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  1. Hi, I’d like to join the list if still available. Thanks.
  2. History and Art in motion. With all the other RHD Pre-Prod cars now in the "Big Garage in the Sky" (RIP)...I'm going to have to help you take care of this one! Tis now the "Mon-Elisa".
  3. Haha no, but it might be safe to say that Emira and Evija likely wouldn't exist it if wasn't for the specific car collected by @jep
  4. During a brilliant day trip up to "Mecca" (Hethel) with @jep to collect something *very* special, while rolling through New Buckenham in the Sport 410, exhaust echoing off of the walls as usual. We approached a family with 3 young boys, upon seeing the car approaching one boy immediately started pointing at the Lotus Logo on his new Norwich FC football shirt while shouting "Lotus! Lotus!". An impromptu mini-rev seemed appropriate 😄 If it can create brand recognition and an emotional attachment to Lotus for someone that young, "me thinks" the shirt sponsorship/marketing is doing its job!
  5. New Inductee into the Sport 410 Group. My first Lotus, but I've been well versed into the ACBC ethos by my friend @jep. Who made my introduction to Lotuses with a 340R no less! Hooked ever since. Safe to say, in the 2-3 weeks that I've been in ownership of this Ultra Violet beauty I can fill an entire page of the "People's Reaction to your Evora" thread by myself, including a little one who dropped his ice cream in shear excitement as it came around the corner at Windsor castle this weekend. I really should have offered to buy him a new time. The noise..........words cant explain, and the Carbon Buckets are ace once tilted! Safe to say I'm over the moon with the acquisition. Few photos and a tasty departure video clip from the PetrolHeads show. The Noble did ok, the 410 stole the show..
  6. Thanks, I’ve landed the Ultra Violet 410
  7. Hi, what method did you use to remove the Stripes? Is it just a hair dryer job or did it get more complicated?
  8. Apologies, I missed the notifications for these post. Yes as JP said all sorted. Thanks to everyone for your kind help and feedback. Regards AD.
  9. Hi Jim, Many thanks for the list, I've had a look at a few of these, bar the Birmingham car which I think is a new listing, I partly too was checking whether any current owners might be considering selling soon. Thanks again, AD.
  10. Yeah, a bit far away. I used to living in Oxford, but moved down to London about two years ago, so South East based generally.
  11. Yes spoken to the owner, but a bit tricky to get there for a viewing, wanted to see if there were any nearer by.
  12. Hello, new prospective owner here, having recently moved out of fast BMW's. I'm interested in procuring an IPS 400, I'm open to all colour variants, but Ideally looking for an earlier, well used car, from circa 2015 - 2017 with mileage above/around the 25k mile region. Thanks, AD.
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a UK based 2016 Evora 400 auto. No preference on interior colour but ideally looking for a car in Black, Dark Grey, Red, Orange or White on the exterior. Preferably a higher mileage example, circa 30,000 miles. Thanks, AD.
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