upload a pic of your car on to your cars profile?? I try then get bounced because i need permission from the moderator ..............or am i doing it all wrong ?? Cheers Nick S4s (honest ...i'll show you if i can upload its pic)
  22. If i were you i would get someone out to do the job properly as you may have a leak(hence why it needs refilling) this way the guy will vac the system down and find the leak before wasting money just refilling it only for it to leak again,mine has a dye in the system so that when it leaks you can actually see where it has leaked from.Especially if you havnt used the ac much during the winter the seals tend to shrink and let the gas leak past . Nick Black S4s
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