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  1. Would anybody probably know where to get a rear hub carrier (L/H) for a Lotus Esprit S1? It is #19 in the picture above and has the part number F079D4000F. Mine has unfortunately been welded and need to be replaced. SJ Sportcars (UK), Elise-Shop (NL), Lotus Marques (AUS) and Ron Mistry (CA) do unfortunately not have it (any more). Thanks and best regards to everybody, Ben
  2. ...actually I would also need the front wheels. I have realized that the ones I've bought fit from the label (6Jx14 FHA-He30) but not form the position of the wheel bolts. It would be 5cm nave hole and 10cm distance between two opposing bolts (4 bolts). I hope somebody would still have some of them. Thanks Ben
  3. Hi community, would somebody (still) have Wolfrace wheels for the S1? I was able to get the front wheels but I am still looking for the back wheels They would be: 7.00 x 14 x 31 OUT Mine have been painted with filler that does not go off... I m looking for ones I could refurbish. Thanks and best regards, Ben
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