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  1. Picking up my Cup 250 Final Edition tomorrow, full PPF completed. Its been a long long wait and a lot of questioning my decision over a used Exige 350 but very happy how things ended up. Its been great watching this thread develop, great pictures and stories unfolding. But nothing prepares you for how good these little cars look in person, photos and videos just cannot do this amazing little car justice. All the best. Scott (I was told this was the last build slot , so in theory that's it )
  2. That really is a special looking thing ❤️ Mr F has great taste in colour 😁 Scott
  3. Hamilton Maserati been mentioned .... more central than Ayr at least.
  4. "My interpretation of that is ‘don’t hold your breath’ regarding a Scottish solution" Morning. Disappointed to hear that. The last communication I received from Lotus suggest an announcement would be made by the end of June re Scottish dealership. Clearly past that date now, does not look good. Scott
  5. Good to hear you have found something , thanks for posting the info on the Orange Exige too. (PM some details please if you feel comfortable doing it. otherwise no worries).
  6. 🤣🤣🤣 ... well known for the handling is the Nissan Note 😬 Its in there for reference (width comparison purposes) when parking in the garage ..... god awful car though it really is.
  7. I think for me the Exige represents something that is newer, meaner and more exclusive over an Elise that has been around in the current form for a very long time. Owned an Exige S2 NA previously. ps sorry to hijack your thread btw , hope something is useful
  8. Been debating 220 Sport v 250 Cup v Exige V6 for sometime ..... general feedback I took away from other forums was: Exige V6 more of an occasion higher running costs has more of a presence on the road fast but no way all that power can be utilised off track more stable in corners more torque clutch issue Elise Cup 250 lower running cost, very affordable more than enough power off track roof off It was suggested the only way to decide is to test drive each which I was planning to do this summer before my local dealership closed. Contacted Lotus and they were about to announce a new dealership but then ..... Lockdown I would likely be happy either way but dont want to decide prior to a test drive of each in line. Head says Elise, heart says Exige v6 .... but then i change my mind daily. Its a dilema. This maybe of interest , trying to figure out how each fits in the garage + compare costs too. PS door mirror height on elise is 870mm , important for my garage arm and width clearance at 970mm ish. Also maybe of use: 250 PH article: Exige PH article: JayEmm article useful (but talks too much about the track IMO). Interest to here how your search goes ! Scott
  9. reading with interest, torn between the two as well , was hoping a test drive would sort out the dilemma.
  10. Thanks lads, great help 👍 settles the nerves a wee bit.
  11. Morning. In a similar position, looking at a used Exige 350 purchase start of next year but concerned about the 350 clutch issue. Likely purchased from an approved dealer but want to ensure the clutch issues has been fixed / replaced. Just because someone said it has , how do I know ? get it in writing from the dealer ? Car wont be tracked , looking at vehicles < 10k miles. Thanks for any advice. Scott
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