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  1. Hi Jim, thanks for your reply, I am referring to the actual wiper arm that connects to the wiper motor and holds the windshield blade.
  2. Hello, Does anyone know which other cars also use the Elise / Exige wiper arm? Only option I see so far is to order a new one from a dealer or Elise Parts. It would be great to find what other cars use the same part, perhaps I can find it in a local parts store. Thanks for your help in advance.
  3. Thank you so much for your reply, I have not been able to interact with the data logger because I don't have the OBD port lead, I don't even have the manual for it, or know how to enable the data logging is the data logging enabled on the dash or thru the OBD port?
  4. Thank you so much!! unfortunately my customer does not have anything that came with the car, I will have to order from Lotus.
  5. Hi, can you please tell me the location of the 3-eleven data port? I have been looking for it like a mad man and I can't find it!
  6. Hello friends, I am currently working on 3-eleven # 036, there are very few of them in America. This particular one has the full cage and the sequential gear box. It also has the Motec C127 dash, my challenge is that I cannot find a way to download the data from the Motec or the data port, I also can't find any information for the factory installed Motec, can someone please tell me how to download the data, thanks in advance.
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