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  1. I do hope so ,it kind of helps with my turbo issue
  2. Blades broken off the turbo Travis,obviously lucky its the hot side. When i get a pic ill post it up.
  3. Yep i think the culprit(s) ,are a chipped engine and a free flowing exhaust and an over speed,but to be fair this one did last 8 years.Currently working on a solution,one being de-chipping,i did notice it was over starting to over boost a fair bit,one of those ,'i must get around to looking at that ' things.My car is like a beautiful woman when she is good she is very very good and conversely when she s bad she is expensively bad.Suck it up and move on. (i do hope my Mrs doesn't read this) Eta .To correct appalling spelling
  4. As per title ,popped my turbo yesterday after a 'spirited' over take ,lots of smoke and a whining sound followed by a sinking heart and a depleting wallet.These cars test the patience of a saint,when they are good they are very very good but when bad....garage is of course trying to determine cause of failure i am errring towards wastegate actuator but will wait for diagnosis. Nick S4s (less) ETA. I mean 5th Turbo not mind was obviously trying to be kind to me
  5. Update,fitted second hand 'new' gauge works a treat,also heli coiled errant engine mounting bolt,what a diffence a tight engine makes! I really should hang my head in shame for not addressing earlier. Eta.Spelling and various words missing.
  6. Hi All Can any one tell me what the correct filaments should be on my S4s on all the instruments ,tell-tails etc ? Many thanks
  7. When it does this next time ,open bonnet and carefully depress the shrader valve(rag etc avoiding red hot engine) on the fuel rail to see if you have fuel pressure,you should also hear the fuel pump priming each time you switch the ignition on.It does sound like a fuelling issue.
  8. Ok have trouble shot the boost gauge by shorting to ground and the gauge only flicks half way ,so as i suspected the gauge is broken,now for a search now for another one.Unless anyone has a spare ?
  9. Found it,it is behind the r/h quarter light panel sits almost on the tank,vac pipe was in good condition ,electrical connections and wire really shabby (looks like heat damage),but gauge does flicked when pulling connector off ,so i,m erring towards a bad transducer.may take it off whilst repairing wiring and give it a technical clout ,if i bridge the two connection's will the gauge just go to full deflection does any one know??
  10. Travis ,i cant seem to see it,do you get to it removing the carpet by the r/h fuel tank?
  11. Thanks Travis ,i'll have a gander when it stops raining ......tomorrow me thinks .
  12. My boost gauge has gone all 'floppy' it sets at rest far over to the left of gauge, but when boosting i am only seeing .5 bar (but i know by the feel etc that it is fully boosting so no problem there) anyone have any ideas,maybe the gauge has just died? Hmmm come to think of it when the car over boosts which does happen occasionally the needle flicks like a mad i'm thinking busted gauge.
  13. Looks very nice apart from the colour which you can always get resprayed.
  14. Ok have caved in after 11 odd years ,and moved over to upper echelon of Esprit forumship/ownership. I am now a full forum member. No flowers please.
  15. Flipping heck that long...had the car 12 years now,never a dull moment !!
  16. I'm starting to feel a pang of gilt......but in my defence i was here at almost the beginning ! When i'm back at work i'll pitch in.
  17. I had a similar problem with the company you are dealing with a few years ago,i went through 2 rebuilt 'S4s' spec turbos untill it dawned on them they were supplying the wrong part numbered turbo.I went through 2 turbos within year along with all the associated fitting costs.It gets my goat when a company specialises in a certain area of engineering and falls down on simple part numbers which they are supposed to know. Nick S4s
  18. Ok I feel better now ,mine was registered in October so must have been built fairly close to that .Thought I was being a bit thick not being able to identify anything discernibly different to mine.
  19. I'm struggling to see that this car is a 1996,mines a 1995 and I cant see any difference,mines on a 'N' reg too. Of course it could be my eyes.
  20. Yep mine too Dave.Ignition on ,fuel pump primes then crank.The only time i did have problems and that was down to a bad fuel pump and the last time down to loose relays in the relay box behind r/h wheel arch.
  21. So i received my new clear lenses as the old ones had cracked ,now i have replaced both side light and indicator filaments before ,but as 'they' say you always forget bad things and pain or at least it gets a little more bearable.. Que the indicator bulb holder disappearing off the back of the lenses assembly ,how i laughed as i drilled out 2 screws ,and fished holder out through a hole a gynaecologist would be hard pushed to overcome.There is no moral to the story but the car does look a little fresher from the front. Now for the MOT.
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