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  1. Yes it has a cable tie on it.
  2. Hi all, I went to start my Evora this weekend and it had a very lumpy idle. I then shut it off and restarted whilst warm later and it started up and then didn't idle and died. If I give a touch of throttle I can keep it alive but without it just starts and cuts out again. No warning lights on the dash. Any suggestions? Thanks, Miles
  3. MJ

    2020 Track days

    I’m surprised the track day wasn’t cancelled, pictures are awesome
  4. MJ

    GRP V3 Lights

    Hello, if anyone has the above lights for sale please let me know. Also wondered if there was a UK seller or if everyone buys them from the US GRP site? thanks, Miles
  5. Any tips or mods for someone like me running a lithium battery in a 410? Would I have to step the power up to mains and then plug a Lithium compatible charger into it?
  6. It could be yes, is there a product you recommend as I can’t seem to find one?
  7. Thanks Bibs but having read the topic the poster wasn’t able to start his car after clicking the cutout switch and also said that if the car is locked using the key he wouldn’t have been able to get back in?
  8. Wow great info, thanks a lot. Say the battery goes flat. I then open the door like you said to then pull the back release. I then have access to the battery and I hit the cut off switch on top to make it live again. Does the cutoff leave enough juice in it for the battery to start the car or would I have to then charge it before starting? Also can I use a charge/portable booster pack to charge it as I don’t have power in the garage? Presumably there are packs that can charge a lithium battery but not jump them?
  9. Hello looking for some advice please! The car is kept in a garage away from home with no power. How do I avoid getting locked out of the car and having to smash the window? I have read that if I lock the car with key and battery dies then I'm screwed. And if I lock in manually I can still get in but I then still have the problem of getting it started. Things I have considered... Keep driving the car every few days... Battery Pack Charger/Jumper for when it goes flat or just leaving it plugged in (NOCO) but can I use this with Lithium Battery? Any other suggestions very welcome! Cheers, Miles
  10. Thanks I've posted on the intro section
  11. I meant the latter so thanks for the link however, I have just agreed to buy another one.
  12. Hello, I’m after one of the above cars if anyone is currently looking to sell. Ideally in a green, grey or silver and well optioned with low miles. If interested please direct message me. Thanks! Miles
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