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  1. Thanks for the diagram! That is what I suspected...the float level is in one tank and the pump is in the other. I feel I may have run the fuel out of the one tank, and the fuel was not flowing from the other tank fast enough to feed the pump. That's why it felt like I was constantly about to run out of gas, but never did. ANd the crap that's blocking the tube was probably also blocking the pickup and filter. As for fuel pressure, I have a gauge that will plug into the shrader valve, but with the engine in the rear, it's going to be hard to see while driving down the road... I'm going to pull that crossover tube and I guess i'll find out then it my theory is correct.
  2. Can anybody give me description of how the fuel system would be set up on an '89 Esprit with the GM MPFI system? Specifically how the two tanks are connected and where the fuel level sender is located? I've already figured out that the fuel pump is in the RH tank (because I can hear it.) Here's the back story: I bought an Esprit that has probably been mostly sitting for the last 5 years or so. The owner before me only had it about 6 months and never even titled it in his own name, although I think he put a couple hundred miles on it. I've been driving it around and probably put another few hundred miles on it in the last 6 months. There were no issues for me other than the engine check light occasionally coming on when I 'got on it' with a slight drop in power, but then going off again after a few moments...only intermittently. Well, I took the car to a slalom yesterday (where it did better than I thought it would...soundly beat a Miata that I was classed with), but by the 4th run, power started to cut out rather dramatically whenever I got on the gas. I had to skip the fifth run. On the way home, it occasionally felt like it was running out of gas. i'd pull over and shut the engine off for a minute, then it would start right up and be on my way for many miles, until the same thing would happen again. I made it home eventually. It really felt like I was running out of gas. Two additional things I noticed: I started out with 3/4 of a tank as registered on the gauge, and somehow ended with 3/4 a tank, as though I'd used no fuel. I could also hear a humming noise that I didn't notice before, that was obviously the fuel pump. It almost seemed as though the fuel gauge was registering one tank, and that fuel was not flowing from the tank with 3/4 reading to the other tank where the fuel pump was. Probably not the case, but i would swear that's what it seemed like. Anyway, I ordered a new fuel pump, filter and screener (all less than $100), but they won't solve the problem if the passage from one tank to the other is blocked...
  3. Thanks. That's helpful. I'm converting to R134A. There is a rule of thumb that when converting to R134a, you should use approximately 80% of the amount of R12 that you would use. So that would come to about 40oz of R134A. I've already put in 36oz and the AC is developing about 35psi pressure on the low side. The other rule of thumb is that at about 85 to 90F degrees outside, I should be developing closer to 50psi. I doubt 4 more ounces is going to get me there. But at least I now know I am pretty close to the correct quantity. Drove the car about 150 miles today in 90F, very humid weather (Florida) and the AC did manage to keep me comfortable. But it doesn't blow very cold. Anything is better than 90F, though!
  4. Hi all, I'm converting from R12 to R134a, for my '89 Esprit. I can't find the amount of R12 required anywhere. Not in my manual and there is no sticker on the car anywhere. From everything I've heard/read, R134A is very sensitive to the amount (by weight) that you put in the system, and you need to multiply the amount of R12 required by a factor to put in precisely the correct amount of R134A. I am starting with a car that has had no working AC for many years (don't know how many.) I replaced all the shraeder valves and the dryer as a matter of course, flushed out the system, and then put in one can of R134A so far. The good news is that the AC immediately started blowing cool air....but not very cold. But I also know it will take more than one can. Just don't know how much more to put in. I know R134A is never going to be as good as the R12, but right now ANYTHING is better than nothing.
  5. I just installed a Pioneer radio in my Esprit and am having the same problem with the back-up works sometimes, but is mostly just blank when I go into reverse. The guidelines come up every time, so I know the power wire is working, but I get no camera signal about 75% of the time. I wiggled all the different connections and don't seem to get any response from that.
  6. Yes, it is a very special color. My wife was very lukewarm about me buying the car, but now she has decided that she really likes it...and the color plays a big part in that
  7. I recently purchased an '89 Esprit Turbo. non-SE version with the GM MPFI. It's a very original car, everything feels very tight, and I believe low mileage, although it doesn't have it's original odometer. I only know for sure that it had 18,833 miles in 2013. In 2016 it shows up with an aftermarket speedometer and about 300 miles. That same odometer showed about 1000 miles 6 months ago and then was replaced with an incorrect vdo speedo. so that's about 20,000 miles plus whatever miles it might have racked up between 2013 and 2016. Everything is very tight and feels like a low mileage car. Excellent oil pressure, doesn't overheat, and no oil leaks! It was advertised as Steel Blue over Vulcan Grey (the side skirts, front and rear valence are grey), and that is how it looks in photos. However, in person and especially in the shade, it looks almost purple. Since I don't know what steel blue is supposed to look like, I don't know if that is the true color or if it's some dark bluish purple color.
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