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  1. Better on cold And first braking. with the ds2500, you press the brake pedal with a cold pad and wait 2 seconds for a response. with ds1.11 dsuno ds3.12 this is not there.
  2. Ds2500 is shit. There are dsuno ds1.11 And ds 3.12 much much better
  3. A052 "What if I tell you that the A052 works even better and more everyday than the Cup2 on a cold morning? I almost guess it's the only real semi (if not a hardcore semi) that can do that. I also classify Cup2 more as UUHP. Once I was out of curiosity, and since I liked the feedback and the precision, as well as the extremely high grip of the A052, I went on a pass tour with the track wheel set. (I think I mentioned that somewhere here, but this thread is now very big) We stayed in the mountains and started again in the morning at around 15 degrees C. and after a morning rain shower. I thought now I have to be very careful on the damp street with the A052s that cooled down overnight. But I was very amazed, no traction problems, nothing. The tire worked much better than even a Pilot Supersport at this temperature. Sure, that's not its work window, but the A052 is still extremely versatile. Surprised me. " Cold wet braking cold dry braking
  4. myślę, że ZZR będzie 0,3s szybciej niż FZ201 I A052 0,2s szybciej niż ZZR.
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