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  1. DMH83

    Wanted - Exige S2

    Also looking at S2 or S1 elise/exige Honda K20
  2. Fantastic as always Paul, really great to see all the hard work paying off and if anyone can return a car to factory/brand new it will be you bud. the difference in those wishbones, shocks a etc is amazing, any news on the rear subframe? keep up the good work, looking forward to hearing more. looking even more forward to a run out in our favourite roads...if I can find a car 😂
  3. DMH83

    Wanted - Exige S2

    Hi all, As per the title I’m looking for a red, orange, yellow or green exige NA or S Exige S2 or Elise 111R or SC 2ZZ engine in same colours. Please DM me if thinking of selling! Kind regards Duncan
  4. What you’ve done from turning a disaster Into something really successful. you must be so pleased with the outcome. that carbon front access panel is stunning
  5. Absolutely stunning That is looking very smart..very impressed
  6. That is looking very smart..very impressed
  7. Yes please George - Would be good if you could DM me price etc kind regards as always Duncan
  8. I painted my knob today:- Bit of an attention seeking title today 😂 but I decided to try my hand at pairing the numbers of my gear Knob today. ive seen a few ither owners complete this task in their cars and having owned a few Honda Type-R cars I liked the idea of the red numbering matching my cars body colour. Howard’s Lotus has sent me out a spare tester pot of paint so decided to use this, as I didn’t have a syringe as some people have used I decided to use one of the many kebab skewers from the BBQ. This worked a treat As the point was very thin and could easily apply t
  9. Love the attention to detail as always George on the carbon version of the 430 cup Louvre, if you not wanting to respray what’s your plan on having these fitted? i know you said you can’t respray sections to the liquid yellow...can you not respray the full front clam, or will this still stand out and not match the liquid yellow On the test of the car? cheers duncan
  10. Now that looks stunning! that a newer version of scandal green? tbh I’d say carbon but so about vinyl carbon wrap! Got the look without the price and gets rid of the black plastic!?...also no one will ever know
  11. Yeh it really is a good price and I too had the same issue as you about stains on the matte black. i used to not like the roof on the car, now I really like it...even leaving the roof on which the other week before the respray I wouldn’t even thought I’d do!
  12. Respraying the roof:- ive never been a fan of the matte black roof, everyone’s opinions are different but to me it’s a step too far with too much matte black. To me the painted roof really ties the car together giving it more road presence and makes it look more like a mini-race car. i also find the matte black easily marks and as this panel is one of the bigger sections and sees most traffic when entering the car etc I wanted to look to get this resprayed. as previously mentioned my family have had Lotus’ for years and we have used a local resprayer to my fathers business
  13. Thanks Duncan, yeh great name and not many do us around 😂 I do intend to meet up with the MLOC guys, what car have you got now then? the A54 is brilliant aside from the cameras. But after the cameras finish that road is perfect the undulations, twists and turns as well as a few hairpins 👍 Thanks you know more stuff has happened than what I’ve put in the thread yet but hope to load these up shortly. your products are 👍 and it’s great to also invest in someone who is involved in the community and wants to make products more accessible and more sensible pricing to
  14. Moat importantly it was then time for a run out - As Wales was still closed due to Covid-19 I took on the Peak District and my favourite road the A54 from congleton to Buxton, Winnats Pass, Ilam and Lady Bower Reservoir and some more local roads for me... But first that roof needed to come off...and I couldn’t pass up the chance to take the car through Manchester Airport Tunnel...
  15. Next up was detailing & cleaning products:-ike most car enthusiasts we like to keep our pride a joy looking good, but like most I don’t really have the knowledge to really detail a car, step forward Mr P from ok this site who has really helped guide me on what I need and giving me the whole step by step process. Products ordered and delivered very quickly from Elite Car Care
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