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  1. Hi Kimutaku. Thank you for your comments. I think my car must be particularly bad in this respect as more often than not the engine actually seems to initially choke completely upon blipping the throttle under braking and tends to do the same even when the brake is not applied so not sure what the answer will be. It is not what I want because I intended to HT myself ( as I have done for many years) but I have been advised by the dealer that linking an electronic Autoblip device gets the engine to rev almost instantly. If that is the case surely there must be some kind of recalibration/remapping or reprogramming of the throttle response possible...
  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am sure Lotus could have fixed the problem which would have made the car really quite fantastic and far more gratifying and enjoyable if this problem had been addressed. As it stands it really takes a lot of the fun and satisfaction away which is a great shame.
  3. Thank you for your reply. Life is a compromise unfortunately... I will certainly persevere for a while as suggested . The Exige is a stunning car but as said equally disappointing from a full driving satisfaction standpoint. The choice of a this model was largely based on being able to fully enjoy “an old school manual gearbox experience” associated with the new V6 engine. Given the nature of the car, the last thing I would have expected is a non intuitive throttle response. thanks
  4. I totally agree with CHUMAXA. Not bothering to comment on H&T techniques or personal capabilities. That’s ridiculous. I Purchased a new 2020 Exige Cup 430. In touring mode throttle response sluggish to say the least. Not so much under load but when free revving from idle or thereabouts. Very slight improvement in race mode as the idle speed is increased by 200 rpm. Practically impossible to H&T properly. Sometimes no response to the blip other times delayed overreaction. This unprogressive or un linear throttle response even makes smooth drive offs at traffic lights not as intuitive as one may think. From this point of view a very big disappointment from a car which should be a complete driving pleasure. Hope Lotus will acknowledge the fault to simplify and rectify the software in order to allow the car to respond more naturally. So far the factory has told me to take it up with the dealer once it has been run in. It is obvious however this issue has nothing to do with the running in. No faults by the way found when linked up with dealer’s computer. Maybe my car is particularly bad in this respect vs others as I can’t immagine all the great car reviewers and car testers never brought this issue up. If this can’t be fixed, much to my regret I will be selling the car to buy a more humble sports car with a truer, usable and more satisfying throttle response. what a shame.
  5. Monza 1968

    Monza 1968

  6. thinking back, I believe the Sport 300 actually belonged to Mr. Romano Artioli who at the time owned Lotus Cars group. Mr Artioli was a wealthy, successful businessman in the automotive sector and he established Autoexpo in Ora-Bolzano as the main distributor of Ferrari and Lamborghini cars for the whole of the South Tyrol region of Italy but also serving southern Germany as well. His great dream and project was to build the Bugatti EB110 which he did but then encountered all kinds of financial difficulties which eventually brought him to bankruptcy I believe in 1995. Lotus cars was a sort of a side business which he bought to enhance the sports cars image he was involved with. I believe it was in 1994 that I actually went to see the Sport 300 and remember the person who showed me the car mentioning it actually belonged to the ‘Boss’ or some comment along those lines...I wasn’t at all impressed as I was only focusing on the car which I scrupulously inspected and then decided not to buy . Interesting to note that the Lotus Elise was given its model name after Mr. Artioli’s daughter - Elisa Artioli. So Sport 300 n.25 is a very interesting car .... Below I enclose a few pics.of Mr Artioli plus the pics I took of Sport 300 in 1994. Cheers
  7. Hi. Yes , the whole of the Dolomites area is very beautiful and Alpe di Siusi is great for skiing in winter nice easy slopes- ( not this year due to lockdown). Best driving experience with breathtaking sceneries however is over the various mountain passes of the area such as Passo Gardena, Passo Sella, Passo Pordoi during the summertime.... Definitely worthwhile. all the best
  8. Amazing!!! Just spotted this car in the Lotus forums and recognised the Italian registration plates!! This is the very car I nearly purchased in the early nineties in Ora (Bolzano) Italy ( Dolomites area). I drove from Monza (where I still live today) to go and see it ( 7 hour return trip). I Remember not being utterly convinced of the condition of the car - didn’t buy it and spent the rest of the day skiing as it was a wonderful sunny day. Needless to say have regretted the decision ever since and would still be interested in a Sport 300 should one come up for sale. I still cherish a few photos of the car that I took that very day if anybody is interested. all the best Marc Burns- MONZA - Italy.
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