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  1. Excellent. Got a bit over 2K miles so far. Most of it was a longer road trip. - Taking it easy the first 600 miles for break-in was torture. - Installed the GRP Exhaust pipe (i'm in KY) and black Lotus badges to go with a red car on nose and wheels. - A short learning curve on the radio. There were a couple things I learned, not in the manual, one had to do with the radio recognizing the stick shift car was parked (pull parki
  2. Took a bit for my car to arrive. I put down a refundable deposit in Dec 2018. ordered my Evora GT with a larger, non-refundable deposit in Apr/May 2019. Order was goofed and a silver car arrived at the dealer late Sep 2019. I was attending the Lotus Driving Academy in early October 2019 and after talking to dealer, Lotus USA and a factory rep - I stuck with Lotus (was offered my deposit back), my car had already been prioritized and the engine was to be in assembly the 2nd half of Oct 2019. I took delivery in Feb 2020. I love it. I ordered my car, as I wanted a painted roof and blac
  3. Had a couple Porsches, drove a couple more. I passed on getting a Boxster Spyder for the same reasons they picked the GTS. The refinement was a drawback. I bought an Evora GT for the immersion, steering feel, the responsiveness, etc. The Evora is simply more engaging.
  4. I bought my Evora GT for it's purity and connection, which was what I wanted. I considered all these and more. The Boxster Spyder was probably my #2, but the 2016 version lacked the purity and connection I found in Lotus. Have not driven a 718 Spyder, but suspect the same, especially with the added weight. Factor in cost, and the Lotus was an easy pick over these options for anyone seeking purity and connection like me.
  5. Took me a long time to sell my '03 Boxster S and decide upon a 2020 Evora GT, and then another year waiting for production to start and delivery. My spec is different from most: Fire Red, no carbon pack, painted roof, also got the lip and wing center section in body color.
  6. Driven various Porsches, bought the Evora GT. Agree with all, however the difference described between the Evora GT and Carrera is much more significant than the article indicates. (IMHO)
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