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  1. My Clifford Concept does this too but you can disable it with a lot of faffing around pressing buttons and crossing fingers.
  2. Can you either recover/clean the thread with a thread file or alternatively retap a new thread on to the stub spindle? Nick S4s
  3. S4s queuing for Sandbanks Ferry ,if it was you did you manage to get on ferry with out loosing front air dam?
  4. I've jump started mine plenty of times ,just make sure the ignition is off before connecting leads.If you inadvertently leave ignition on then i agree you can spike the Ecu.
  5. On my S4s last year i had all sorts of problems car turned over wouldn't start ,loss of power for absolutely no reason (or as i thought at the time) until it was becoming a right royal pain.I troubleshot ALL my problems down to the relay tray on the r/h side behind r/h rear wheel,every single spade grip was loose causing the relays to become very intermittent. I ended up removing tray and tightening every one of the what is essentially a spade grip held in the tray via a tang ,one or two grips (as it happened the fuel relay was one of them) had obviously been chattering for some time and had been arching causing some plastic on the tray to become distorted. Nick S4s
  6. As others have said ,just make sure the car is up together,water oil etc,other than a complete mechanical break down most things can be fixed or 'put' up with until you get home.......AA European cover is probably a wise move too. These cars really do prefer to be used rather than sat in a garage,the only thing i truly get paranoid about is listening for the fans to cut in. Nick S4s
  7. My Clifford will ,remotely unlock/lock car on both doors,close windows remotely,remotely start car,and scream like a banshee if tampered with,turbo timer,fuel cutoff,and remotely make a nice cup of tea.......been installed for 11 years and always does what its supposed to. Nick S4s
  8. Don't dismiss the waste gate lever being jammed , mine was and caused an overboost condition and did pop the turbo by not bleeding off and sticking,on tear down the lever was very badly worn.
  9. I didn't go as deep as you did Owen,just loosened nuts on runners, pulled runners away,and with some MS4 silicone grease 'fed' the seal down the glass runners ,bit of a pain but not too harder job,as with most jobs the thought of doing it was worse than the actual job itself.Made such a difference to the cabin noise at speed.
  10. So at 3500 rpm the car comes off idle jets and comes on mains? I'm not that up on carbed versions of this car but if it was a bike i would say that one of your mains is blocked ,what type of carburettor/s are fitted ?
  11. Well after 2 years of having drivers side window seal I decided to remove old one as it was ripped and had turned in and twisted itself, what an absolutely hilarious job that was ,silicone grease is your friend as is a pair of needle nose .I pulled old seal out ,removed door card and associated plastic covers on inner door skin, loosened the window frame, pushed new seal down the runners with the help of silicone grease, now have a nice free running quiet cabin....bliss. Nick s4s
  12. Hmm i didn't see any spacers as such ,when he removed old screen there was just the trim retaining strips (after he peeled the old trims away,i could see no evidence of spacers as such.He used a new set of external trims mitred to size all in all a very good job .By the way the screen was a Tripplex standard OE replacement,top tint etc . Nick S4s
  13. I had my screen replaced today by Auto Windscreens took them 8 weeks to manufacture a screen but fitting was very straight forward and a very neat job i changed all my instrument binacle bulbs absolute breeze highly recommended,£60 excess worth every penny .
  14. Easy job ,hardest part is removing undertray,i top mine up once a year.Halfords is my friend
  15. I emailed yesterday asking about the availability of a part I'm after ............... I also had the unfortunate experience of calling them a few months ago............ Do they speak English.......................
  16. Ian i was trying to encourage ,i mean once he's started its too late MWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWahhhh Do you think we're helping at all?
  17. Seriously its really not that hard a bit fiddly but not that hard,undo bolt, remove 2 screws and simply 'flex' the binnacle over the sides,its actually harder removing filaments from gauges etc ..............hence waiting until the screen is removed and doing it in comfort and full unobstructed access .
  18. I'm getting my screen replaced very soon and am going to replace all instrument bulbs when the screen is out .......easy peesey !!!
  19. Oh how you will be laughing later on after ,hitting head on mirror,moving the binnacle in every conceivable position know to man and then for no apparent reason it comes away......................then repeat process and finish off upside down cursing said attachment bolt.Not forgetting to bang your head one more time for good measure. Nick S4s
  20. I see you are in Dorset i used these guys to make sure everything was set up properly after a steering rack replacment: Nick S4s
  21. As above sounds like a fantastic idea . (off to check piggy bank)
  22. Hmmm good point,i suppose you could just pull the fuel pump relay (r/h behind wheel well at least it is on the S4s). I'm sure some one will be along with a definitive answer !
  23. I'm not sure about that, but you always just pull plug caps and crank.
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