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  1. My wall of fame: Deciding from this pile:
  2. what a great looking car. Congrats!
  3. Thank you! Ill start there.
  4. Any idea's why its not staying locked down? Maybe that rod (27) (25) needs adjusting?
  5. Yeah, I think its that the cables have stretched? It sounds like a pretty involved job to get to those cables.
  6. Thanks for the advice on the blowoff valve. I didn't have a ton of time to really look deep, but I did check all the vacuum lines, including the exhaust valve, and didn't see any issues there. It does have the stage 3 red chip installed. Maybe I need to re-fit the stock ECU and see if it persists? Ill have to take a look at the schematic. Ill remove the seat and get under there when I get the car back. Thanks for the tip! When you had the issue, was the lock handle moving on its own when you pull dup on the Bonnet?
  7. I love the orange, very good looking car!
  8. Well, I went to pick up the Lotus, with plans to drive it about 1500 miles home. Everything was working great, until........ Went to Roll the window down, and heard a crack, and the window immediately wouldnt go up. Took the door card off and found that the nylon bushing broke in half. Posted up on site, and immediately got help with a alternate GM part. Worked like a charm! Got on the road, and the issue I ran into was that the front hood (Bonnet) would not stay locked down. I would pull the lever towards me, but as soon as there was any upward pressure on the hood, it would lift up. I used some Zip-ties and connected it to the dash light control. That held it down for the most part. Oh yeah, dont lift the headlights thinking it will keep the Bonnet down, it does the opposite! That was scary, I thought I was going to loose the hood. Jumped on the highway, and immediately noticed a pretty bad vibration in the front. I lived with it for about 300 miles, then I had to do something about it. Got some new tires, and powder coated the rims while I was at it. I had to get rid of the chrome. Turned out nice, and it fixed the vibration. Michelin Pilot 225/40ZR18 front Michelin Pilot 275/35ZR18 rear After getting the Tires fixed, the car developed a stutter at high Boost. As soon as you put the pedal to the floor, the car bucks really hard. It was very discerning. Up to about .5 Bars of pressure it runs fine, then all hell breaks loose. The car starts right up, and runs great up until that point. Also, having the car sit for while also takes care of the issue, for a few min, then back to the stuttering. I syphoned the gas tanks, replaced the fuel filter thinking it was a fuel issue. A bunch of stuff came out of the filter. After seeing clean gas, I re-filled the tanks (both) and still the issue persists. I also noticed that the temp gauge is not working properly. Sometimes it reads about half, and then it drops off to nothing, buring the needle to the left. Coolant looked good. It was at this point that I had to put the car on a flatbed, and ship it down to my house. Bummed for sure! I am sending the car directly to a guy down here in southern California that all the Lotus guys swear by. We shall see. At the same time, i'm getting the timing belt, and water pump replaced. Welcome to the wonderful world of Lotus ownership! God I love this car, even though she is testing my patience, what a joy to drive, and I really enjoy working on it.
  9. Worked perfectly, I only replaced two of them, but will do the other side shortly. thank you so much for your help!
  10. 1995 esprit S4S. My window stopped going up, acted like it was off track. Removed door cars and saw that the nylon slider that holds the rear window arm broke in half. Does anyone know if the window mechanism is a lotus specific part, or is there a easy obtainable part? thanks!
  11. I was told that the red in the interior was factory. I know that I will be painting the Charge cooler, and maybe a new Steering wheel. Agreed, that White was not the best idea.
  12. Thanks Bibs, looks like you've been through a few cars. Im not sure Ive come to terms with the Red. Ill have to live with it for a bit, and see how it feels. One issue with the car, is that they tried to paint the charge cooler white, and did a horrible job. I will need to fix that.
  13. What is involved in that conversion, and what does it entail? Does it improve the ABS?
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