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  1. never used the #10 but #11 is awsome. can recomend
  4. thats just the way i am i suppose. it was a dream. loved every minute. unsure what the next kick/project is. might be boring and put it towards the house. wish you all the best of luck Dave
  5. i know the topic is a bit far out in this forum lol i had the s1 111s and found it to be amazing. just like a go kart you could throw it anywere. that had the wider wheels. as far as im aware they made the wheels slimmer on the s2, only on the front though. As for tyres try goodyear f1's gsd-3. i had them fitted to my 111s about 1000 miles before i sold it, oh my god how good are they. i seriously couldnt believe the difference, i had p-zeros on before. Never tried 048r's but they are supposed 2 be amazing too. well good luck with the bidding. bit more searching on the net me thinks! Dave
  6. oh jon while ive got you here, hows things with your elise? im looking at getting either a sport 160 or an exige s1. i had an elise 111s a few years ago and loved it. what u think? any opinions? dave
  7. hi jonathon i wont im affraid as the beloved esprit has now gone, thats why im selling these bits. ill end the auction early if you want to sort a price let me know dave
  9. had my out door cover from cover craft. it was the top of the range material (like silk but obviously much stronger) fully custom fitted. cost
  10. Jon One word........ Larini ill email u some pics and try and do a sound clip if i can dave
  11. Thats interesting tim as i have a stumble on my gt3 and have tried exactly the same things no no avail. so are you saying you basically re-wired the injectors with thicker better quality cable? what year is your car? my stumble comes in around 2000 rpm. it depends on the load really but it is a lot worse with more load. dave
  12. i had this problem on my gt3 and found out it was the metal runners as dave says. found this out after fitting a new motor!! dam it. it was the 2 black clips that hold the rods in place. you will see them. they were slightly twisted on mine and causing it to bind a little dave
  13. no no no it comes off the plenum. you should have a hose there already if you have a boost gauge. it has a little plastic nipple the hose comes off there and goes to the boost sender which is located in the rear offside quater panel, by the ecu, the carpeted bit. you can tap in off there or if you dont have an original manufacture boost gauge just put the hose straight off the nipple to your gauge? does that make sense? think i just confused my self. dont have a picture but im sure someone has. do not use map plumbing or boost hose to/from the actuator dave
  14. steve the wastegate solenoid is situated just above and to the right of the turbo. it has a black and blue bosch plug on it. two wires. pipe coming out of either end and is about an inch by half inch in size. there hasnt been anyone messing with the turbo or the wastegate has there? if u want to pm me i can probably help better over the phone. had a lot of boost problems on my gt3 so im relativly conversant with it. no lotus technichian tho dave
  15. sounds like it is over boosting to me and cutting fuel. have you got freescan? if not you may need it. have you tried disconnecting the wastegate solenoid to see what boost you get? you shouild have about 0.6 bar if you have more then either it is adjusted incorrectly or the capsule is shagged dave p.s: the engine management light will come on after a while but ignore it. will go away wen u reconnect the solenoid. this can be reset via freescan or will clear in the ecu after 50 cranks of the engine.
  16. Hi Andy Try these. Think its quite expensive but will sure do the job!!! if not try these. this is a flexable material type. almost like a fibre glass backing with the foil covering. very tough and wont tear!! click on Aluminised heat resistant cloth towards the bottom of the page Hope this helps Dave
  17. Its been quiet in this forum past few days. YEP I HAD A LEAK FROM THE CHARGE COOLER TOO!!! Replace with an electric one and bung the blanking cap on. The one from john welch is good. i can recommend it. presuming it is that!! it is quite common though. dave
  18. if i remember right the two outside bulbs should be dimmer than the center as they are 24v rather than 12v. its because the center one is off set quite a bit so it needs to be brighter. just bare that in mind before you start changing bulbs. think there all 3 watt though. dave
  19. All sorted glyn. They have put the sealant in the new pin and its not leaking now. there does seem to be quite a bit around the pin now but hey its not leaking!!! just dropped the oil out and refilled with tafx so at least i know i have the correct lubricant in. good job im slim!!! managed to refil it with out it being jacked up so that helped. saved taking the floor out. happy motoring again. for a while anyway!!! dave
  20. Glyn i checked the level as i was worried about that when i saw the amout coming out and as i untightend the plug the oil started to poor out so it must have been full. obviously it was jacked up slightly at the back but i dont think that would make that much difference would it? dave
  21. Hi Glyn Thanks for that. Sounds like it makes sense. i just looked again now after i drove back home and it has slowed down leaking dramatically. still taking it back though. and ill be buggered if im going to be charged for the pleasure as well. Im really tempted to start a topic on unreliable/hoax garages. ive heard others have had problems and ive had more than my fair share. i probably sound like a winging fussy git but its not on. ill post back as soon as i get the car back tomorrow. then im onto getting the geometary setup checked that they have supposedly done. i dont need this hassle. Just a good garage!!!!! Dave
  22. Hi pepole There has been talk on this in a previous topic but i need some more advice. ok so the drive shaft oil seals were replaced in july after i was told they needed doing. car was on 59k and they were done by the previous owner by lotus at 48k. doesnt seem a long time for them to fail. anyway the offside was still leaking at 60k so i took it back last monday and the garage told me it was because there was play in the drive shaft on the one side. i have moved both sides and they have the same movement. one leaks the other is bone dry so i think that is a crock of shite. excuse my language but im getting pissed of with being told shite from garages. the leak isnt coming from around the seal but from the roller pin its self. not around the edge but actually from inside the pin. about a drip every 4 seconds!!! yes its making a mess of my drive. how is this possible and any ideas what it might be? im taking it back in the morning so they can have another look but would like to be armed with info. cheers dave
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