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  1. Thanks guys.All solved.Battery was just not a good one.Replaced under warranty 🙂
  2. This was brand new battery which I bought from a parts supplier 2 weeks ago.I am fairly sure I left a door ajar so it drained the battery.I put the battery on a charger and after 24 hours the charger read that it had charged the battery.Obviously not though reading from your post.I will take the battery back to where I bought it and will get them to exchange it since it is obviously not good.
  3. Hi guys Weird issue here.Changed the battery on my 92 SE and it was fine.After a few days I now have no electric power to the car.I thought it might be that there was a drain so I recharged the battery with a charger.When I measure the current across the battery poles it is reading 11 volts.If I connect the battery to the car and take a reading from the battery connections then I am only getting 2 volts. I have cleaned the battery contact but that has not helped. Anybody have any ideas where to go looking ? or is my new battery just faulty ? Thanks
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