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  1. I have been wondering about a 917 style gear knob - just like the look. Does the lighter material change the feel of this shift?
  2. You mean like a 380 Cup? had it done to my car - far as I know they used one piece. I used SV Wraps
  3. Thank you - that’s good to know. Tbh I looked at the instructions all excited and then glazed over a bit when I saw those details...! Will take a closer look at the car.
  4. Excellent - have one for my 380 from Imran’s last batch but haven’t got round to fitting yet. Looking forward to it
  5. Sport 350 still showing on Lotus Cars website with configurator etc
  6. That looks great Exx - are you running upgraded suspension? the KT wheels fit the standard arches really well - almost as if they have spacers - assume they are designed like that with appropriate offsets?
  7. I think this thread gives a good sense re v6 Cup?
  8. I keep my 380 in a single garage. I found online some garage wall liner foam that is sticky backed - I just stuck this on the brick in possibly vulnerable areas- where the door opens etc. Works well. Actually I find it quite a helpful marker to know how far into the garage I am and when to stop reversing. Can’t remember what the specific product was or where from - but Google is your friend.
  9. I wouldn’t feel that you absolutely have to wait until next year if you want to move it. I appreciate that it isn’t peak Lotus season as we come into winter but COVID in itself isn’t a deal breaker. I sold my Elise Cup privately in April / May during much worse lockdown conditions and didn’t have too many issues. You need to sell it well and price it sensibly - although I am not sure that the winter / summer premium is massive if you want to get a move on. I recall the Lotus dealer in Northwich selling the green V6 Cup in about a day in late Oct / Nov last year. Also check
  10. ‘Nice’ is quite subjective. Personally, I don’t mind the standard wheel with Airbag delete pad. Same as 3-11 etc. Beyond that, it depends what fits and feels right etc. On earlier Exiges (eg S2 Cup), I believe (recollection from reading around - don’t sue me on any of this) that Lotus offered the suede Sparco P300 (300mm diameter) as a non-airbag option - the cabin architecture is the same, so one would assume that it should work ok (although I have not tried one). I think its a decent looking wheel if you want a more ‘motorsport’ vibe. Otherwise, I think that you can rapi
  11. I know someone who doesn’t have factory stripes / ‘cat scratches’ on their car - they have used stick on coloured stripes of similar widths (not sure of dimensions but would guess 0.5cm- 0.75cm), with front ends cut at a 45 degree angle - it looks quite convincing. I wasn’t looking in detail and had to be told to realise that the stripes weren’t factory.
  12. 3eighty

    TLF GT430 Club

    In the Exige V6 projects section of TLF, a guy is tuning his 380 Sport (thread titled “my 380 Sport with TVS 1900”) and mentions the 600bhp Evora IPS put together by 247 Motorsport and SCS Delta. The implication is that the gearbox hardware is not modified, however, an assessment of the kit is not the focus of the piece. I can’t link it here - am not sure if you can’t link to the Forum in the Forum. Looking at the SCS Delta website, their Evora ECU kit covers the engine and gearbox although they don’t seem to provide more details on their specific car.
  13. Any pics, or links to pics of your car Kristof? Interested to see how it sits.
  14. thanks for the write up. Sorry about the crash. Let us know how it works out...
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