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  1. Judging by the other cars in the stable you are no stranger to unloved classics! Here is the google doc Richard mentioned above:
  2. Greetings from the states everyone. Here is a few shots of my 523 in Red Rocks Park in Colorado. We have sun year round here, so even after a little snow the roads clear. Lots of twisty mountain roads to enjoy.
  3. The temperature has been spot on, no issues there but I did notice that it is missing the lip spoiler below. Was that for airflow for cooling then? I assumed it was for aerodynamics. I have only had the car up to about 80mph so haven’t noticed any lift at speed.
  4. Okay, here is the result. The rear was nice and easy, the front had these awful brackets that held the foam in place that had to be ground off. The body shop guy then added a little lip to the front so it wouldn’t have such a slab look.
  5. It appears that the hardened foam material is simply bonded on top of the molded end. The turn signal indicators are recessed into the molding and the foam extends from there creating a 4 1/2” deep recess. The only way you can see the indicators working is from straight on! I now am thinking that I may try to remove the foam material and refinish the molding. It looks to be very similar to the UK size bumper, especially in the rear, with the shape modified to fit US style license plates. I recall seeing an Elite Riviera here a couple of years ago at the English car meet we have each September. I have reached out to the local club to see if they have contact info as I don’t see the car listed in the roster. It would be nice to see another example.
  6. That sounds an excellent idea. What is present currently is the expose polyurethane material. My understanding with the Rhino liner is that it can be applied in varying thicknesses, perhaps thick enough to create a hardened layer. This is merely hypothetical at the moment, will know more after meeting with the providers. Your solution is a much better permanent one. I would still like to have the look of the UK cars. I wonder if the material on this car could be cut down to a similar size. Mark
  7. It isn’t required that we have to maintain the Federal spec bumpers. My first intention was to source euro bumpers from Lotusbits. Looks like for now I will see how the truck liner method will look. There are a number of different finishes and I think I can just tidy it up. Otherwise the car is quite stunning. The previous owner maintained a meticulous log of all the work done. I feel really lucky that I found one in such condition as most of these models died horrible deaths here in the states.
  8. Good day to everyone. I am a new owner of a 1978 Eclat. The car was on Bring a Trailer about three years ago and I just purchased it from the gentleman who won the auction. The bumpers have lost their exterior molding. Thinking of redoing them with a Rinoliner type product as used in truck beds. Anyone try this?
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