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  1. Hello community, I am currently restoring an Esprit S1 from 1977 with roman bronce exterior. Lotus archives (thanks to Andy Graham!) presumes it has been mercasite inside. I've red this disucussion with great interest! Would anybody know where to source the Crypton Suede fabric? Would the crushed velvet be a good alternative? Thanks and best regards, Ben
  2. Would anybody probably know where to get a rear hub carrier (L/H) for a Lotus Esprit S1? It is #19 in the picture above and has the part number F079D4000F. Mine has unfortunately been welded and need to be replaced. SJ Sportcars (UK), Elise-Shop (NL), Lotus Marques (AUS) and Ron Mistry (CA) do unfortunately not have it (any more). Thanks and best regards to everybody, Ben
  3. ...actually I would also need the front wheels. I have realized that the ones I've bought fit from the label (6Jx14 FHA-He30) but not form the position of the wheel bolts. It would be 5cm nave hole and 10cm distance between two opposing bolts (4 bolts). I hope somebody would still have some of them. Thanks Ben
  4. Hi community, would somebody (still) have Wolfrace wheels for the S1? I was able to get the front wheels but I am still looking for the back wheels They would be: 7.00 x 14 x 31 OUT Mine have been painted with filler that does not go off... I m looking for ones I could refurbish. Thanks and best regards, Ben
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