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  1. Thanks, is there a pdf anywhere of it? Alternatively is there an s1 owner who could please check their owner's manual and tell me what it says about the oil warning lamp? My car runs fine but when the engine is turned off the oil light briefly illuminates and short beep occurs. Nothing while being driven. I am assuming the answer lies in the manual but cant' find one to read
  2. Hi, thanks for that but its the owner's manual Im after. The one that came with the car. I've no idea where mine is.
  3. Hi, I've been an s1 Elise owner for a mere 19 years and just wondering if anyone can send or link me to a download for the owner's manual? I had one but cannot find it anywhere. Reason for checking is an odd occurrence when I turn off the ignition. Car is tuned and mapped but runs like a clock. when the engine is turned off the red oil light flashes and a beep sounds. Nothing at all while running and plenty of good oil in her. Can anyone assist on either the manual or the query? Was hoping that the manual might give some clue.
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