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  1. Well after many hours of trying finally managed to upload pics of car on to garage site. Thanks to all for help. The low loader one always bring a smile ...............we have all been there. Cheers Nick S4s
  2. Hi All Errr really stupid question.but how do yopu upload a pic of your car on to your cars profile?? I try then get bounced because i need permission from the moderator ..............or am i doing it all wrong ?? Cheers Nick S4s (honest ...i'll show you if i can upload its pic)
  3. If i were you i would get someone out to do the job properly as you may have a leak(hence why it needs refilling) this way the guy will vac the system down and find the leak before wasting money just refilling it only for it to leak again,mine has a dye in the system so that when it leaks you can actually see where it has leaked from.Especially if you havnt used the ac much during the winter the seals tend to shrink and let the gas leak past . Nick Black S4s
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