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  1. I live like 10 miles from PBC, and I have seen the CF lip. its a nice piece, but i've dumped about $8000 getting this car on the road, so i'm going to wait on spending the $500 for a lip. Besides, one whack on parking stop, and all that Carbon will go crunch..... I agree, the Rhino site is weird, but it seems legit. They already shipped it, so it will go on this weekend. Ill update this thread with the results. I ordered a roll of mesh to make the grill. We shall see...
  2. I just ordered the Rhinolip. I figured for $33.00 it was worth a shot. Ill let you know how it goes/looks.
  3. Did I miss where you got the hoses from?
  4. Thanks everyone, I think it came out great. The lower lip is not required, and Im not sure Ill put it back on. Ill be looking around for some alternatives. This looks interesting: I also needed to take off the grill, and I dont think that will go back on, so I need to replace that. I may just get some grill material and make one. The actual fix was actually very easy. I just removed the grill, and cut 2 strips of this: Took both strips and sandwiched the warp, but only glued the bottom strip using this: I used several clamps
  5. My S4s has had a messed up grill for a while now. I finally got around to fixing it by glueing a piece of ABS plastic under the lip to straighten it out. Now I need to figure out the grill, and the lower Lip. Looking for options. Before After
  6. I am trying to get a good catalog system going on my Esprit. I am a MAC guy, but I found that I can get the older Surface pro tablets at a pretty cheap price. Has anyone gotten them to work with the scan tools? Thanks
  7. I have the PUC #6 chip in now. The biggest change I can feel, is that it gets rid of a slight hesitation at around 3000 RPM. The car pulls hard. I don't have a very heavy foot, so, I don't see me hitting full boost all that often, but its good to have it incase a M3 wants to play.
  8. Looks like the error I was getting was a ECU error. Took out the ECU and it looked like someone had tried to modify the chip, and did it very badly. I put in the PUK performance chip, and problem solved. I had originally replaced the performance chip with a stock chip that came with the car when I bought it. Im a bit worried about running this performance chip. It is the #6 racing chip, im guessing not the best for daily driving. Maybe I should buy a tamer chip? b
  9. Hey Chilli, Ill get on that, I figured that would be key. Thanks!
  10. So, just got the Esprit back on the road after a major service. I basically replaced everything. Pulled the engine out, did all belts, water pump, fuel pump, Clutch ect. Car was running fine. Out for a drive, CEL comes on, speedometerOdometer, A/C stopped working. Car still runs. Feels a bit down on power. Cycled ignition, still persists. Driving back home, magically, everything starts working again, CEL goes off. then 5 miles down the road, the pattern repeats. i'm guessing ground issue? I dont have a PC to run freescan, that will be my next project. Thoughts?
  11. Those seats make me want to sit in them. What a car!
  12. My wall of fame: Deciding from this pile:
  13. what a great looking car. Congrats!
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