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  1. Agreed Barry, but reading back through the thread tonight, it seemed that getting the remnants of the old alarm system removed was a bridge too far at one point. Running and maintaining a classic model is a real commitment, and you have to accept that it is nearly always at a loss over the long term. Of course there is nothing wrong with that and I know of no other car that is as thrilling to own, but we have to accept that unless you can throw enough money at it to get in front maintenance wise the car is always going to give you trouble As you say Stimpy needs to have a good think..... there is also the option of leaving it in the garage (His own) till the waters are a little less murky.
  2. Sorry to hear about your job fella I just read through the whole thread..... owning this dog (they made the odd one or two) hasn’t been good for you mentally or financially it’s a definite sell imo ps I’ve made mistakes too.... the thing is to recognise a lost cause, ie moneypit good luck whatever you decide
  3. From memory (33years ago) it twisted have you tried a dedicated earth (Temporary)from the battery to dashboard?
  4. I had a quick look, I don’t profess to be an auto electrician butI think you are right with the two items you mention, basically most auxiliary items are fed from terminal two, so the voltage stabiliser could well be the problem, the horn circuit looks to be the easiest to get going for a starting point. if your heater is blowing, the wiper motor should run too, fuse permitting, if it doesn’t it’s pointing to the stabiliser Then it’s on to the regulator I hope this helps a little, everyone’s interpretation of wiring diagrams is different Good luck
  5. Sorry if I am stating the obvious but have you got 12V out of all fuse ways, also you could run a temporary earth to the electrical “area” that you are working on. If I can find a wiring diagram I will have a look tonight, maybe able to point you in the right direction cheers
  6. Kimbers, none of my business, but personally I would prefer an under used Evora in the garage than an under used holiday home 2000 miles away..... hopefully your good lady will go off the idea soon and the “toy” money can remain in the UK
  7. Certainly good news, 12,000 m3 is also a good size, so looks like things are being put in place, also makes sense to be local to Hethel. I wonder if they have bought or leased it and wether expansion is possible on this site.... this time next year Rodders
  8. it’s still not enough for them.... you know what birds are like!!!!
  9. That was my lot up to a month ago, just sold them for the Elise deposit
  10. F1 better without him imo, one of the very few Spanish sportsman who is disliked by many of his countryman. also, rude as you like, I remember him being nasty to Johnny Herbert on live TV, no one needs to be nasty to Johnny!
  11. Hamilton took his eye off the ball this weekend, too much time spent ordering t-shirts and telling other people what is expected of them. Hard to imagine Clark or Senna fucking around like that on a race week. Look at the good Senna done quietly without a fuss, and had the sense to employ his sister so he could concentrate on racing. No comparison
  12. What a result for Lando Norris, he will remember this day for the rest of his life, really pleased for him.
  13. One bit of news you won’t see anywhere. A certain North London Council has excused all BAME staff from going to work, they will remain on full pay along with all the usual benefits. Everyone else is expected to be there. Apparently this didn't sit well with one employee of Indian descent, and he is determined to carry on attending his work place. He also noted that although there were considerably less people there the work output hadn’t declined. What strange times we live in.
  14. Thanks for all replys....something to keep an eye on cheers
  15. Suddabym the garage an the car are both spot on just started redecorating my garage car comes September the 10th
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