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  1. 😂 it’s still not enough for them.... you know what birds are like!!!!
  2. That was my lot up to a month ago, just sold them for the Elise deposit
  3. F1 better without him imo, one of the very few Spanish sportsman who is disliked by many of his countryman. also, rude as you like, I remember him being nasty to Johnny Herbert on live TV, no one needs to be nasty to Johnny!
  4. Hamilton took his eye off the ball this weekend, too much time spent ordering t-shirts and telling other people what is expected of them. Hard to imagine Clark or Senna fucking around like that on a race week. Look at the good Senna done quietly without a fuss, and had the sense to employ his sister so he could concentrate on racing. No comparison
  5. What a result for Lando Norris, he will remember this day for the rest of his life, really pleased for him.
  6. One bit of news you won’t see anywhere. A certain North London Council has excused all BAME staff from going to work, they will remain on full pay along with all the usual benefits. Everyone else is expected to be there. Apparently this didn't sit well with one employee of Indian descent, and he is determined to carry on attending his work place. He also noted that although there were considerably less people there the work output hadn’t declined. What strange times we live in.
  7. Thanks for all replys....something to keep an eye on cheers
  8. Suddabym the garage an the car are both spot on 👍 just started redecorating my garage car comes September the 10th🤞
  9. Well, I’ve got nowhere with the fella allegedly selling the S3, all the low mileage Excels seem tucked away, so I’ve ended up with an Elise. If the fella contacts me regarding the S3 I will post photos and info up on here as it could be just what someone is after. Thanks to everyone who offered their advice to me when I originally started this thread🍻
  10. My search is over, ended up getting an Elise, thanks to those who responded. cheers
  11. Hey Lew I quite agree, it’s only banter and opinions VIVA LOTUS .... all the rest is noise🍻
  12. In the past I bought two Elise’ at my friends auction, he has since sold the business and I have no contacts there now. The cars I bought were pristine, both three years old and under 8000 miles. From memory they were from black horse finance. Does anyone know of any auction houses that are getting these three year old end of lease cars or are they being absorbed back into main dealer used car stock? Cheers
  13. Spare a thought for the police Every policeman ( more so in America than Europe) starts every shift with the thought at the back of their mind that it could be their last. Imagine having to pull a car over or approach a person that could be carrying and prepared to use a gun or knife. In these situations there are always going to be tragic accidents. As they say “ I thought one of us was going to die, and it wasn’t going to be me!” I note that a lot of policeman are being sacked/charged in the US if they make the wrong call on a situation, hardly an incentive for an officer to try and uphold the law. This will encourage the police to become like the fire and ambulance departments, attending events after they have happened with no inclination to prevent them happening. When a country allows itself to be awash with guns it can’t expect the police to treat everyone with kid gloves. I personally have no problem with guns, I just fail to see why it is necessary to have an assault rifle at home, after all a 5/6 shot .32 revolver is enough for self defence.Maybe changing the gun laws in America would allow the police to behave a little less aggressively in bad situations. I realise that this would probably take 30 years to start having an effect, but you have to start sometime. Policing is a fine balance, but a weak police force is no good to anyone especially these so called victimised minoritys. The libtards need to be careful what they wish for.....the world could end up a real bad place for their grandchildren
  14. Lew You Americans don’t have the monopoly on race problems, every country in Europe has them too. Thanks for letting us know our data is questionable, Also, I have met so many Americans who can only see things their way to the point of everyone else being wrong. There are many sides to this problem, which at the end of the day can only be sorted out through equality and respect for a fellow human being,.but of course, this has to be earnt from both sides As for Trump, thank god he got in, your police forces are being weakened enough with him in, god knows what Hillary would have done. anyway Lew we are all entitled to an opinion and that’s mine. cheers
  15. I would just pay it on the original date, it’s not as though you (Or any of us)are gettIng great rates of interest. I agree with Barry, pay late and the bastards will use it against you if they can. Re finance.It’s about time time Lotus done 0% over 4 years in my opinion, also they might have to if they don’t start rolling some new models out
  16. My commercial tenants all received a £10k Covid grant from the council, it was not means tested and never has to be paid back. none of the tenants, except one, have really noticed a downturn and have managed to keep busy, in fact, two of them A private ambulance company and a well known parcel delivery company have never had it so good. I was also talking to a friend who has received a £25k Covid grant, furloughed all staff. Both he and his partner continued trading for the last three months, worked their backsides off and have managed to clear a £50k debt at their bank. seems to be lots of free money about for some, but we will all have to help pay it back....hard times coming possibly! I also think the 80% of wages was too high, 60% seems a more realistic figure, what with all the payment holidays on offer for virtually everything, the week willed will certainly be storing up problems for the future
  17. I’m excited for you, it’s a lovely looking car. Fingers crossed for no damage!
  18. Re John Humphrys Interesting to note that he peddled their shit for 33 years, probably because he was on to a good thing. And now that he has retired at the age of 76 he can voice his own thoughts and opinions....I personally would rather be my own man.
  19. Good morning Paul I stopped paying my licence fee sometime ago.... never felt better about something. we stream all our programmes, Netflix, itv player, all4 and my5 plus all the radio stations. A big plus is that we choose what we want to watch when we want to watch it. The silent majority’s rights are being eroded week by week in many various forms, the easiest way to slow this is to be very selective where we spend our money
  20. For those interested, Esprit S1 LHD just gone on ebay uk
  21. People need to wake up..... these people aren’t after equality they are after the upper hand
  22. I notice D-day anniversary was more or less forgotten. good job we won otherwise these demonstrators would have ended up in a concentration camp. Those soldiers lives mattered too
  23. Looking good, a fantastic effort, lots of hours and money been put in, fingers crossed for the first hundred miles ( and the next 40,000) 🍻
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