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  1. Interesting point about demonstrating about Wuhan and they way the Chinese state have handled it. Australia has been vocal with criticism  and China responded with veiled threats. I believe well over 100 countries have expressed in interest to join with Australia  in pursuing China, let’s see if anything comes of it. Interestingly the only other country's leader to openly criticise China is Trump..... and interestingly enough every time he raises valid points (which his opponents/critics are too scared to talk about) he is declared racist. 
    Seems familiar

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    Perhaps those that seem to despise the “ white run western democracies ” ( blacks and whites) should take a leaf out of the Jews book and have the gumption to form their own state.... plenty of room in Africa.



  3. I had a similar problem on an Excel, turned out to be the fuel pump, it was on its way out, so worked fine for anywhere between 5-30 minutes then needed a rest.

    my late Excel had a factory fitted filter between the tank and pump, I don’t think the earlier cars had maybe worth fitting one if it hasn’t already got one.

    Also there is no way you would need two pumps, as you say, a none injection engine is fine with a low pressure pump as long as it is in spec for the carb requirements

  4. Evening Richard

    not important in the scheme of things, but I have been trying to join for a month, it would be nice if you could mention it to him next time you speak to him. I am worried that the car of my dreams could turn up on there for sale and I miss it
    thanks in  advance

  5. Good morning

    I am after a 91/92 Excel SE. I would prefer a low mileage, low owner, HPI clear example with sensible service history. I realise such an example is rare and would be fairly expensive.

    The car would be going to a good home and any seller would be welcome to come and visit her  from time to time 😂

    It may be that this car just doesn’t exist anymore so I would be interested to hear from anyone who has a straight 91/92 model that needs work and can be brought up to top condition, but at the same time, no write-offs or dogs.

    thanks in advance

  6. Good morning all

    I’ve been busy working out costings, the S3 I am trying to buy is certainly going to be a commitment. 
    regarding buying one like the one mentioned on ebay, it seems to me that you are in no mans land, if all went well you could end up with a fairly nice car, but could also find yourself in the position of just finishing it to find that the gearbox/diff or engine isn’t quite right and suddenly it’s getting expensive.

    I realise that potential problems go with the territory, but I was mentally and financially  scarred  by a dog 502 Elite many years ago, and it has made me cautious.

    I even started to think about a new Elise, but getting in and out of it and the Chinese connection has put me off.

    I am still going for the S3 subject to agreeing a sensible price, if the deal doesn’t happen I will post the details up here, maybe it could be right for someone else.

    I am also going to keep an eye out for a 91/92 Excel with one owner, 20k miles, always garaged, full history and no stories.

    Good luck with that one I hear you say, but you never know, there could be one tucked away, and it would be great to become the custodian of such a car.

    Anyways, thanks for all the advice given on here and I will be watching from the sidelines until I have something to say



  7. I really appreciate the advice I am getting....... thanks

    I dealt with PNM many years ago, I think his name was Pete, real high quality work and I remember being very pleased with what he done for me. If anyone has had an engine rebuilt by him it would be nice to know how you got on.

    I am really getting an appetite for this project now, so time to do the deal and sort out some space


  8. That’s good info,thanks.

    So, it seems the way to go is to upgrade the original engine, I am not after loads more BHP, but an extra 20 is not to be sniffed at and would certainly make it a little more fun. As long as there is not a price to pay regarding reliability and longevity.

    Which 2 or 3 companys are regarded as the best (not cheapest) for engine rebuild and gearbox/ diff overhaul?


  9. I see the paint at £4k, shell is in good shape and I would prep it as much as possible, interior would be a minimum of £2k.

    As for the engine and drive train, if lady luck is on my side around £5-6k, this would leave me around £3-4k for all the other bits......£15k is starting to seem a little tight.

    one other thought is to fit the 180BHP engine while I am at it, I realise there are two ways to look at this, 1, original is best or 2, the 180BHP motor makes it a better car, I would obviously keep the original motor so as to have the matching numbers option in the future.

    Has the engine swop been carried out by many people, is it fairly straightforward, is it the right thing to do bearing in mind I plan on keeping and driving it.


  10. Hello to all, I am after some advice from people that preferably  have restored an Esprit from the ground up.

    I have had 7 Lotus over the years and am looking to have number 8 after 13 years away from the marque

    I have the chance of buying an S3 NA, it has had a few bits taken off it for repairs etc and that is as far as they got with it, all parts are present. I am looking at it worst ways as a ground up restoration including engine and drivetrain rebuilds. 
    according to my fag packet calculations it’s looking like £15k and a year of my time. I am not looking to turn a profit and am planning on leaving the car to my son, which is probably as well as I am expecting Covid to reduce most classic car prices to more realistic levels.

    I realise the scale of the task I am thinking of undertaking, my heart says Esprit and my head says low mileage, honest 1992 Excel SE

    Looking forward to some opinions


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