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  1. Thank you for your reply! I made a new configuration with RS3 software of SW 3.34.02 and reflashed it. * FW is the latest If you then select the model year on the dashboard, the configuration will disappear. * In that case, the mode error disappears and no decimal point is added. And HAVC doesn't light up either. I don't know how to change the decimal point and adjust the HAVC if it can be programmed with the RS3 configuration.
  2. When I installed it again with the new SW (3.34.02), a decimal point was added to each item as shown in the image. I think this is very hard to see and is a bad thing. The mode error remains unchanged.
  3. ↑ I posted with a different account. Does HVAC require special settings?
  4. In my case, there is a big difference from the actual engine speed on the digital page. When I checked with the AIM staff, I was told that this FW could not be improved. Wait for the next FW!
  5. I will post for the first time! I tried the new FW this time, but the bar on the digital page did not improve. Like the image the bar and rpm display do not match.
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