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  1. Hi does anyone know if the central locking control module is in the same place on an s3 elise as it is on a s2 elise. And the best place to get one from for a s3 in the uk. Is it a lotus only part or did lotus get it from a different vehicle Thanks
  2. Hi, its the same wherever the car is parked, took it for mot Thursday almost had to cancel it then it worked and i could start the car.
  3. Hello people, after some advice. My s3 elise has started to have some issues with the keys. Working sometimes and not working at others. Bit of a pain. Will unlock one moment and turn off the immobiliser then when i turn it off and try to lock the doors it won't work. Somtimes its the other way round, won't unlock or turn off the immobiliser. Only started within the last two weeks. So far i have changed the batterys in the fobs twice just incase they were faulty but same issue. Thanks for your suggestions. Jon
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