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  1. I see you are in Dorset i used these guys to make sure everything was set up properly after a steering rack replacment: Nick S4s
  2. As above sounds like a fantastic idea . (off to check piggy bank)
  3. Hmmm good point,i suppose you could just pull the fuel pump relay (r/h behind wheel well at least it is on the S4s). I'm sure some one will be along with a definitive answer !
  4. I'm not sure about that, but you always just pull plug caps and crank.
  5. Not teaching you to suck eggs but have you checked all the other engine/gearbox mounts are secure ? Reason asking as i have had my engine mount (chargecooler side support bracket) bolts come loose and the bracket crack through fatigue, if the engine moves i suppose its possible to put the stress some where else and causing a failure. Great picture and diagram very concise. i can barely put a pic up.
  6. I'm with Filip on this ,i think its a good idea to find out the root cause of the problem ,for a pointer have you checked behind the right hand side ear panel ? look at the wiring in there, from and to the ecu and associated harnesses,mine was quite badly heat damaged the insulation was literally just exposed throwing up all manner of gremlins and a relatively easy fix ,splicing and re insulating using armour conduit snake type thing and a good quality insulating tape .The last thing you want is a smouldering scenario and all the fun that can bring ,mine specifically was brought on by the fuel pump wiring shorting,and the fuse didn't blow .Just my pennies worth. Nick S4s
  7. I found that you can just get access to mirror nuts by removing the courtesy light assembly and using a handy 10 year old daughter with spanner.
  8. Have you looked at the circuit diagram and seen whats going on? It sounds a bit odd that a blown fuse actually fixes something unless its back feeding some where?
  9. I find that blokes seem to appreciate it more than the fairer sex,they like the fact its British its a bit quirky and surprised as to just how blindingly quick they are.I always get let out of side roads and am suitably appreciative, women love seeing my 10 year old daughter sat in passenger seat rather than a bimbo (although she is blonde),I don't upset people by being a prick on the road but do excersise when appropriate, 20 years old and still looks fresh that surely has to be a testament to MrChapmans genius and Mr Stevens pen.
  10. I'm not the right person to ask about shocks but have scoot over to the Stevens Tech Forum there is a lot on there about suspension set up and various opinions about what to use. I used a place in Blandford to set the car up laser alignment they were very good and the car felt like a different animal when they had played with it,it was a little out but not by miles but the difference was palpable. Abs could be a wheel sensor pretty easy to clean and or replace.
  11. Hi Simon, I'm in Swanage if you want to pop over some time i may be able to help sort a few problems out or at least advise,have you checked your tyre pressures these cars are very sensitive to pressures (well at least mine is). Does the abs light come on after each brake application? The aircon is an easy fix so long as you have no horrendous leaks you can even do it yourself via the halfords kit ,i do mine myself . Get some pics up ! Cheers Nick
  12. I would also buy a lottery ticket.I usually find my 5 minute job leads to a worm hole and before i know it its tomorrow.
  13. Hi Dom If you really want obstructed mirror viewing fit an S4s wing..............
  14. Nice cheap fix ! On the charge-cooler front when mine leaked i just changed my impeller and gaskets etc probably 5 years ago, and it still runs as Mr Chapman intended .
  15. You are wiping the dipstick before re inserting right?
  16. Have look at my thread ,'Turbo#3' ,my waste gate pivot was corroded and worn and i err 'slightly' over boosted and popped my turbo.
  17. Thats the idea yes,but my waste gate pivot was notched and so it stuck just when i didn't need it to be.
  18. Yes it was running very well ,untill the point it all went pete tong,i have no idea what it was boosting but fair to say a lot.
  19. Yes it pegged the gauge and bent the needle.
  20. Some times things really are as simple as they seem.
  21. Picked the car up today and what happened was that the waste gate rod had worn and caused itself to partially sieze under certain conditions hence causing the car to over boost and eventually destroy the turbine(see pic) .So if i had taken notice of when the car started to over boost more than previously and checked the waste gate rod with some thing as technical as a spanner i would have noticed that it wasn't free and smooth and not hanging up i would have saved myself a few bob.
  22. Not sure yet ,getting car back tomorrow so will post some pics up of damaged part.
  23. Blade broken off turbine side,surged by the sound of it ,but awaiting tear down report,will post more when i know.
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