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  1. No question for me when it comes to colour - Norfolk mustard or nothing. Interesting re the fuel tank. What would you be looking for parts and labour?
  2. Hello all - not been round a few months due to house refurb and impending arrival of our 2nd child. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about this S4? I know their not the easiest sellers but how long has it been up?
  3. I watched the auction live online from and hour prior and I didn't see anything else sell in excess of it's guide price infact most of the other classics didn't even get in to their guide brackets let alone over them. I think the auctioneer said there were 4 phone bidders, a few commission bids, bidders online and it eventually sold to someone in the room. Bidding started at 6k and went mad, it blew the rest of the lots out of the water in terms sale price in relation to guide but I suppose it was rather on the low side to begin with
  4. The hammer price was £9,600. Bodes well for all those that actually having a MOT'd running one. Was a massive amount of interest around 7/8 different bidders
  5. Back up for sale? Trader getting his pound of flesh no doubt
  6. I saw your car go to auction and tried to do a bit of research on it with the chassis number. Turns out one of the previous owners is a forum member 'SteveH' who was helpful and although didn't have loads of info had some so maybe worth getting in touch with him if you wanted a chat. He was more than happy to help me.
  8. I noticed the esprit was down to 13k buy it now and went off straight away. There or there abouts price wise I guess
  9. How many rolled off the production line?
  10. Can't say I've came across one before in the classifieds but how much are you talking for an Essex? Of course it would be condition dependant but as a guide?
  11. Just looked - 196 GT3's, less than I thought. S4 -625 made
  12. How many GT3's were made, less than 300? Why did it sell in such limited numbers if it was produced over 2/3 years? ?
  13. A GT3 for sport 300 money - makes perfect sense, jeez!
  14. I agree with the spoiler - for me it would be sacrilege to put a spoiler on a GT3 or remove spoiler from an S4 - for me a car always looks it's best as it was meant to be particularly with an esprit the day it rolled off the production line. Of course it all comes down to opinions and taste but the S4s in standard trim does nothing for me at all. Having said that I'm not really a fan of the GT3 decals!
  15. I already feel some what of an imposter on this forum as I'm still not an esprit owner so I hope no one minds me throwing in a few questions here and there. From day 1 my focus has always been an S4 and to an extent still is but lately the potential of going for a GT3 has been crossing my mind. My desire for an S4 is the same reason most people have a car in mind as they grow up, posters on walls, opening a magazine as a kid etc etc. As for the specific reason I've always liked them you could argue in lotus terms are superficial such as the rear wing/wheels and the advances in reliability to a certain extent. I do like the GT3 which again superficially are the same cars less the wing but I do prefer the oval dash in later models and the idea of the updated or V8 gearbox (correct me if I'm wrong) does appeal as I know the s4 box is far from the best having driven one a few years back. My question really though is what is the difference sat behind the wheel? The S4 is slightly more powerful but has anyone driven the 2 and in real terms is there a noticeable difference in performance? Handling wise I would expect the 2 cars to be exactly the same but does the different box make much of a difference and is there anything to split the 2 on reliability? Any opinions would be welcome.
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