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  1. Erm.....maybe i do have some drawings and pictures of the cages as fitted to the various works cars.... Trouble is that times and regulations move on so they aren't necessarily relevant now. The MSA minimum requirements might be pretty basic but they extend all the way up to FIA standards! - safety is not a corner worth cutting imo. Are you likely to be competing in an international race series? FIA standard pretty much means you'll have to weld the cage in place permanently - somewhat limits how much of the car can be stripped for repairs/rebuilds/modifications in the future. - For example: damaging the rear suspension mounting points....would you want to replace the cage as well as the chassis? - Depends on your budget/access to parts etc Its worth considering the regs for whichever series/championship you intend to race in as well... Good luck with the rebuild.
  2. Unlucky that you didn't get the chance to enjoy it a bit more... Designed the cage myself. - Start with the MSA blue book, all the tubing specs are in it along with all the relevant dimensions with regard to mounting points and joints between tubes etc... Bear in mind that if you are going to race the car then the roll cage is probably the single most important thing - something i'm sure i don't have to point out to you. If you're unsure about what you're doing then it's best to find a roll cage manufacturer - Safety Devices used to have a pattern for an Esprit cage but weren't trading when i was building my car, i don't know if they still have the designs though... Jon
  3. Mark, I'm fairly sure the running gear was in a GT40 replica many years ago - something happened to it i think and he rebuilt it into the Silver Europa based car that you see in the pics... Pretty nice all the same tho, has a certain "presence" about it! What the real 62 looks like.....
  4. Pretty sure it is the right rear abs sensor that is used for the signal for the speedo - It goes through the abs module in the front before it's sent to the ecu... so there are quite a few connections and/or areas that the problem could be occuring....likewise the signal from another wheel could also be used in the event of a sensor failure? - I'm sure there is someone on here who knows more about it than me. From memory i think the signal ends up at pins 75 and 86 on the ecu with a screen wire going to something like pin 35, be careful when disconnecting/connecting the ecu though - wouldn't want you to end up with a knackered ecu as well! HTH
  5. All i meant was that there aren't very many common parts between a Europa and a 47 - even less with a 62! Although they look very similar even the bodyshells are different... You can get 47 replica shells (moulded from an original 47) from Banks as well as 62 style shells like the one that has been used on that silver car. - The original 62's are far better looking though and where basically a test bed for the Lotus LV220/240 engine - so has a small place in the story behind the engine that most people have in their Esprits..... I worked at Banks for a few years and have seen every variation of the Europa including 47's and one of the two original 62's built, for a group of cars that do look remarkably similar the number of differences between the different models/type numbers are unbelievable!
  6. They're brilliant! (although i am somewhat biased!) Basically a small Esprit - much easier to work on though! Light and agile (its a Lotus so how else would it handle?!!) Parts are pretty cheap and there are a number of sources for upgrades that improve the reliability of the originals (twin link rear suspension kit from Banks is the single best improvement you can make to an original Europa). Alternatively you can go down the modify route - can't really convert a Europa into a 47 - chassis and body are both rather different although if your pockets are deep enough you could still buy all of the parts required to build a full 47... Alternative is to go to Banks near Southport for one of their chassis' - stick with the longitudinally mounted engine/gearbox and you'll end up with a very reliable, extremely capable road/track car - just don't get too carried away with the spec....! I've got an S2 that my parents bought new in 1971 - Rebuilt it as a Banks racer with a 1.6 Vauxhall 8 valve and 5 speed Renault. - All the original bits are carefully stored just incase i ever want to return it to factory (not likely as its just too much fun!)
  7. Ouch, only just spotted this - good to hear you got out of it ok. I was wondering if you managed to get it up and running - spoke to you briefly at Donnington. Well worth reconsidering the rollcage design whilst you're rebuilding it though....
  8. Oooh, those wheels are luuurvly.....
  9. I'm pretty sure (as it was a long time ago now) that it's held on by small diameter studding (m3/m4) that can only be easily got at by removing the window frame etc. - which i'm sure you know is a fairly big and fiddly job. I'll see if i can find the trim to check how it was attached - pretty sure it was one of the last bits removed from the skin before we made the moulds though...
  10. Dave, you can get the stainless ones from.......Bighead!!
  11. Ooh, with a built in heating element maybe it could be used to cook the pancakes/burgers whilst on the move - the flip action used to turn them over for that nice even colour could be speed related, projecting them forward so they land back in place..... It could then be used to deliver the freshly cooked food to the occupants through the (removed) roof aperture whilst at a standstill.... Maybe a gurney would be useful to prevent produce from slipping off though...
  12. Just remembered where they got the idea in the first place....... Knight Rider Series 4 - The Emergency Brake Function....
  13. Would be interested in Track days - I can't vote either!
  14. Sounds like you really enjoyed it which is good to hear! Once people get over the astonishment of actually seeing an Esprit being used in anger on track, they can't fail to be impressed by the performance of them! - And the fact that they don't just fall apart as described by all the armchair experts.... Looks rather good too!
  15. Thing is the costs involved in making the moulds as well.... normally due to the small numbers sold it's only worth making 1 mould of each part and you've got to hope to cover the cost of the mould by selling x number of parts....Believe me, there isn't any profit in making the roof at the price it is now - it was only done to cater for the few that kept inquiring about the original cf (but completely fake) roof. - not much difference in price but a Loooong way out in terms of function and quality.... Making 5 or 6 just takes 5 or 6 times longer than making 1 so there is no cost saving in doing it!! - same goes for buying the materials, can't really compete with the likes of BAE in terms of quantities bought.....!!!! Each person has different tastes also, carbon comes in a huge variety of different weaves etc and thats before you start laying it into the mould in a certain direction which the first person likes and the second doesn't...! Gets very complicated! I personally don't have a single bit of cf on the racer, it's still considerably lighter than the original - in fact not far off the GT1 weight and there's still room for improvement. But then i don't have to worry about squeaks and rattles or loading the shopping into the boot........ Bibs, i have a whole wind tunnel study that we did on the V8 - various front, rear, underfloor options etc and the benefits/ effects caused. It was done before the thread on wind tunnel models etc was started (many moons ago now!) and i doubt it would help to sell anything without starting another debate on the validity of the results etc...! Additionally, it was done for my own personal use... Jon
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