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  1. sounds like round 1 goes to the lotus! Thanks everyone...Keep the comments coming...very useful for me to hear
  2. So my car search continues and I'm happy to hold off until I can gauge what's going on with the economy etc to ensure I buy at the right time So it look like a Porsche is now in the mix and I have to stress I haven't driven any form of exige or any porsche at all in my lifetime... I am however familiar with fast saloons and im coming from an M5 which isn't exactly slow so for around 85k I think I can get the following 5 year old turbo s with under 30k on the clock 2 year old 430 cup with under 10k on clock Both very different cars I get that but I want to make sure I get this purchase right...I do have 2 young kids and a wife to consider so it would be nice to get everyone in one car however im not getting any younger and have been relatively sensible all my life hence the exige which would be an entirely selfish buy what why not right? you only live once and all that. (I do have however use of a second car which is my wifes) I appreciate im on a lotus forum here but would still very much appreciate your views Cheers!
  3. this is an interesting topic as im in a similar ish situation..... They way im working this is to first of all figure out what is the most i can afford....Im my case its around 60-70k and for that money I think I would rather buy a used 410/cup 380 knowing that the car won't suffer much depreciation... The major drawback to this is that its obviously not a new car (ive never bought a new car in my life) and there is a certain amount of risk when buying used...I would mitigate this as best as i can by only buying from a trusted source (whether private or dealer) with some kind of robust warranty...Id want to avoid ex press cars and cars that have lived on the track all of which are things that can be found out.
  4. Love this response! (And thanks for the reassurance!)
  5. swapped because they broke or just upgraded for bigger and better?
  6. So as I continue my search for a second hand lotus I wanted to get your thoughts on longevity of the engine and major drivetrain components.... I know these cars are not typically daily drivers so i wouldn't expect annual mileage to be anything more than 3-5k. id always buy as low mileage as my budget can afford but what is the expected life of the engine itself in terms of mileage? can these cars hit 100k miles for example like all modern day cars or is the upkeep going to be more expensive than its worth? I guess the reason i ask is that when doing searches on the second hand market I cant really find any high mileage examples. I suppose this means that the cars have either gone pop and have gone in the bin or owners are typically choosing to hold onto their cars for much longer (or not sell at all) and hence second hand transactions don't actually happen that much (id like to think that its the latter) Thanks
  7. some very valid points...Honest truth, Ive had fast estates/saloons in the past and just have an exige itch that needs to be itched as the other cars, whilst ive loved at the time just haven't done it for me as far as driving experience goes......Im very much leaning towards the exige plus some kind of fast ish estate which is why i mentioned the golf r Ive never even been in an exige! my only experience in a lotus was nearly 15 years ago in a modded elise running approx 200 bhp which i thought was awesome (but i had no experience of fast cars back then) - as soon as this lockdown is over def need to arrange a test drive
  8. its such a tough one because the other thing im considering is the practical car dilemma. If I go down the exige route, i will have to buy something like a golf r estate to be the family car however the alternative is buy a C7 RS6 and have some change or wait for the new RS6 to go down in price a bit and get this Realistically, Ill never be able to afford a true hypercard/supercar but I def see the Exige as on par with them at a reasonable price and for me it would be about the driving experience
  9. So ive decided to stuff sensibility and go for some sort of exige however with everything that is going on its probably going to be a while before I actually buy one but the research and search has begun... Chances are its going to be a second hand purchase and im more interested in the 380/410 as opposed to the 350 just based on what i have read....What I cant quite get my head around are the differences between the 2 - is it just horsepower and some cosmetics? My dilemma is..... do i buy a new 350? or go for a second hand 380 or 410 in around 6 months -1 year time when prices are around 60k?? THanks all!
  10. I suppose the other thing that I should have added is that if it turns our I can't get a decent warrranty in all of your experiences how much should I be putting aside as far as a slush fund goes? This will not be a daily driver so cant see it doing more than 2-3k miles per year thanks
  11. HI guys Ive just started my search for a used exige which is likely to be a 350 sport of 410....I know lotus themselves don't offer an extended warranty policy but I've heard on the grapevine that some dealers may. Does anyone have a decent extended warranty product as I would only purchase this type of car with warranty as im assuming things will get vey expensive if things go wrong Thanks
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