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  1. Hi I recently had to remove my rear diffuser. First time I had done it. Some of the bolts / screws were slightly rounded, I assume where removed for servicing and I am concerned that if used much more they might become difficult to remove. They seem like a relatively soft metal, although this might also reflect the limited torque requirement. I would like to buy some higher quality aftermarket replacements - any suggestions for supplier and would anyone happen to know the specific sizes / specs? Regards Phil
  2. I think that the tolerances are pretty tight as standard. Im running stock front Cup 2's on my 380 (215's I believe) with standard Bilsteins / ride height, albeit shims removed for extra camber and the tyres rub slightly on full lock. It may vary between tyres as they often have a slightly different profile.
  3. 380 sport with H111 Quiet Pipe - 92 or 93db static last time
  4. Now have RC5+ incoming from Seriously Lotus for the Exige 380. Will report back...
  5. So the options seem to be PFC08, RS14 or CL RC5+ or RC6. Anyone have experience of multiple pads and can give a view? I recently moved to a v6. Previously ran an Elise in which I had CL RC6 - the pads which were absolutely mighty. The first time I braked after fitment, I felt like I was going to go through the windscreen vs OE disc bite. Absolutely no fade with the RC6 and you could just take the micky on the brakes on track - obviously given Elise power, you’d need to make up as much as you could by braking harder and later - these seemed perfect. A bit of
  6. Looks like EUR25k for the conversion...
  7. The 380 Sport marketing materials copied above both seem to refer to the T45 hoop?
  8. The 380 Sport does have the T45 - copied and pasted from the official Lotus PR materials: "Thanks to the presence of rear-mounted sensors, parking the Exige Sport 380 is an absolute breeze. The vehicle’s lightweight aluminium chassis is exceptionally rigid and, along with a T45 steel roll hoop, provides excellent protection. Airbags are provided, too. The car’s blistering pace is firmly counteracted by the inclusion of two-piece high-performance grooved brake discs, which have been designed by motorsport specialists, AP Racing." Also under technical spec / chassis and bod
  9. The 380 Sport and 380 / 430 Cup do. Wondering whether the 410 might but maybe Lotus don’t advertise it for greater differentiation with the 430 Cup. Would anyone know for certain? Wondering about a 410 but quite like knowing that the hoop is there for track days.
  10. congrats - absolutely stunning
  11. Is there any way to correctly manage odometer mileage if you switch cars and want to swap the AIM unit across to the newer car?
  12. Thanks Dave. Have you ever tried a standard v6 (in my case 380 Sport) and can you give any sense of how bump absorption is on the 850/1100 SL 3 ways vs standard? Someone else on here mentioned that they found 850 front a bit hard on the road - but there can still be variances in setup / valving etc. Am not sure if the 380 Sport standard Bilsteins are different to the stock V6 / 350 but I find them a bit harsh for my liking on bumpier roads. Maybe I am getting old... But do want something that is not too compromised on track (I guess a bit cake and eat it). If its worth say
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