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  1. So my search has officially begun and will consider all colours. Please let me know if you have something coming up for sale or know if any good examples Thanks
  2. DrBru


    Yep saw that and sent you a message. Def interested if I can work my house purchase work alongside!
  3. DrBru


    thanks everyone... To be honest im really struggling with the car choice but ive narrowed it down to the following and depreciation is a big part of the decision 1) Nearly new RS6 - best all round car in my opinion but will take the biggest hit depreciation wise 2) 5-6 year old Porsche 911 turbo s - biggest selling point is the fact that it has 4 seats but it will be relatively old compared to my other choices and the budget I have - even at this age, I still think it will depreciate quite a bit 3) Exige 410/430 + something like a golf r estate - this is what
  4. Im soon to hopefully buy a 410 or 430 cup.. will only consider purchasing on the second hand market so wondering what are peoples thoughts and experiences around depreciation as I tend to hold my cars for quite a long time... Ive heard the exiles actually depreciate very little and they may even start appreciating at some point in the future?? Thanks
  5. HI Guys So Im just about to by a new house which unfortunately does not have a big enough garage to house any car really and im hoping this purchase will follow up with the purchase of a 430 cup. Ultimately this car is going to have to live on the drive and as its not going to be a daily driver Im just wondering what everyones experience is of keeping these cars outside...I tend to hold on to my cars for quite a few a years so need to ensure that being parked on the drive is ok etc etc. Ive read various threads about water ingress etc etc In addition, how are these
  6. how you mean? the width is 2.3m with one door open?
  7. thanks for sending that picture...Def looks doable
  8. Slightly random question....So we have found a house which is pretty much our dream house in london with a single garage...Its a Victorian house so that means a small garage which is only 2.68m wide. I know the width of the car will mean that the car itself will fit but am I going to be able to open the door once in and get out in what is going to be a very tight squeeze anyway!? If the answer is no ill have to decide what is more important, a house with a bigger garage or a cup 430 as Im not prepared to keep something like this on my driveway???
  9. i still have this dilemma however buy the time I come to buy ie in around 6 months im actually swayed towards a the lotus however for this to work with me and my family set up i would have to buy a good old practical car as well so throwing a golf r estate into the mix as well
  10. sounds like round 1 goes to the lotus! Thanks everyone...Keep the comments coming...very useful for me to hear
  11. So my car search continues and I'm happy to hold off until I can gauge what's going on with the economy etc to ensure I buy at the right time So it look like a Porsche is now in the mix and I have to stress I haven't driven any form of exige or any porsche at all in my lifetime... I am however familiar with fast saloons and im coming from an M5 which isn't exactly slow so for around 85k I think I can get the following 5 year old turbo s with under 30k on the clock 2 year old 430 cup with under 10k on clock Both very different cars I get that but I want to make sure I g
  12. this is an interesting topic as im in a similar ish situation..... They way im working this is to first of all figure out what is the most i can afford....Im my case its around 60-70k and for that money I think I would rather buy a used 410/cup 380 knowing that the car won't suffer much depreciation... The major drawback to this is that its obviously not a new car (ive never bought a new car in my life) and there is a certain amount of risk when buying used...I would mitigate this as best as i can by only buying from a trusted source (whether private or dealer) with some kind of robu
  13. Love this response! (And thanks for the reassurance!)
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