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  1. I cant find anything for a 1995 S4s ,year ends at 1992 and starts again at 1996 on drop down menu ,unless of course they have nothing available ? just seems like a large chunk of cars to missed out on.
  2. I've watched it several times and am very the lack of Lotus content............probably
  3. Can you read any error codes off the abs ecu? Sounds as if its commanding one side to release,also (stupid question) but you have checked all the speed sensors are good/wiring etc?
  4. When you say gushing out ,where exactly is the fluid coming out of ? You do have the correct coolant tank cap ?
  5. Looks like you may have found your for the test drive !
  6. It does sound like a waste gate issue one way or another,be it mechanical or vacum or a signalling problem,do you always get a positive throttle response or do you some times feel the car is a little 'flat' but the next time you stab the throttle all seems good ?
  7. Hi Ian ,well my issue first started to manifest as an over boost issue which for me was down to a stuck wastegate pivot,but as you say yours has only covered a 1000 miles maybe yours is unconnected to my issue.When you say the car is in 4th 5th etc and the boost gauge climbs does the car actually feel like its gaining boost? or could it be a dodgy boost gauge transducer ,or as mine was in a poor state due to the wiring to the transducer being damaged.To answer your question my symptoms weren't exactly the same but i was just trying to think outside the box as it were, you can easily check the pivot by putting an open ended spanner on the crank it should move back and forward freely (i wish i had done this when my problem started and saved myself a few quid) Interested to hear how you get on. Just for info when mine first started to play up the car went like a rocket!
  8. As mine had sheared one side and i was in the middle of now where, i just levered the remaining side off as the bolts were so badly rusted the remaining side sheared off with minimal effort/damage.I then had the support 'towers' repaired where the fibre glass had broken,resprayed and drilled out the remaining bolt shanks and rethreaded the attachments inside the bumper.If your attachments inside the bumper are shot then its a bumper off job i'm afraid accompanied by much hilarity and fun. Eta.Simon I gained access to the bolts through the diffuser.
  9. Check that the wastegate pivot can move freely ,mine was doing this, and eventually stuck and caused a massive turbo fail,mine elongated the pivot bearing surface so eventually 'mechanically' locked itself.
  10. Thanks for the info i look forward to seeing the results.
  11. Hi Dave, It would be interesting to see a direct comparison between the stock manifold and the Alunox one ,also how did they achieve regulating the pressure of the day ? or was this worked out by calculations ? Regards Nick
  12. Cheers one and all i'll look in to it and report back.
  13. Hi Alan, A few years ago i attempted to replace my tail/brake light filament with a LED replacement,they fitted fine and worked reasonably ok if a little dim,the trouble i had was that when the lights were switched on and i was moving the abs tell tail light would come on.My take was that the abs computer sensed via the led that the light was on and therefore the car should be slowing and obviously it wasn't and faulted the system,it did take me a little while to sort that out and in the end i just replaced the led with the oe part.My question is are there better leds now that can some how work around the abs computer? Cheers Nick
  14. Alan, Is that a reversing camera screen below your Hi Vac controls? If it is (sorry if previously discussed) what's the details of it?
  15. OK I hang my head in shame and stand corrected.Out of interest what modifications were done to the engine ?
  16. I would be very surprised if it made any descerbable difference to performance, other than that if your previous manifold was leaking (cracked blowing etc) you would have been loosing gas pressure on the turbos turbine.Agree the Alunox manifold does look pretty though. Nick S4s
  17. My pump was running almost continuously many years ago ,all down to the fresh air flap actuator being shot ,access under plastic fan shroud,and being very apparent with misted screen.
  18. Maybe they shared a single manufacturer and just had their company stamp on batches?
  19. Hi Ian, I disassembled the relay tray and squeezed each relay socket (in actual fact all the relay sockets are is spade grips and mine had lost their 'pinch'),as i said a bit of a faff but possible,i found quite a few that appeared to be a tight fit on some relay legs but others were loose giving the false impression that it was a good snug fit.No special tools other than a bit of masking tape to label up,but i found mine tended to sit roughly where they came out. Eta.Speeling
  20. The relay will get warm ,it's only only in essence a switch on or off.may be worth checking the relay tray is seating the relays securely ,they do get loose over time mine did and caused a whole myriad of problems.Bit of a faff but worth dismantling and pinching each spade grip .
  21. Quick update ,i'm going to repair mine as its not quite as bad as i first thought,[email protected]@dy stupid idea retaining that size of fibreglass with just 2 bolts though. Nick S4s
  22. Whilst travelling rather sedately (luckily) my rear under bumper diffuser decided to part company with the car,the retaining bolts had just literally rusted through and as i said luckily no one was behind me and it didn't damage anything else.I'm thinking of making an aluminum mesh type affair has anyone done this before?
  23. Yeah what you need is some old boy into making steam engines etc and doing it out of love and a few beers.
  24. I see your problem ,i'm wondering how hard it would be with a cnc to knock up a new one? Maybe see how much to knock up a few and sell them to recover your costs,i'm sure you wont be the only one encountering this.
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