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  1. Do you guys have an opinion on what fair value on a car of this condition like this is? I've used Hagerty and BringaTrailer as an idea but they're kinda all over the place. I figure you guys have seen the photos and can chime in with your two cents.
  2. They don't have one. They would be able to create a mould and create one from fiberglass for me but it'll set me back some 2000 GBP due to labor expenses! You'd think over the years at least one person has paid for it. I can't imagine being the first to need an engine cover!
  3. I can't begin to explain how appreciative I am for all the help of the community. You guys are great! Considering your experience and opinions regarding these vehicles - what would be a fair value for it in your local market? The reason I'm asking is we've had historically high customs charges and car prices are exorbitantly high here, especially those that are not electric (no subsidies). If I do restore this car to its former glory and do decide to sell it on abroad, I'd like to know how far out of the money I'll be.
  4. Unfortunately he doesn't have the cover. I'll have to find a cover but can't seemed to find any online. Nor can i find the weatherstripping around the louvers from the inside, his is worn on one side. Based on the vin the car is made for a hot climate (was supplied for Jordan / Middle East region as new) and the current owner hasn't reported any overheating issues. The circular thing in between the window switches, is a push start engine button. It's been disconnected but I'm going to reupholster that to make sure the car looks stock if I end up agreeing on a price with the seller. Re the color I'm hoping for silver or copper to be on the trim tag. Can't stand the white.
  5. No they ended up breaking the sunroof during storage some years ago. They ended putting in a fiberglass replacement for the space but since will try to create a temprered glass mold of it so that the car has one just like original. As for the interior, it's not bad but I'm not fond of the steering wheel in red. I could just keep everything else as is but the carpet quality isn't to my liking and they used the same red-ish carpeting in the engine bay area and it looks quite worn. I'm also not very keen on the carbon fiber surrounding the binnacles or the hazard switch (especially if I want to go for a period correct look). You'll also notice a panel is missing from the engine bay and the engine cover is also missing (but not a biggie considering many people like leaving it exposed) I do however need to find the original air box somewhere... the intake he's got on now, is probably doing more harm than good in a hot engine bay.
  6. According to the owner its originally Copper. It was repainted white by the two previous owners, going for the Bond Submarine look. Interior was also re-upholstered but I'm thinking of going for the two-tone black dash and red interior so that the steering wheel can be switch back to black.
  7. Wow thanks for the helpful tips! I'll definitely make sure the owner who is also the mechanic who worked on it, documents everything so that I do have the correct information for my records in the future. I was told he did switch to new pistons when changing out the block, although it is concerning considering the car had only travelled 18,000 km when the rebuild occured! It's now gone some 22,000 km and seems to be sorted mechanically but needs some TLC, namely a new paint job, sunroof, steering wheel and a few other bits. I just want to make sure I'm buying something that will be a valuable edition of the Esprit Turbo considering the low mileage (even if the block was swapped). Do you know how I can identify the original color of the car?
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and would greatly appreciate your help. I'm considering buying an 84 Esprit Turbo that I've sourced locally (in Jordan) but was told by the current owner (who's a reputable local mechanic) that they recently changed the cylinder on the car and did an engine rebuild even though it had only done 22,000 km since new. This effectively means the number on the cylinder isn't matching to the car. I know numbers matching matters on most cars. Would this effect the value of an Esprit Turbo or does not matter since they're so rare anyway? If it does have an effect, how much? And does this nullify it as a potential investment? I'm obviously buying the car to restore it to original specs and enjoy it. However, a big part of me justifying paying so much is also potential price appreciation as well considering Esprit Turbo's have always been undervalued relative to 308's and other supercars of the time period. Thank you!
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