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  1. Hi Guys hope you are keeping well under present times. Last time I was on was sorting out headlight linkage on my S1 which was done thanks to video, and all was working well. Have start again to finish odd jobs and have noticed lights come on but lights don't come up even when using indicator stalk. If I try to wind up manually it will go back down under motor power. Any ideas.
  2. Thanks Tony all done, just haven't manage to up load photos for some reason. Gio
  3. Hi did you get anywhere with your steering wheel situation?

  4. More you look at photos, the more you see items which they should have carried over into productions unit. If I remember correctly the rear tipped back like a mura. Dont remember the front bonnet how that worked.
  5. Hi Rick the Las photos I sent you was the m3 back box which I was going to use have you finish yours yet?
  6. So the red car was also pre production, did it ever run as drive train looks jus a mock up. Shame they didn't put rear vent and rear 1/4 glass openers into production cars. Also front spoiler vent which looks larger, would have given the engines a better servival rate. 🤔
  7. Hi all dose anyone know what happened to the silver S1 esprit concept car.
  8. All done thanks for video, have had to go back to work today. So will delay completing car by a few days😔
  9. Hi have spoken to Steve and he only has one left. What would be cost and waiting time.
  10. Okay will get some pic uploaded.
  11. Yes would hope sitting in garage. I can relate to having cars just sitting there, as just recommissioned my S1 after 17 years and a drop nose 911 after 11 years just e type to do and lotus 62 to finish . Will have a hard choice to make weekends on what car to use.
  12. Have just been on gov site, and yes not been taxed since 2010. So it will be with a collected then, as when I sold it the car was mint.
  13. Can't remember reg was cyc 35a, had it for 10 years. The guy a purchase it from changed pistons to forged type as was running high boost on turbo which melted originals. It was sold with a set of Goodyear nct. Had to sell as got to much attention and wife didn't want that anymore. Sold it to guy who lived in Aberdeen and drove it back which took 10hrs. He met new girlfriend in car and she made him sell it for same reason as my wife made me. It then was sold to someone in Kent, it did more miles in 2 years than I did in 10.
  14. Hi all I would think this part has been the most wanted part on esprit S1. As at the time the original steering wheels were not cool and small sports version would have been fitted. So you would think there should be lots hanging around, which leads me to my question anyone want to sell there unused esprit S1 steering wheel or crash pad.
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