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  1. This is a tough one and think there are multiple factors at play....For all types of performance cars dealers are asking a lot. Im in the market for one of the following, 410/430 cup, GTR or 911 turbo s....All appear at least in my opinion to be over priced and im not convinced that cars are shifting for their original asking prices. For me anyway, it doesn't feel like the right time to buy so Im happy to wait for the right car at the right price even if that means waiting another 6 months Im not sure its an Emira effect either because at least on paper the Emira seems a completely different car to the Exige and wouldn't necessarily be an upgrade at all - yes new tech and it looks stunning but its not an exige and definitely not an upgrade to an exige. No doubt they will sell but I cant see many 410/430 owners dumping their cars to get into the Emira - I think it will attract a different type of buyer if it is being compared to things like a cayman and at a starting price of 60k thats very different money to a second hand 410 or 430 that in general seem to be more expensive when they appear on the market
  2. Interesting to see you are considering a GTR as well which puts us both in the same boat. I personally dont think the Emira will negatively impact upon the exige as its different in so many different ways and is no way its replacement. This will know doubt keep the prices strong for the exiges however........ Dealers can ask what they want and they can chose to listen or not listen to the market.. Bottom line is they can hold on to the car for as long as they want but if no one is bighting they will eventually have to drop the price I never thought things like 410s and 430s would turn over quickly due to the nature of what they are in what is already a niche ish market however there seem to be few and far between actually coming up for sale. A lot of choice for something like the GTR which as you say has strong values as well but not a lot of choice for 410s and 430s
  3. DrBru

    Nissan GTR

    Thanks guys...very interesting to hear your views....So, the reason I was considering a nearly new GTR is that I see some of the older ones as just too high risk..There are so many out there that have been absolutely thrashed so Id only buy a nearly new one with warranty... Completely take your point over running costs as well; the GTR does sound unjustifiably high if you stick with Nissan (which is why most people go down the Litchfield route) - I think its basically going to come down to what I can find for the best money as I see them both as awesome cars!
  4. DrBru

    Nissan GTR

    Granted I think the running costs of the Exiges are going to be far less than say a GTR or something like a turbo s...Ive driven all of the Exiges and whilst the 350/390 are really good, i did think there was a fair difference with the 410 etc. I actually believe the prices on the Exiges won't really drop and could even increase in the future but Im still stuck trying to get my head around spending 80k on one....If I could find a second hand 410 around the 60-70k bracket I would def go for that over the other cars that I have mentioned but haven't seen a single 410 under 70k other than the odd one in a colour that I dont like
  5. DrBru

    Nissan GTR

    Very useful to hear everyones thoughts and I appreciate that I am on a lotus forum so the exige is always going to come out on top... I think this decision would be a lot easier to make if there were more second hand examples of 410s and 430s on the market but as they are not im basically looking to spend around 70-80k on an exige and I guess im just struggling to spend that amount on an Exige if im honest
  6. DrBru

    Nissan GTR

    im honestly in such a dilemma .....Ive thought about RS6, turbo s, exige +family car and GTR + family car and i have been debating what to get for quite some time with Covid etc preventing me from getting the test drives I need i have to admit im leaning towards the GTR because I feel like I will get so much more of an overall package compared to the Exige if I could afford a newer turbo s Id get that for the 4 seats and RS6 is at the bottom of the list even though I love it...but it will depreciate the worst out of the options Ultimately I am going to have to drive a few to decide but even if I go down the route of a 410 or 430 cup I feel as though Ill be waiting a while for the right car as not many come up for sale often especially the 430s
  7. DrBru

    Nissan GTR

    I honestly love the exige but I guess im struggling due to the fact that I cant really find what I want at the right price second hand ( I never buy brand new) Ive got a 100k budget....80k will be for my "toy" and the other 20k for a new family estate. I have previously considered a 911 turbo s (but would have to be a 7 year old car) or an RS6 but Im at the stage of my life where I think i only have this one opportunity to buy something stupid....Hence I think my preference is the Gtr or exige 80k pretty much buys you a nearly new GTR or 410/430 cup. I guess im just struggling to justify spending 80k on the lotus where ideally Id be more comfortable spending around 410 on a used 410 which appear few and far between.
  8. DrBru

    Nissan GTR

    So what do people think of 2017 onwards Nissan GTRs....A comparable experience compared to exiges in terms of driving experience with the added benefit of more practically??
  9. So my search has officially begun and will consider all colours. Please let me know if you have something coming up for sale or know if any good examples Thanks
  10. DrBru


    Yep saw that and sent you a message. Def interested if I can work my house purchase work alongside!
  11. DrBru


    thanks everyone... To be honest im really struggling with the car choice but ive narrowed it down to the following and depreciation is a big part of the decision 1) Nearly new RS6 - best all round car in my opinion but will take the biggest hit depreciation wise 2) 5-6 year old Porsche 911 turbo s - biggest selling point is the fact that it has 4 seats but it will be relatively old compared to my other choices and the budget I have - even at this age, I still think it will depreciate quite a bit 3) Exige 410/430 + something like a golf r estate - this is what I am leaning towards at the moment all things considered but I have to also think about the fact that my garage will be too small so the cars will have to live on the drive (hopefully this is not an issue for the lotus though)
  12. Im soon to hopefully buy a 410 or 430 cup.. will only consider purchasing on the second hand market so wondering what are peoples thoughts and experiences around depreciation as I tend to hold my cars for quite a long time... Ive heard the exiles actually depreciate very little and they may even start appreciating at some point in the future?? Thanks
  13. HI Guys So Im just about to by a new house which unfortunately does not have a big enough garage to house any car really and im hoping this purchase will follow up with the purchase of a 430 cup. Ultimately this car is going to have to live on the drive and as its not going to be a daily driver Im just wondering what everyones experience is of keeping these cars outside...I tend to hold on to my cars for quite a few a years so need to ensure that being parked on the drive is ok etc etc. Ive read various threads about water ingress etc etc In addition, how are these cars from a security point of view...Are they particular knickable? other than a steering wheel lock, I plan to install a hydraulic bollard at the bottom of my drive but any other tips would be much appreciated
  14. how you mean? the width is 2.3m with one door open?
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