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  1. FWIW, just a little bit of eye candy. I found this 6x9" photo (meaning it may have been an ad) that probably dates back to the '90s in the estate of Adrian Ratcliff, who passed away in 2016.
  2. Got the PM and replied. Thanks!
  3. I found the document and pictures below in the estate I helped to clean out of Adrian Ratcliff, a former body man and racer from Surrey, BC, Canada, who passed away back in 2016. It appears a company going by the name of Tomco Engineering in Vashon, WA, tried to sell the cars in the USA -- at least on the West coast. If there is a "guardian" of information and/or maintainer of a registry of these cars who would like to get the originals for their archive, please let me know (I'm an Alfa guy and don't know much about Lotus).
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