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  1. Mercedes once again showed their inability to change strategy mid race, something Red Bull are very good at. I would imagine Honda are working tirelessly to get the engine right, even more so since Alonso bad mouthed them publicly the other year, the Japs take things like that very personally. I believe Red Bull are capable enough to build a great chassis as they have done in the past, when Red Bull and Honda eventually get it right Mercedes will have lost their dominance which will be refreshing in itself, as long as it doesn’t become 4 or 5 years of Red Bull dominance as before As MG4
  2. It’s a shame it’s an ambitious price, but when you see Escort’s and Capri’s going for stupid money why shouldn’t a well sorted Esprit be worth £50k. Even the Mk1 Lotus Cortina is ridiculous price wise, I had a Mk 2 and it was good fun to drive but isn’t a patch on an Esprit. Another example is the Excel, How can a Ford Capri be worth more.... it’s a crazy world Too many rose tinted spectacles being worn with a lot of these cars in my opinion
  3. Actually that’s not the reason, but hey, you mentioned it. I don’t rate Vettel either, I think manufacturer dominance has played a big part in both of their careers. No one could touch the Redbull when Vettel got three of his four championships, and Ferrari still couldn’t live with Mercedes even when they were allegedly outside the rules on the fuelling. I can’t see Vettel or Hamilton doing what Senna did in the Toleman (84 Monaco) or Clark, having to turn the ignition off on the straights due to oil pressure problems and still winning.... I just don’t see them being on the same level.
  4. You are entitled to an opinion just as much as I am,. imo Hamilton doesn’t come close to Fangio, Clark or Senna
  5. Maybe this will fool her 7D108AF2-261E-49C9-AA56-2595D90EAE94.MP4
  6. Bollocks to the pair of them imo, I’m cheering Norris on!
  7. Top tip learnt from Spain...... keep the Gin in the fridge too
  8. Ramjet. Speak to Michael Young in Hong Kong👍
  9. Hey fellas, can’t argue that there are some real rough builders out there with very poor moral compasses, they are normally found in the local pub on a friday telling anyone that will listen how much money they have got.They also view clients as prey Good builders seldom have to look for new work and normally work for the same group of customers on a recurring basis. I learnt a long time ago to avoid the potential customer that “knew the price of everything and the value of nothing” A good rule of thumb is to research, research more and speak to previous clients, that have had
  10. I noticed the BBC celebrating the fact that the first same sex kiss had been shown on Childrens BBC. It tells you a lot about how the people running the BBC think. I read the article on a BBC thread and was looking forward to viewing the comments section, I noticed that anyone who disagreed with what they had done had their comment removed. I long since cancelled my TV licence, and for anyone thinking of doing the same the following website offers accurate advice about the law relating to the TV licence. The fact that we can have men kissing on Coronati
  11. I’m a bit late on adding to the 520/wolfrace chat, my 520 (owned 33years) had some obscure alloy wheels fitted which I was none to keen on, luckily the local salvage yard had a burnt out Elite and I fitted the wheels from that, can’t for the life of me remember wether I changed the hubs ... probably did
  12. Yep, Chinese virus, if it didn’t leak out the lab, it came from the market (Wuhan) where they have live, dead and dying mixed species being stored together until they are too rotten to sell..... but call it Covid 19 if it helps you sleep at night!
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